Christian Dior and Pink scarf.

I wore this outfit sometime last week: F21 tank, Balenciaga skirt, Chirstian Dior Shoes. I bought this pink hand made Vietnamese silk scarf on the Vietnam trip, two year ago.

Christian Dior shoes.

Yesterday, the kids didn’t have school, it was a parents conference day. After the conference, we brought lunch, cookies, ice-cream for a picnic. It’s just the kids and mommy (daddy’s at work). We had great time playing “Hide and seek”. The weather was perfect for the picnic. Here are some photos.
We enjoyed our ice-cream. Big sister was hiding from little one.
Just be pretty.


I prepared Larue for dinner. Larue is a french-vietnamese stew dish. It goes beautifully with Bordeaux wine to complete the wonderful flavor, and is usually served with French bread.

Hope you all have a peaceful day!!!

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44 thoughts on “Christian Dior and Pink scarf.

  1. Wowwwww gorgeous pink killer heels!

    And your kids are sooo beautiful!

    When I glanced at your pictures, you kinda look like Michelle Yeoh. You’ve heard that before?


  2. i love your necklace. the shoes are so cute too. i must admit though that stew looks so yummy that is making me super hungry. u have to post a recepy of it. i would love to try it.

  3. Wow I love the black and pink! Your shoes are to die for!!!!
    And your daughters are going to be supermodels!!

    Thank you sooo much-I am feeling much better and happy to be back to blogland! XO

  4. The Christian Dior shoes is so beautiful!!! La rue looks yummy… The kids are adorable!!! I love love the scarf you gave me in purple. I need to wear it again soon !!!!

  5. Hey beautiful Hanh,
    the DIOR shoes are adorable! The color is so yummy! You’re doing a great, greaaaat job as always, I’m a fan of how you’re mixing accessoires like jewelry and the right accents like colorful shoes to a neutral colored outfit.
    You’re having a wonderful eye for details.
    Also to recognize when you’re taking pictures of your wonderful daughters.
    Wishing you a wonderful day and a great weekend!

  6. wonderful post Hanh! i do agree with the user who says you look like michelle yeoh (she was in crouching tigers & memoirs of a geisha), there's a very close resemblance! have a great day!

  7. hello dear, you looked beautiful in that shot sitting down smiling. you are such a beauty my dear. i like the hot pink on you, those shoes are GORGE! Your little angels are so sweet!
    Seeing you food pictures have gotten me hungry! :o)
    big kiss and have a happy friday dear.
    muah x

  8. Awww…your daughters are really cute!
    You seem like an accomplished cook and I can’t tell you how much I envy that. I should stop making excuses and learn how to cook pronto!

  9. You have one of the most amazing colection of clothes That I have ever seen – truly impresive! Also your cooking seems great!:)

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