The Woods jewelry

Let don’t talk about food, traveling to places, either culture. Let talk about shopping and let visit the store 4510 in Dallas.
Melisa who is a sale person at 4510 called me to come to take a look at Buddha necklaces from Kimme Winter collection. Too bad, there were nothing that I love. Instead, I saw some jews from The Woods jewelry line. They are in Aspen and each pieces is hand made with rare material.
The shorter necklace, the chain is made of horn and the pendant inlaid with rose diamond, also horn-both woolly mammoth horn. The longer necklace has a moon pendant and I like it because of its chain.

The ivory bracelet, the beads are made of woolly mammoth tusk and the piece hanging is horn. The beads of black bracelet are black coral, it is Abejas jewelry line from Houston. I think these two bracelets are compliment together.Before I bought these jews, I was thinking… should I? because I do not want their deaths gave up for my jews. Since they are extint species so I think it is ok. I also learn from google that mammoth is a common menber in the fossil record, but unlike many others are often not actually converted to stone, but are actually preserved since their deaths. This is in part because of their massive size and partially because of the persistence of the frozen climate in which they had lived and, therefore, died.

Me: I wore Matthew Ames dress, Pierre Hardy shoes.

Rings F21.

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48 thoughts on “The Woods jewelry

  1. Omgoodness, i ADORE your shoes! pierre hardy for the win and it helps that they're beige <3

    I love how varied your jewellery is, great collection you have :)

    – frouu

  2. The soft asymmetrical shape of your Dress is very “contemporary Urban Goddess”, your Design Sandals seem as “GLAMazon-esques cages for pretty fashionista’s feet” . . . AND it truly makes a delightful stylish cocktail !!!

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  3. Holy Moly,

    My first thought was that the dress is Lanvin. I never heard about Matthew Ames (ahh, I´m behind the times … ;)… love the style, color, cut…
    And your Pierre Hardy plateau heels deserve an extra "holy moly" 😉


  4. Hi,
    Thanks for the comment. I’m loving your blog…your outfits are amazing. Where abouts do you get these gorgeous shoes from…i want them :)
    camille xx

  5. I love the dress, that draping effect makes it look so interesting, and it looks great with that jewellry which is so cute. And I am in love with your shoes, seriously I want them.
    Thank you for my comment!

    Want to exchange links?


  6. You look like some character from a fairytale here. I like everything about this outfit, the dress is very original and the colours is just too good.

    It’s kind of hard to believe the jewellery is made from the mammoth tusks though.

  7. Amazing outfit – that dress is so perfect and the shoes are gorgeous.

    Thanks for the info on your jewelry. I never knew they used mammoth tooth for things like that. I didn’t even know it was still available! How fascinating. Those pieces look great on you!

  8. We feel very pleased you could come to our blog.
    Thank you for your kind words.
    Let’s keep in touch!Welcome to our blog usually.Bless you forever.

  9. Perfection, your name is Hanh…
    I love your complete outfit! So stunning and eyecatching, but never too much, always perfect and amazing!
    Have added your blog to my favorites today :)

  10. YOU HAVE MY DREAM SHOES H!!! :) Ah and I love how the dress drapes so perfectly

    The necklace is fabulous- I stopped by 4510 on my last day in TX and LOVED the entire store- I’m actually waiting for my goodies to arrive in the mail :) hehehe.

  11. Hanh, I thought that dress was Lanvin too! It’s beautiful on you and I love how you chose your beige Pierre Hardy shoes to complement it. Abejas boutique is actually down the street from where I work. They have alot of good jewelry there. Hope you have a good day Hanh!


  12. I have just discovered your blog and it is fantastic!!! I could not help but add it to my favorites … Congrats on your AMAZING style in choosing clothing and accessories and for the happiness that shines through all your posts

  13. I ran across your blog quite by accident and LOVE IT!!! In these shots you look like a beautiful model, the dress, the shoes, (the jewelry looks too cheap to me however compared to the dress and shoes). I too thought the dress was Lanvin. Rock it girl!!!

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