Ha Long bay, Vietnam

Ha Long Bay is in northeastern Vietnam, includes some 1,969 islands and islets, forming a spectacular seascape of limestone pillars in various sizes and shapes, located at Quang Ninh province. It is about 170km, 3 hours by bus east of Ha Noi capital. It’s a tropical sea of islands with 2 seasons: hot and moist summer, dry and cold winter and perhaps the most popular travel destination of Vietnam. Seafood in Ha Long is diversified and fresh with cuttlefish, oysters, prawn, crab, squid…

We were there years ago. It was not easy to get there because of transportation issues, but it’s worth it. I hear the transportation is improving now. We had a 2 day tour, slept overnight on the boat, a Chinese junk. It was awesome. The food on the boat was excellent and fresh, prepared right there for us. The crew was helpful and the landscape was picturesque.
Here are some photos.


I wore this Alaia top sometime last week. It was on sale with a big discount at the store called 4510. Alaia is rarely on sale but this time is different because of the recession, I guess… So, it’s a good chance to collect them. I wore with Givenchy shoes, F21 legging, cuffs and rings.
I love its structure and the detail.

Thank you for your support and have a great day!!!

Please come back to visit this Friday, I’ll have more exciting news!!!;-)

xoxoxo..from Hanh!

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79 thoughts on “Ha Long bay, Vietnam

  1. Hi precious!
    Oh my g…. The pictures of your vacation are out of this world! You’ve been to the most fantastic places in this world! AMAZING!
    Your outfit is great and is leaving me speechless and in awe…. Your Alaia dress/top is a DREAM!
    Huggies from S.

  2. wow! gorgeous place!

    your otifit is stumnning, I love everything!
    Pay attention… I’m coming to your home and stealing all of your shoes and bags! 😛

  3. I love your outfit, as always. I enjoy how you showcase your beautiful stylings as well as picturesque places you’ve traveled. I’d love to go to some of these places..someday I hope.

  4. darling i am well thank you, thank you for your lovely blog comments. That destination is so stunning Hanh! Despite the trouble getting there it sounds like so worth it!What beautiful views!
    Darling that Alaia top is simply a dream, the structure is wonderful my lovely!
    have a lovely day.
    muah x

  5. Beautiful pictures – thanks for sharing! I’ve never been to Vietnam. It’s what I imagine a lot of Asia used to look like, before they started building big cities. It’s nice that some countries in Asia still have so much nature and looked untouched.

    Great Alaia top by the way. Alaia has his own outlet in Paris with past season clothes heavily discounted. I’m guessing it’s one of the few places you’ll his stuff cheaper 😉

  6. What a nice pictures!!! I was in China four years ago and i must said I felt in love with that country. This pictures have remenber me Guilin with its beautiful mountains. Kiss

  7. Hahn you look so pretty! And so is Vietnam – the people, the food! yes – the food! in fact we are going to a Vietnamese restaurant on Friday – woohoo! have a nice day!

  8. beautiful travel pictures. i cant even imagine!
    this recession is both good and bad. ive noticed it’s made SAs in certain stores a lot nicer.
    you look amazing as always. ou what is this exciting news?!!

  9. Welcome to the wonderful love of sweet Hanh 😉
    This place is truly beyond beauty!
    How exciting you slept overnight on a boat!!!

    And your Alaia top/dress… is another MON DIEU, MADAME 😉
    B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!! Especially the back of it!!!


  10. Good grief! What a spectacular top! Does it have lots of tulle underneath it to make it puff out like that? Or is it just the magical genius of Alaia? I don’t think you can buy Alaia anywhere in Australia :(

  11. an other piece of art in your wardrobe….I’m moved! May I come to make fashion research in your closet? I believe that your wardrobe is a paradise for any designer who needs to do research!

  12. you’ve been JINXED



  13. You are fortunate for having been in these wonderful islands and to access a piece of precious discount to alaia. Thanks for your support, finally we coming out next week, kisses

  14. What an amazing post! I saw this part of Vietnam first on a weird episode of Top Gear and I was extremely impressed! I really want to go there one day!
    And btw, did I mention how much I love your Givenchy shoes and that they are perfect? :)

  15. Your blouse is like a gorgeous little minidress shrunken into the perfect top. And your heels (I want them!!)

    x, thanks!

  16. You look STUNNING!! <3

    Love your look and you are so pretty, damn! I'm so jealous of your hair, I have to do it with extensions ..


  17. Such a beautiful look with the leggings! And I’m jealous of your shoes, as always. My husband and I went to Halong Bay and parts of Vietnam about two years ago. We loved it so much; a magical place…

  18. i love ha long bay! when i went there, it was typhoon season so we had to wait it out for a 5 days!

    love the combo of sweet top with tough shoes.

  19. i’ve been there too!! also years agoo.. i loved it.. and still remember how beautiful it is! have you seen the two rocks..which look like two chickens kissing each other? anyway the top is gorgeous!

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