Dallas’s weather lately is pleasant in the morning, then it reaches to 87F around 4 o’clock in the afternoon. We start to feel a little hot. A couple of nights ago , we both felt hot and we were thristy for a cold drink, maybe beer?, maybe champagne?…We both voted for champagne, French style, an elegant way to cool us down. Here we come, happy hour!

Champagne is a complement to seafood dishes or a fried , oily food. It is a way to cool down, just like beer, but in much more glamorous way.

We ordered French style snails and oysters to go with our drinks. Seating was outside , drinking cold champagne was absolutely great and did not feel hot at all, but pleasant and I am grateful for that.

I wore Dries Van Noten top, Theory pants, Ysl shoe, F21 ring.

Crocodile Prada clutch, made exclusively for Neiman Marcus ,100 years birthday. It’s a Christmas gift 2 years ago.

Have a nice weekend! :)

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22 thoughts on “Champagne

  1. Good morning, Hanh!

    What an extraordinary Prada clutch!

    You always look sweet & beautiful in your photos! Always
    with a warm smile on your face!
    Guess that´s what I like the most … that you never ever look arrogant.
    Something you don´t see a lot 😉


  2. SUCH a lovely outfit! I have a pair of white pants but I’ve been ignoring all of my pants (not jeans) recently. It’s given me the great idea to bring them back out!

    Those YSL leopard pumps…DROOL…..

    Have a wonderful time in Vegas!

  3. gorgeous outfit, hanh!

    i love the colorful Dries and Prada clutch!

    p.s. thanks for getting back to me on my Q. wish I can have a taste of your wine.

  4. darling I can see you are having a GORGEOUS wknd! love the pants and clutch. Dries is always stunning and you look innately chic in it.
    have a yummy and stylish day darling.
    muah xx

  5. Hello everbody, how are you all doing on sunday?. I’m at airport waiting for my fight to go back home. Nini is still there and go home on Monday. I will post about the trip when i got home later on.
    Enjoy your Sunday! xoxo

  6. I prefer to drink champagne in a speciall time like when i go out with my boyfriend or when i have an important meeting with my partners. I think this drink is very delicous!!!!
    This is the reason why i was interesting to read this wonderful blog. Actually my boyfriend is decided to buy viagra and we going to drink a good champagne this night of course.

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