FIRST NEWS: My blog was launched less than 2 months ago. Many of you are so sweet to support and welcome me to the wonderful blog world. I really appreciate that. And, I just got my first award by two lovely bloggers: Mina and Akina. Thank you both for the award. You all should check out their lovely blog.

The rules are:

1. Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award and his or her blog link.

2. Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you’ve newly discovered. Remember to contact the blogger to let them know they have been chosen.

I would love to pass this award to:

  1. Fashion Cappuccino
  2. Princessimp’s Pedestal
  3. Couture Carrie
  4. Fashion Moment
  5. Phi Style
  6. We Wear Things
  7. Extraskinny
  8. Head Over Heelz
  9. Fashion Chalet
  10. Florilege D’Esthete
  11. Denim on Denim
  12. Cheap Thrills
  13. The Clothist
  14. In love with Fashion

SECOND NEWS : surprise!!! I’m leaving town for Paris and Strasbourg tomorrow. I’ll be back home on June 7. I will try my best to update my blog when I’m there. It all depends on the convenience of Internet access. If this will not happen, please be patient with me and I would share with you guys when I’ll be home 😉

THIRD NEWS: Let our summer be more exciting. I have a game called ” THE GAME OF JUNE“. It will start on June 1st and end on June 30th. The winner will be announced on July 1st and be contacted by email for their address. The winner will be the one who has the most comment counts. If we have a tie, it will be a random pick of the winner. It will count 1 comment on each post for per reader, doesn’t matter how many comment that reader summits. The prize will be $75 dollars gift card at Topshop. If where you live do not have Topshop, you could use it for online. Anyone can play this game and good luck to you all!!!

I wore Rick Owen dress/jacket and Burberry pumps. Rick Owen is well known for using many different materials for one piece. He used silk, stretchy cotton and mesh in this one. It can wear as a jacket for cooler season with turtle neck top underneath it and skinny jeans or legging. For warmer seasons, I can wear it as a dress with a short skirt, like I did in the photos, or shorts for a more casual look. I deeply love this awesome piece. It has a zipper at its sleeve creating a pocket and that’s so cool.

I hope you all have a happy weekend!!!!! kisses….from Hanh 😉

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97 thoughts on “News…

  1. enjoy paris!!!! how exciting!!!
    i love how you look like a superhero. i like the long length of the jacket, and that zipper pocket is a cool feature.

  2. Hello gorgeous. You deserve all the accolades. I love your blog and so excited to discover it! I actually- speak of it– left you an award on my lil blog. Because you’re fabulous! Your shoes are amazing and I’m inspired by all your photos! As for the June giveaway– I’m so excited to play!

  3. Ma cherie – have fun in Paris and Strasbourg! I guess I kind of knew about your surprise though… will you be bringing an empty suitcase? 😉 I look forward to seeing all your fantastic finds and hope you have a great time! Strasbourg is wonderful as well and has great food.

    Love the Rick Owens by the way. It’s great how versatile that piece is.

  4. Hi Hanh, wow! What a surprise to be tagged! This is my 1st n as a beginner in d blogosphere, i have a lot of catching up to learn n thanks so much ur award!! I will try my best to work on it! Have a nice and safe trip to Paris! U look gorgeous as always! xoxo

  5. oh i am so jelous that u are going to paris. havent been since i was 15. have a lot of fun there. like always u look gorgeous. your style is impecable.

  6. Hi Hanh, congrats on the blog awards!
    I’ve followed your blog from the start but have only now got round to commenting! Your style is commendable and the travels soo enviable!
    Enjoy Paris, its my favourite city, I used to live there so know some fabulous places.
    Looking forward to the photos!

  7. Bonjour, ma cherie Hanh 😉

    How exciting to read you´re leaving for Paris!!!
    ENJOY the city and hide your credit card 😉

    I´m currently also editing my new post but have so much things
    to do that i´m still … editing! Also received a blog award and will forward one to you … surprise, surprise 😉 !!!

    ♡♡ WISHING YOU “BON VOYAGE”, enjoy your trip and come home with great impressions !!! ♡♡

  8. OMG hanh i live 30 minutes from strasbourg! if you want we can play meet up. 😉 you look so damn pretty in these pics. have fun in paris!

  9. thanks for the award! =)

    i love those burberry sandals. i tried on a non-studded version but didn’t buy them. kind of regretting it now that i see how good they look on you!

    eat lots of macarons in paris!

  10. YAY! Those are really GREAT news!! Congratulations on your award – you deserve it sooooooooooo much! * * * * *
    Wow – and you're going to Paris?!?! AMAZING! I'm thrilled you're going to touchdown "old country" and visit one of the best cities in the world!
    If you'll find the time don't forget to visit "LE BON MARCHÉ" which is one of my favorite departmenet stores!!
    Address: Le Bon Marché, 24, rue de Sèvres, 75007 Paris – France,
    It has founded around 1850 and is amazing for eye and mind :)
    I'm wishing you a most pleasant stay in France, a great time and a safe trip at all!!
    Take good care of youuuuu!!
    Hugs & kisses, Sofie

  11. You look gorgeous! Amazing dress/jacket! Congrats on your award.. so well-deserved. Love your blog! So jealous you’re going to Paris! Have an amazing trip, and can’t wait to see the pics.

    xo, Becs

  12. I’m in love with the studded Burberry Prorsum heels (those with the larger studs like yours)… Hmmmm, I’m melting away, they look sooo awesome on you! Now I’m wanting them more than ever before 😀
    kisses from sofie

  13. You look exquisite in that coat, H!
    Congrats on your award & thanks for passing it along to me!
    And your contest sounds really awesome ~ what a fab prize!


  14. you look amazing! congratz with your first award, im sure there will be more ^^ and im so jealous i wanna go paris too! hope your having fun there, well im sure you do actually haha!

  15. Hi everyone,
    Thank you for your comments. I hope THE GAME will be exciting game for you all. I just want you guys have fun!!!!!!;-)

    hi Sofie,
    Thank you so much for info of Le Bon Marche’. I’m sure I will have fun in Paris;-)

    Hi Mode junkie, it’s great i’ll intouch with you.

  16. Wow, thank you so much for the award!! You’re so sweet! Very nice of you to create an awesome game too! My Gosh, I really need that $75.00 award to Topshop given my obssession there! :-) You look sensational in that outfit! xxoxoxoxo

  17. Ooooooh Thanks INFINITELY for this Award Hanh, such a Pleasure !!!
    ps: Je vous souhaite un excellent séjour en France (re-ps: Tu as toujours autant de prestance) !!!

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  18. …Pleasure, Mademoiselle! Hmmm. Will miss your posts and your most sweet comments in between :’-(
    Come back sooooooooooon! And have fun, fun, fun!!! 😀

  19. Congrats on the award!!!

    Have a great time on your trip!!!! Enjoy the most.

    And you look great, those heels are stunning!!!!



  20. wow!
    i’m jealous you’re going to paris! lol!
    have a safe trip, hanh!

    you’re so beautiful in Rick Owen’s dress!
    you do look very elegant!

  21. darling Hanh, wonderful Rick owens dress jacket, isnt he wonderfully talented?!
    Thank you for the delish blog comment.Oh I am so playing in the June game, so much fun!
    Kisses my stylish blogger friend.
    Have a fantastic weekend.
    muah x

  22. That game sounds like so much fun. We don’t have Topshop in Miami! :)

    I love your shoes and coat/trench, veryyyy sophisticated, thanks for your Award to and congratulations for receiving it as well. :)

    x, thanks!

  23. WOWEE, girl, you rock that rick owens (so jealous!) and thanks so much for the birthday wishes, and not to mention this blog award! you’re too sweet!

    adding you as we speak;)


  24. You look so beautiful! Love love love the Rick Owens jacket. Ahhh Paris and Strasbourg I am so jealous. I’m itching to travel! xoxo

  25. Oh my! I'm so jealous! Paris & Strasbourg!!! *sigh* Hope you have a fabulous time, and look forward to your updates 😉 Congrats on your awards!

  26. Aw thanks so much for choosing me! 😀 You’re so sweet! You definitely deserve your award. And have an amazing time in Paris, I’m sure you will. :p That Rick Owens piece is amazing, love how you wear it. :)

  27. Sorry about that. As I was saying, that outfit is really beautiful, but I am SCREAMING for the shoes! They are absolutely divine!

    Have a scrumptious weekend and a safe trip!

  28. You look amazing in your Rick Owens jacket/dress. I hope you will have a wonderful time in Paris. Be safe and I look forward seeing you again soon.

  29. Hi precious,
    just wanted to wish a safe and most pleasnt trip again!! Will think of you and can't wait for your posting with all the lovely pictures :)
    Hugs & kisses, S.

  30. Hanh, thank you so much for your award! *virtual hug*
    That RO piece of your is amazing, his pieces always are, it's like scluptures in fabric and you look great in it. I have the same pair of Burberry shoes, but haven't been showing them much love lately. Shame on me….your posts reminds me I should dig them out again.
    Enjoy yourself in Europe and have a safe trip! <3

  31. I litterally cant believe the awsomness of that jackets…it’s one of the best port outfit ever… is it this season jacket or???


  32. Burberry + Rick owens = ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I love this outfit with a passion Hanh. You look great, and I adore the jewelry you have on.

    + Aw, the picture below make me miss Vietnam SO much. Although I haven’t been home in ages it seems. I do love going to visit my grandfather and extended family and for vacational purposes. Though the weather does put a damper on the going out part.

    KISS, China L.

  33. Have a lovely time in Paris and Strasbourg, I’m sure it’ll be so much fun!

    p.s. I adore your hair in this set of shots, it looks so gorgeous; all shiny and straight. And Rick Owens and Burberry = killer!

    Again, love your style bella!

  34. Hi hannn! fisrt off all I have to thank youu a lot for the tag! I’m super happy!! that’s so nice from you! But coult you tell me how to tag people? I don’t know how to do it :( !! xxxxx

  35. thats a really really cool coat. very sophisticated looking and suits all sorts of garments. your studded boots are awesome too.

  36. Congrats on the award! You look fabulous! How is it possible to have 2 amazing children and still look so fantastic?! Do you have a secret recipe for staying young forever?:)

  37. Hello everyone, I just got back to my hotel room and just connected internet. it’s not compliment like hotels in the USA. you have to pay $25 Euro for 24 hours even at Four Seasons.
    Anyway, thank you very much for your kind commments.

    Hi La Chauve-souris,
    The RO jacket is this season, i got it at NYC store.

    Hi Carolina,
    when I get home from my trip, I will email you about how to tag. Thanks and please be patient with me;-)

    Hi Katlin,
    The rings is from F21. I would close-up for you sometime when I get home from my trip. Thanks;-))

    Kisses..Hanh in Paris!!!!

  38. You look gorgeous. I love the shoes. I just start watching your blog and I can say that you are my favourite blogger. And your girls are so cute.

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