Since some of you have asked me about where to go if you visit Barcelona. I decided to have this post and hope it will be helpful. Barcelona is a city of culture and history, so if it’s some sight-seeing you’ve come to the right place. It is most famous for architecture of Antonio Gaudi. Here are some places that we have visited and recommend.

  1. La Sagrada Familia is one of Gaudi’s most famous work. It is a giant temple that has been under construction since 1882.

  2. Along Passieg De Gracia where you can find La Perdrera and Casa Batllo’ building.

  3. Park Guell is stylish park in Barcelona, contain amazing stone structures. At the top of Guell park is a terraced area where you can get a wonderful view of the park and of the city. In the park, also has small house which Gaudi lived in at one stage. The house has now been converted into museum.

  4. Picasso museum is very cool to see.
  5. Joan Miro museum is located on the Montjuic Hill, one of Spain’s greatest modern painters.
  6. The Plaza de Espana is beautiful squares, near to the Joan Miro museum. It’s a nice walk between these two places.
  7. Wander up and down Las Ramblas street is fun too.
  8. Barceloneta beach is not too far from city center that you could take a nice walk.

Hope you enjoy it. ;)Thank you very much for your visiting and comments. Have a nice day everyone! ;-))

This is what I wore to go out last night.

I had on Alexander Wang tank, J Dauphin legging, Dries Van Noten scarf, Givenchy boots.

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40 thoughts on “Barcelona

  1. Good morning, Hanh!!!
    Thanks for your Barcelona post and sharing all
    your informations !!!

    I will propose you to all Fashion Designers as their new "Muse" 😉


  2. Barcelona has some seriously great architecture, I hope to see it one day in person! And great outfit, LOVE the boots! One of my favorite pairs of boots I’ve eve seen.

  3. Great post – thanks for the Barcelona summary! I loved it, when I went there a long long time ago, but I’m going again in a few weeks, so I definitely need a chek-up.

    Those boots are hot and I really love that DVN scarf!

  4. I really like the contrast between the strong “GLAM Rock-issime” (Mmmh with a subtle futuristic twist) vibrancy of your silhouette AND the natural Delicacy of the “fetish peep toe effect” . . .

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  5. Ah Barcelona, these photos make me want to go back so bad! It’s such a funky and culturally rich city. I only got a glimpse of it, but it was enough to make it a highlight of my travels in Europe.

    Oh and I’ve added you to my blogroll! Thanks for the link up :)

  6. amazing hanh. just amazing. is there a shoe in your closet that i don’t like? i don’t think so. ok now you’ve inspired me to wear my givenchies. 😉

  7. Hanh,you have such a wonderful sense for great fashion and style, always
    the right accessoires in addition. Your Givenchy boots are so divine!

  8. 1. I always love what you are wearing and seeing you rock this outfit makes me kick myself for not getting those Givenchy boots last year!
    2. I definitely agree that any visit to Barcelona is truly incomplete without a visit to Gaudi’s building. His architecture is easily one of the most individualistic and recognizable, organic and gothic…his buildings seem alive somehow.

  9. What a stunning outfit!
    I love the combination of the tough leggings and booties with the sweet tank and scarf. And you’re gorgeous!


  10. Hi Hahn,
    Thanks for the post! Barcelona is on my hit list this year..How is the night life? any recommendations?? Btw, thanks so much for the lovely comment on my MMM jacket, so glad you loved it :-) And love those Givenchy boots! I was close to getting them at the Barneys warehouse sale but opted for the Stella McCartney wedge boots instead, oh well.

  11. thank you for your comment!!
    i’d love to go to barcelona… looks very beautiful! speaking of beautiful, i LOVE your scarf!!

  12. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Barcelona, it was hubby's favourite city in Europe.

    I especially love Gaudi's work, as you mentioned, and also his houses (worth visiting), eg. Casa Batlló & Mila (where there is a Gaudi museum too). My favourite area was Barrio Alto, where I stayed, cute little cobblestone streets with gorgeous clothes/shoes/jewellery unique designs, Picasso Museum, little square, specialty chocolate stores…just gorgeous!

  13. Hi everyone, Thanks for your sweet comments:)

    Hi Gisela, Barcelona is a fun city. People there know how to party. We just went out for dinning, then we basiclly took a long walk, no club for us( my husband is not a club person). Seafood there is very fresh. Food is delicious. They usually have dinner about 9, 10 pm and party after that. SO, I have no recommendation about night-club or something like that.sorry;(.

    Hi Birgadeirio, I’m glad to know you love Barcelona. We do too. We specially love Gaudi’s work. Every tourist must see his work, I think. It’s amazing and famous.


  14. You are amazing. I still don’t believe your a mother on top of the fabulous clothes, shoes, accessories AND home. Nevertheless, your daughters are beautiful. I’m not sure what you do professionally, but you make living a fashionable life with a family look easy.

  15. I absolutely love your outfit! The leggings, the boots, the scarf – I adore it all!

    I’d love to visit Barcelona one day…

    La C.

  16. I went to Barcelona in my college days and I miss it so much–it was one of my favorite European cities. So surreal.

    You look amazing as usual! I can’t believe you can come up with so many gorgeous looks.

  17. great stuff Hanh, I’m going to Spain at the end of the week visiting Barcelona, San Sebastian, and Madrid for 10 days. Can you help with what I should pack? casual comfy chic for the day, and something nice but fussy free for the nights (I’m very much Phillip Lim kind of girl). I want to pack everything into a 26″ luggage.

    hope you can help,

  18. oh no… you have also this boots!!! I can't belive it! I just should stay awy from your closet, because I relly really could die in front of it! 😀
    great as usual!

  19. Barcelona is lovely place to visit. There you can find a lot of shopping Malls, historic places to see, that have attractions to tourists

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