Blogger Play-date.

Judy, Nini and I met up with Amee this morning, a blogger from Houston. She is young, sweet, lovely girl and also easy person to get along with. Her blog is She Plays Dress Up. We went to 4510, West village for lunch, Ahab Bowen vintage store and Neiman Marcus for coffee. We absolutely had a fun time. She is going back to Houston tomorrow with her boyfriend, Philip. Thank you Judy, Nini, Amee and Philip for wonderful time today. Love…from Hanh.

Amee played with doggy. She is so cute.
Nini tested her camera. Judy took pictures of us.
We showed up our shoes ;-) )
Givenchy, Giuseppe, Ysl, Alaia.
We chit chatted and just had fun.
We got serious at Ahab Bowen vintage store. Everyone brought some goodies home, hehe…
I bought these two cuffs from vintage store to match with my F21 pendant necklace that I wore it this morning.
My F21 pendant necklace.Close-up my Limited Edition Giuseppe S/S 09.
Lately, I have been wearing a racerback tank underneath a open-back top. I love it because I don’t feel too much skin to show during daytime.
This morning, I wore Helmut Lang racerback tank underneath Alexander Wang top, black J Brand jean, limited edition Giuseppe shoes.
These pics were taken while ago. I wore Alexander Wang racerback tank underneath black Rick Owen top, dark denim J Brand jean, Ysl pumps.

In this one, I wore white Helmut Lang tank underneath Club Monaco dress, Ann D sandals.
Thank you everyone for stopping by and have a wonderful day!!! kisses from Hanh.;-)
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40 thoughts on “Blogger Play-date.

  1. i like how you mix the racerback with open back.
    you ladies are the fabulous!!! i love amee’s red shoes. and those leopard cuffs are so amazing, very cartier ;)

    What a fabulous fun post, so great to see the pictures of your meeting!
    Look at those feet and the most captivating shoe collection – from Jil Sander to Alaia – just awesome and this is leaving me breathless, darling :)
    Thanks so much for sharing these wonderful pictures!
    Have a great day
    xoxoxo, s

  3. I love your raceback with open back idea!! Must try this look when the weather gets warmer!
    Those leopard cuffs are gorgeous!! What a find!!! I love detailed costume jewellery like that!

    You guys all look so cute!! Thanks for sharing the pics :)

  4. A very chic bunch! Love your leopard cuffs that you bought and the racerback tank look with the open back top is so cool.

  5. LUCKY AMEE ;)
    … I believe this is the first time seeing 4 bloggers in 1 photo shot ;)

    Woow… Hanh… these cuffs are amazing. Can you imagine I lost one of my vintage cuffs yesterday… Your Helmut Lang tank looks perfect with the Wang Top. FABULOUS… as always ;)

    Stay Beauty

  6. yayy looks like so much fun! you all look fabulous! great buys :)

    i’m going back to tx very soon so i’ll let you know :)


  7. Every post my comment are very similar, but I don’t know what to write.. I would die for everything you wear and you’re gorgeous, everything suits on you, agh! I’m repeating the same.. but it is the truth!

  8. Looks like u gals were having so much fun! I m obsessed with racer back tanks too, loving all urs! Have a great week! <3

  9. u look so gorgeous in each and every pic. i’m not kidding… your outfit really stands out alot.. that’s quite a shoe galore between bloggers, and they are all designers… wow..

  10. Hanh! Philip and I had so much fun yesterday! I will post my pictures when I get back home. I am going to visit Nini today and do some shopping with her at Barneys and I think I am going back to 4510 to look at bags and shoes before I leave. Hope to see you whenever I am in Dallas again. I think I can make those one day trips here very easily! Take care and I love all of your photos :)

    Oh yeah, I sent you an email yesterday about the codes!


    Thanks for your sweet comment Hanh!

    eLLy*Clicketie Clacketie Clock

  12. Wow, all you ladies have amazing shoes!! Love the cuffs that you bought! You have a gorgeous figure by the way! I hope I look that good after I have children :-) xxoxoxoxo

  13. I love this idea of wearing a racerback tank with a low cut back. Looks great on you and I’m loving that Alexander Wang top. So hot!

  14. I love using racerback with open back and similarly with a very deep u or v-neck front :) Love your ensembles! You all look fabulous at your blogger ‘meet-up’!!!

  15. Hi darling, you are all amazing, you are the new version of Sex on The City which I envy you, LOVE YOUR CUTE open-back top and Amee is so sweet love who she looks, kisses beautiful have a nice day , looks always 11 !!! a muaaa

  16. what a fab fun time, I can tell from these your all looked fab and had a wonderful time. great vintage cuffs by dear, they match your necklace perfectly. loving the shot of all your shoes.
    muah x

  17. you all were so beautiful! great shoes and outfits! but in particular I love your outfit with the grey top…

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