Hello everyone,Time is passing fast, summer is on its way. Many of you are probably thinking about a break from work or school….for a little vacation. To get an idea where is your next destination : beach, mountain, big cities or little town to relax. Therefore, I would like to share with you our spring break vacation at Bahamas.

We stayed at the Atlantis Hotel, Nassau island. It’s massive and has everything from casinos for the adults, a shopping village, an array of restaurants from casual to fancy, a night club, a movie theater for the teenagers, a water playground for the kids, and Dolphin Cay where you can swim with them. They also feature five different towers for different prices depending on how much you want to pay for the stay, you can get a good deal , $399 for 3 nights. It’s like they built their own city. The hotel is incredible and has impressive service.

Oh, the water rides are unbelievable, from the scary pyramid slide called “Leap of Faith” to the lazy river ride… And aquarium is simply amazing, it’s the world’s largest open air aquarium, stocked with thousands of marine animals including sharks and sting-rays (it’s the biggest sting-rays I’ve ever seen on screen or in person), six exhibit lagoon, waterfalls…. It’s quite the experience and truly fun for everyone.

The Bahamas, originally called “Baja mar”, for the Spanish term meaning shallow waters or sea, the name”Bahamas” effectively means “The Island of The Sea” . The beach has white sand accompanied by a beautiful turquoise blue ocean. The Bohemian people are extremely nice and honest. They love meeting people and making friends. The kids really want to go back soon.

The Atlantis Hotel:

Me and the girls: The wooden bridge at Atlantis:
The terrorizing pyramid slide:
And the bravest 7 year old going down the slide:


The fish has a sad face(forgot its name):

To me, The Bahamas is great for everyone because you could relax at the beach, ride exciting water rides, get your heart beating at the casino, and be wild at a night club, choose from many different restaurants, spend your money at shopping village….

I hope you enjoy my sharing and thank you all for your kind comments and supporting me 😉

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24 thoughts on “Bahamas

  1. Very beautiful pictures. I’ve never been there, only to Antigua and surrounding islands. I’ll probably have to go one day, because I love to scuba dive. Your daughters are adorable!

  2. You and your daughters are simply a ” cute team” and I´m sure they
    are proud to have a wonderful Mom in every single way!

  3. Hanh…ur 2 little girls are just too precious for words. Awww, I love their hair and their cute adorable smiles. I am living vicariously through your travels. I will be going to Costa Rica next Month and I just can’t wait.

    Love Ya,


  4. Darling Hanh these are so beautiful! your girls are so precious! I am told Bahamas is such a beautiful country so that you for this heart warming post.
    muah x

  5. I wanna go to the Bahamas, my parents went last year because they won a contest and I was so jealous! Your hotel seemed very nice to stay in – UH I wanna go down that slide right now! :p Your girls are also adorable!

  6. Hanh, thank you for sharing those lovely pictures! My friend stayed at that exact hotel in the Bahamas last summer..she loved it! Your girls are beautiful and so cute! Looks like you and your family had a lovely time! This is definitely a vacation I would consider :)

  7. I liked your blog but wanted to correct you. Atlantis Hotel is actually on Paradise Island, which is separate from New Providence Island, where Nassau is located. Did you leave the hotel complex and actually visit Nassau?

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