Tom kho tau

A couple of nights ago, I cooked a dish called “Tom kho tau”, Vietnamese cuisine, my translation to English is ” sauted prawn with its roe”. Someone might know this dish and may help me to translate it right :) It is one of my husband’s favorite dishes.
There are many ways to prepare this dish, but it pretty much has these ingredients : whole fresh water prawns imported from Vietnam or Thailand ( these two countries are well known for those prawn exporters), minced garlic, chopped onion, black pepper, chili powder for spicy flavor, salt, fish sauce , sugar and of course their roe.
It’s a seafood dish and white wine is recommended. We opened a few to experiment with it like: Andrew Rich 06, Roussanne, Columbia Valley, Washington; Bonny Doon Vineyard, NV, also from Washington; Chassagne-Montrachet la Romanee’ 96 ,French. Merriman estate 08 pinot noir rose’, Oregon was the one that complimented the savory flavor of the dish. Voila, Bon apetite . We had a great dinner.

Me, cooking:

The food and wines:

The apron made by my daughter, a gift from Valentine:

After meal, we went out casual for after dinner drink. I wore Zero shrug, Helmut Lang tank, Current/Elliot jean, MMMargiela necklace, YSL shoes, F21 rings.

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23 thoughts on “Tom kho tau

  1. you’re the gorgeous cook ever!
    hmm..the food sounds and look yummy!
    huh! in my whole life after being married, i only cook once and never happened!
    why? it’s because my husband is a better cook than me.

    Hanh, your daughter is so sweet to give you that apron! it’s so cute!

    btw, is merriman your lastname?
    so, do you produce wine and was it named after your lastname?

  2. Hi Hanh,

    l loooove your “apron” photo!!

    My culinary skill is unfortunately still called “nightmare cuisine” 😉


  3. Hello The little Fashion Treasury, that’s so cute of you, i love it :) :) hehe…

    Hello everyone, thank you for your time to visit my blog.

    Hi Mode, that’s great. I list the link now. Thank so much,

  4. darling what a gorgeous meal.always adore your food shots! the current elliot jeans looks rad on you.
    wishing you and your family a fab wknd ahead sweetie.
    muah x

  5. Hi Hanh, You totally ROCK and I swear that we’re twins. Everything that you own is soooo my style. I think of you as such a style icon….You are a true example of class and sass. I love how you keep it ultra couture, but you still maintain that level of “street fierceness”. Rock on!

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