FIRST NEWS: My blog was launched less than 2 months ago. Many of you are so sweet to support and welcome me to the wonderful blog world. I really appreciate that. And, I just got my first award by two lovely bloggers: Mina and Akina. Thank you both for the award. You all should check out their lovely blog.

The rules are:

1. Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award and his or her blog link.

2. Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you’ve newly discovered. Remember to contact the blogger to let them know they have been chosen.

I would love to pass this award to:

  1. Fashion Cappuccino
  2. Princessimp’s Pedestal
  3. Couture Carrie
  4. Fashion Moment
  5. Phi Style
  6. We Wear Things
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SECOND NEWS : surprise!!! I’m leaving town for Paris and Strasbourg tomorrow. I’ll be back home on June 7. I will try my best to update my blog when I’m there. It all depends on the convenience of Internet access. If this will not happen, please be patient with me and I would share with you guys when I’ll be home 😉

THIRD NEWS: Let our summer be more exciting. I have a game called ” THE GAME OF JUNE“. It will start on June 1st and end on June 30th. The winner will be announced on July 1st and be contacted by email for their address. The winner will be the one who has the most comment counts. If we have a tie, it will be a random pick of the winner. It will count 1 comment on each post for per reader, doesn’t matter how many comment that reader summits. The prize will be $75 dollars gift card at Topshop. If where you live do not have Topshop, you could use it for online. Anyone can play this game and good luck to you all!!!

I wore Rick Owen dress/jacket and Burberry pumps. Rick Owen is well known for using many different materials for one piece. He used silk, stretchy cotton and mesh in this one. It can wear as a jacket for cooler season with turtle neck top underneath it and skinny jeans or legging. For warmer seasons, I can wear it as a dress with a short skirt, like I did in the photos, or shorts for a more casual look. I deeply love this awesome piece. It has a zipper at its sleeve creating a pocket and that’s so cool.

I hope you all have a happy weekend!!!!! kisses….from Hanh 😉

Ha Long bay, Vietnam

Ha Long Bay is in northeastern Vietnam, includes some 1,969 islands and islets, forming a spectacular seascape of limestone pillars in various sizes and shapes, located at Quang Ninh province. It is about 170km, 3 hours by bus east of Ha Noi capital. It’s a tropical sea of islands with 2 seasons: hot and moist summer, dry and cold winter and perhaps the most popular travel destination of Vietnam. Seafood in Ha Long is diversified and fresh with cuttlefish, oysters, prawn, crab, squid…

We were there years ago. It was not easy to get there because of transportation issues, but it’s worth it. I hear the transportation is improving now. We had a 2 day tour, slept overnight on the boat, a Chinese junk. It was awesome. The food on the boat was excellent and fresh, prepared right there for us. The crew was helpful and the landscape was picturesque.
Here are some photos.


I wore this Alaia top sometime last week. It was on sale with a big discount at the store called 4510. Alaia is rarely on sale but this time is different because of the recession, I guess… So, it’s a good chance to collect them. I wore with Givenchy shoes, F21 legging, cuffs and rings.
I love its structure and the detail.

Thank you for your support and have a great day!!!

Please come back to visit this Friday, I’ll have more exciting news!!!;-)

xoxoxo..from Hanh!

Snake Skin

The weather was beautiful yesterday. We took the kids for a walk and brought along the camera for taking pictures. My husband who usually doesn’t like taking or having his picture taken has graciously been volunteered to take my picture because of my blog. He doesn’t have any experience in this field and he just tries to do his best. Thank you my darling for taking my pictures and I’m very proud to be his wife. He’s a sweet man.

When we were walking along the park. I wore flat shoes, of course. I wore these new Marni shoes for the photos and these are super comfortable because of its thick platform. Anyway, I just bought these python pumps for 40% off, plus no 8,25% tax at the store 4510 and I love them very much. I always love Marni shoes because of they’re comfy and flattering on the feet. In these pictures, I wore snake skin printed Prada S/S09 top, Prada python belt that I bought 5 years ago at Neiman’s last call, Forever 21 shorts and rings, cuffs/bracelets are from F21 and Target. I’m usually not a big fan of snake prints and this is my first purchase.

Hope you all have a fabulous day!!!xoxoxo….;-))

Zero + Maria Cornejo

Many of you have asked for the Larue recipe that I posted in previous post. I would love to share that, although I’m not the best chef ever. At least I’m told that I can cook a beautiful meal for my family. I don’t cook every night. It’s probably three nights a week and that’s enough(but I prepare fresh food every night for my kids, want them eating healthy). I mostly prepare Vietnamese dishes, and a few Thai or Chinese dishes for variety. I sometime like to creative my own recipe, and love doing that. Cooking is one of my passion.
Here is the recipe:

You marinate chicken with chopped garlic, tomato sauce, a little yellow curry, salt, sugar, and fish sauce. All these you saute in a hot pot with oil and let it sit for about 10′ (remember stir it occasionally to cook the meat evenly).

In the meantime, you’ll put in chopped onion, potatoes, and carrot in another hot oil pot and stir for about 10′. Then, you add water, chicken broth, let it boil. Now, you combine two pots together. After that, you add some canned beans of your choice. I prefer red kidney beans, cannellini white kidney beans, garbanzo beans….Good luck!! In home-cooking Vietnamese dishes we usually don’t have exact measurements for the ingredients. We just do it from memory and experience.
I wore Moncler top by Giambattista Valli, Zero skirt, Balenciaga space rubber shoes.
The shoes are awsome but not comfortable. It’s just good for walking from car to dining table.

I wore Helmut Lang tank, Valentino belt, Alaia shoes.

Have a great weekend, everyone!!! kisses ….!!

Christian Dior and Pink scarf.

I wore this outfit sometime last week: F21 tank, Balenciaga skirt, Chirstian Dior Shoes. I bought this pink hand made Vietnamese silk scarf on the Vietnam trip, two year ago.

Christian Dior shoes.

Yesterday, the kids didn’t have school, it was a parents conference day. After the conference, we brought lunch, cookies, ice-cream for a picnic. It’s just the kids and mommy (daddy’s at work). We had great time playing “Hide and seek”. The weather was perfect for the picnic. Here are some photos.
We enjoyed our ice-cream. Big sister was hiding from little one.
Just be pretty.


I prepared Larue for dinner. Larue is a french-vietnamese stew dish. It goes beautifully with Bordeaux wine to complete the wonderful flavor, and is usually served with French bread.

Hope you all have a peaceful day!!!

See by Chloe

Thank you everyone for your beautiful comments. If you have a chance to visit Dallas, let me know. I would love to meet up with you guys. I’ve been enjoying making friends through the blog world. Everyday, I’m visiting your blog. Reading your comments made me feel like I know you a little more as a friend. I have this cool saying from my bracelet and would love to share.

May all beings be PEACEFULL.
May all beings be HAPPY.
May all beings be SAFE.
May all beings AWAKEN to the light of their TRUE NATURE.
May all beings be FREE.

I bought this See By Chloe jumpsuit a while ago at designer consignment store, INA, in New York. I love its comfort and its airy feeling. I had on Kimme Winter necklace, Ysl pumps, F21 Cuffs and rings.

Have a happy day, everyone!!!

Blogger Play-date.

Judy, Nini and I met up with Amee this morning, a blogger from Houston. She is young, sweet, lovely girl and also easy person to get along with. Her blog is She Plays Dress Up. We went to 4510, West village for lunch, Ahab Bowen vintage store and Neiman Marcus for coffee. We absolutely had a fun time. She is going back to Houston tomorrow with her boyfriend, Philip. Thank you Judy, Nini, Amee and Philip for wonderful time today. Love…from Hanh.

Amee played with doggy. She is so cute.
Nini tested her camera. Judy took pictures of us.
We showed up our shoes ;-))
Givenchy, Giuseppe, Ysl, Alaia.
We chit chatted and just had fun.
We got serious at Ahab Bowen vintage store. Everyone brought some goodies home, hehe…
I bought these two cuffs from vintage store to match with my F21 pendant necklace that I wore it this morning.
My F21 pendant necklace.Close-up my Limited Edition Giuseppe S/S 09.
Lately, I have been wearing a racerback tank underneath a open-back top. I love it because I don’t feel too much skin to show during daytime.
This morning, I wore Helmut Lang racerback tank underneath Alexander Wang top, black J Brand jean, limited edition Giuseppe shoes.
These pics were taken while ago. I wore Alexander Wang racerback tank underneath black Rick Owen top, dark denim J Brand jean, Ysl pumps.

In this one, I wore white Helmut Lang tank underneath Club Monaco dress, Ann D sandals.
Thank you everyone for stopping by and have a wonderful day!!! kisses from Hanh.;-)

Black and White

I was playing around online and happened upon they sell art prints. Here some interesting prints I like.

Painted Face by Munoz.
I love her bangles, interesting mask and painted hair. Her ears must be painful to strech out like that .
Plantom No.18 by Elisa Lazo De Valdez.
This one is kind of spooky. New York 1959 by Robert Mottar.
Do you see thousands of people standing in the building ?.
I wore vintage white top, Fendi belt, DIY legging, Guseppi cage boots.

Close-up the boots.I wore F21 shorts underneath MARNI white top with TAO ruffle cape over, Givenchy boots.

Have a fabulous weekend to you all !!! ;-))

Lunch Date

Nini and I have run into Judy and Jane many time, but we have never hung out. We finally decided to meet up for lunch last Wednesday at NM Cafe. Jane (seaofshoes), Judy’s lovely daughter, got invited too, but she couldn’t make it because of her school. Too bad, I really want to meet her. She has beautiful and fashionable taste. We surely had a great time on our date. We chit chatted and talked about fashion, of course. It’s a coincidence that they had a little fashion show there as models were walking around showing dresses(unfortunetly my camera ran out batteries, so I couldn’t snap photos to share with you guys). It was fun and absolutely delightful lunch and we all would love to do this again. Hopefully, Jane can make it next time ;-))

We had chocolate cookies for our dessert. Judy and Nini had fun to check their pictures. Three of us. I wore Alex Wang tank, Mayle pants, Gucci shoes, Eddie Borgo necklace.

These photos were taken by my man, after I left Nini and Judy to see him.

Next week, we’ll meet up again with Amee and I can’t wait. Amee’s blog is She Plays Dress Up.

Have a wonderful day!! ;-))

St John, US Virgin Island

St John is the smallest of the three US Virgin islands in the Caribbean, the others being St Thomas and St Croix. It is the most undeveloped island of the three. With its sheer unspoiled beauty, pristine beaches, untouched forests and secluded coves, you’ll find yourself reconnecting with nature. It is a vacation paradise and the prettiest of the Virgin islands because of its world class beaches.

Two thirds of the island is a US National park, and has very restricted development. You can spend day after day on beach after beach, each with its own panoramic view. The beaches here are fine crystal white sand with turquoise clear waters, just unbelievably beautiful. The most spectacular and well-known of these is Trunk bay, which has consitenly been voted one of the “Ten best beaches in the world” by Conde’ Nast Traveler Magazine. Cinnamon bay is near by. Honeymoon bay, Coral bay, Reef bay, Caneel bay, Maho bay, Salomon bay…. are also wild nature beaches as well. Cruz bay has a popular shopping center called Mongoose Junction where you can find souvenirs for your trip.

This island is a perfect place for snorkeling, scuba diving, sport-fishing, and sailing. The land is a great place for biking, horseback riding, hiking with over two dozen trails maintained throughout the island. Despite the throngs of tourists, the beaches have a serene, almost abandoned feel.

It’s a fabulous place for a romantic wedding, a romantic getaway or an honeymoon. It’s a great place to refresh and relax your mind. This is our top favorite place to go on a beach vacation. We’ve been here three times in the last three summers in the row.

The view of Trunk bay from up hill.

Trunk Bay.

The view from the top of the hill in the grand houses area.

Cinnamon Bay Sugar Mill Ruins, 17th century.

Captured this creature on the hiking trip.

My kids copied their big uncle doing Taichi. 2006.

Renting a car is the way to see the other side of St John. The kids and I in 2006.

Solomon Bay.

Maho Bay.

The blue of St John.Feeling of missing the blue oceans, I wore blue in Dallas: Alexzander Wang tank, Marni skirt, Valentino belt, Ysl pump.

Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day! xoxo

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