Comme Des Garcons-Missing out DIFFA night.

Too bad, I didn’t make it to DIFFA(Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS) night with my friend Nini as we planned… It’s a life of being mom, your schedule is pretty much depend on the kid’s schedule. My husband is out of town this weekend for his business. So, I arranged babysitter but it didn’t work out. Finally, I stayed home with my kids. We were watching movie, eating popcorn, reading story books, playing kissing game, snuggling in bed and we had so much fun. The kids are always bright up my day :-)) with warmest love. They are truly my sunshine. Things are always turn out good.;-)
Here what I planned to wear for DIFFA night: Comme Des Garcons dress, Burberry pump, cuffs and rings from F21.

This is from Comme Des Gracons S09 run way on

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56 thoughts on “Comme Des Garcons-Missing out DIFFA night.

  1. Oh, I´m so sorry to hear that you were not able to attend this event… and you look so beautiful, sweet and fashionable in this CDG dress!!!

    I love the way you talk about your children, they seemed to have a fabulous evening with their Mom.

    To enjoy an event is amazing but to have an enchanting evening with your children is precious!!



  2. wow hanh!!! that dress is avant garde and amazing!! your girls are going to be so lucky when they grow up and get all these fabulous clothes! i hope i have a little daughter some day, so i can pass on my clothes to. or maybe a little boy, at least he can wear my dior homme. 😉

  3. oh my god hanh, you would have looked stunning that night if you were able to come (not that you don’t look good always). that dress on you is AWESOME. i understand what you mean about being a mom. they’re like the first priority. i think you look better as the model. love that you paired it with silver sandals. very spacey.

  4. Runway designs don’t always translate easily into real life. The shape of this dress is simple enough to allow the structural details to stand out without overpowering the overall design.

    It looks wonderful on you, I’d seriously love to take a tour through your closet!!

  5. Hey, very unique looking dress and you pulled it off very well….Wish I can can afford some of the high fashion like all you fashionistas!!!

  6. Incredibly beautiful dress, gorgeous shoes. Great outfit.
    If you can’t go to the event, you can always play dress up with your girls! 😉

  7. Amazing! Would totally look great with a pair of Ann D lace up boots too I think.

    Have you ever dry cleaned that? I wonder what the dry cleaner would look like when they saw a dress like this. =p


  8. Hi Dianne,
    My husband usualy take photos, since he’s out of town. So, my 5 years old girl took that for me. I think she did a great job, she likes taking photos.;)

  9. Amazing dress. I love CdG and so few people seem to have their clothes, so it’s always great to see a style shot of this. Sorry you missed the DIFFA, but I’m so glad you spent a great night with your adorable girls :)

  10. Aww a night with your girls is better I think! That dress is so interesting, I like all the different textures, you look great!

    Btw, I was wondering if you’d like to exchange links?

  11. You have for sure one of the most fashionable blog with a great personal touch!
    I enjoy reading your travel experiences, too!!


  12. absolutely stunning dresses. You’re whole closet is pretty enviable! I like how you keep your clothes interesting but simple and classic. Beautiful blog!

  13. wow, thank you for your comment! the comme dress looks amazing on you! seriously looks so different you than the runway show, better even!

    i love your style as well as your friend nini’s!

  14. Hanh, I love the dress on you more than the model! You wear it so well! Your daughters sound so amazing. You are such a great mommy! :)

  15. hi hanh,

    thanks a lot for visiting and leaving a comment. i am seriously impressed with your designer duds and your adventures. quite the fabulous life! i am so so jealous!

    p.s. can we exchange links? i’d love to follow more of your fantastic clothes and travels!

    much love


  16. CDG is one of my favorites…and you look stunning! I’m so sorry you had to miss the event!

    I NEED those Burberry heels OMG…shoe lust.

  17. As a mom myself, i would rather sacrifice any dates just to be with her. U look amazing in CDG dress, even better than d runway look! 😀

  18. wow. that dress is amazing and looks fantastic on you!

    i’ve had this unfounded fear that the moment i become a mom, i would have to give up the way i dress and my style would turn into a “mom-style.” i think you’ve completely changed that idea for me!

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