Hello everyone. How are you doing today? Are you hungry yet? Because I’m about to show you guys some food pictures that we had for modern Japanese food.

Korean style tuna: It’s prepared with raw quail egg, cucumber, heart of palm, sesame oil. It had the sweetness of brown sauce and sesame oil aroma, a sprinkle of pine nuts on top was perfect for combination .

Octopus with Japanese turnip. Japanese turnip is the best, tastes very naturally sweet and unbelievably juicy, I love its freshness and it is healthy.

As you see in the picture below:

  • Blue Hawaiian prawn is seasonal. I love its tenderness and is usually sweeter than normal prawn.
  • Flying fish sashimi with ponzu sauce in champagne glass: the chef added some jalapeno for spiciness, a little sea salt which enhanced the taste of sweet, sour, salt, and spicy. Wow, it really wakes you up .
  • In the lemon basket is sea urchin which tastes sweet and creamy, so fresh like they just got them straight from the ocean. I haven’t tasted sea urchin this fresh before. It usually has a bitter, fishy taste which prompted me to question the chef about those often off-flavors. He told us that some companies use too much chemicals on it to keep the fresh color that affected the taste which also low quality, that makes sense. The finest sea urchin, or Uni as it is known in Japanese, use no such chemicals, leaving the Uni to its own sweet, natural flavor.

At the end, we had a light desert. They were passion fruit sakay, passion fruit mochi , and Pina Colada ice cream.


Wearing: Comme des Garcons collar and top, Balenciaga legging, Givenchy boots and bag.

Cuff and rings from F21.

And thank you everyone for your comments and wishing for my birthday, xoxo. Hanh

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12 thoughts on “Eating….

  1. hahaha i’ve already been reading your blog after Nini called your blog out a week or so ago. I love that you love margiela and Comme..your daughters are so pretty are they half-white?

  2. Ahhh I love this post! The outfit is genius. I can never pair all black together like you do. Genius Hanh genius! :) And you look absolutely beautiful.

  3. BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL and so are YOU!!!

    I was already impressed by your CDG collar when Nini posted it during your NY trip… such an eyecatching addition to a wardrobe… mon dieu 😉


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