See by Chloe

Thank you everyone for your beautiful comments. If you have a chance to visit Dallas, let me know. I would love to meet up with you guys. I’ve been enjoying making friends through the blog world. Everyday, I’m visiting your blog. Reading your comments made me feel like I know you a little more as a friend. I have this cool saying from my bracelet and would love to share.

May all beings be PEACEFULL.
May all beings be HAPPY.
May all beings be SAFE.
May all beings AWAKEN to the light of their TRUE NATURE.
May all beings be FREE.

I bought this See By Chloe jumpsuit a while ago at designer consignment store, INA, in New York. I love its comfort and its airy feeling. I had on Kimme Winter necklace, Ysl pumps, F21 Cuffs and rings.

Have a happy day, everyone!!!
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90 thoughts on “See by Chloe

  1. ….. These sentences are so wonderful….
    Thanks for sharing with us, sweet Hanh :-)

    The jumpsuit is marvelous! It looks so chic and comfortable.

    You have a great day, too!

  2. I always gotta leave my favorites comments to support em if not just to say hey 😉 It’d be amazing to actually hang one day. I love this look, so laid back and chic.

  3. Good morning you sweetheart!

    Thanks to YOU and your lovely lovely post!
    I simply can return your compliment 😉
    Always a pleasure for ME to ready your comments!

    … Hanh, I truly love the location where you shot your beautiful photos!

    (I´m on the way to Switzerland and Italy and will hopefully be back with some nice photos to share;)

    Hugs & Kisses

  4. You pull off that jumpsuit so well! I found your blog off of Nini’s and I think it’s really nice how you mix your love of fashion/travel together. I have an off topic question: who shoots your photos? I’m always curious about who the talented photographers are behind the people in the blog world.

    – Jessica

  5. Hanh, you would look amazing in a potato sack! That, coupled with from what I can tell from your blog, a sweet and peaceful nature always makes reading your posts something to look forward to :) You and Nini make Dallas look so good!

  6. You are already on “LOOK 10″, if you are interested, please check and do some comment.
    Remember that you can ask for a change of look, even sending a photo with the look you think it’s better, but please make sure that the picture has an acceptable resolution.
    And if you want you can post a comment on your entry:
    making some indications about the look presented.

    You can also ask to be removed from LOOK 10.
    Pick your prize, saying NOMINATED, placed on the left on Look 10, if you want. It’s for your blog.

  7. Good morning everyone, thank you very much for your kind words.

    Hello Vince,
    I’m honored to be in LOOK 10. That’s fantastic. Thank you so much.

    Hi Jessica,
    My husband shoots photos for me. He have no experience of this field, but we just bought a new Cannon camera and that’s help.

  8. LOVE this jumpsuit. So very pretty! It’s so hard to find the perfect one. Oh and yes I agree, your smile is captivating so smile alot! =)

  9. OMG Hanh u look amazing in this jumpsuit i love it. i agree with Mizz J u and Nini have the most amazing wardrobe. U guys look like u came straight out of vogue. I enjoy looking at the outfits u girls put together so much. You guys also seem so friendly and meet up with so many other bloggers. U rock!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Hello!!!

    Thanks so much for passing at my blog! I am so happy to know yours!!! Would you like to exchange links? I love your clothes and style!

    Classy girl!

    a kiss and a hug,

    see you!


  11. i know i don’t need to say it, but i never get tired of seeing more of your beautiful clothes, especially the way you put them together!

  12. RE-re-re etc Woooooow You truly exude Stylishness in your satiny jumpsuit, so “Urban CHIC-issime feline” . . .
    ps: your haughty Beauty and your stratospheric prestance Frankly remind me on Michelle Yeoh !!!

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  13. OMG what a great jumpsuit and it look gorgeous on you and your lovely figure.
    You look so chic and elegant and thos words are sooooooooooooooo beautiful!!!!!!
    Thanks for sharing.


  14. Love this jumpsuit. It looks very comfy and chic! And those YSL pumps. YAY! BTW- I just bought my first jumpsuit, and all cooing about style aside, it’s kind of inconvenient during the day! Mine buttons up!

  15. thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. that jumpsuit is as you already know lol incredible!!! i love everything about it.
    would you be interested in exchanging links?

  16. Hanh, you look so great in this beautiful Jumpsuit! I am still searching for such one. They have had one at ZARA today, but it looked really ugly. Have fun with yours, Maria

  17. I love the jumpsuit on you, and those shoes are to die for.
    Thank you for my lovely comment, I love your blog.
    Want to exchange links?


  18. May I just say, wow. You are so beautiful, and refreshing. Your smile has brought light to my sad face. I have been feeling blue today, but your pictures perked my spirits.

    Your jumpsuit is fantastic. I am in love with jumpsuits, and rompers. I always am on the lookout for them, and currently own a few. They are just so much fun, and are so easy to wear!

    love your blog, never change !!


  19. i love your positive energy!! i really needed it, thanks :)

    love that you and Nini meet up with Judy and other bloggers! i met jane in austin awhile back, and she was super sweet.

    p.s. how do you keep up that figure??

  20. Love the photos! The scenery is so beautiful and the jumpsuit is really cute on you!

    Would you mind exchanging links? I love finding other fashionistas in Texas because they’re not as prevalent as Cali or NYC!

  21. Hanh,

    Love your blog. You are beautiful lady! Trust me, when I visit Dallas I will ring you up. My family is from there, Plano in fact, but all over really. Migrated from Mexico! Take care.

  22. Hi Hanh, well I guess everything was said about how super you look, and that you do, you look amazingly sexy and beautiful, elegant and stylish but I need to say, thanks for visiting my humble blog, and for leaving a sweet comment, thanks and hope to see you again soon. I would love to exchange links with you, so if you are keen, please let me know.
    Thanks and have a super day.

  23. Hanh, your jumpsuit is beautiful! The scenery is so nice too. Is the weather still good in Houston? I am back to 100 degree hot weather. Thanks for sharing that lovely quote from you bracelet!

  24. Hello Hanh!
    Just read the comments. It`s great that you have so meany blogger-friends all over the world. =)))

    And the photos are stunning, you are so beautiful and elegant lady with great sence of fashion.

    Wish you al lot of new intersting and amazing places to travel and tons of wonderful clothes %)))

  25. you re stunning!!! am so jealous of your sleak hair!!! the outfit is strong and if you wear it with flats it may turn slightly more casual!! multi-usage the jumpsuit!!

  26. haha hi back:) oh that jumpsuit looks so comfortable yet chic! I’ve been craving for one for a while now but haven’t found a perfect one yet…

    x karla

  27. thank you for sharing with us those wise beautiful words from ur bracelet.

    you are absolutely gorgeous and so stylish.i adore the photos where u are laughing. i love laughing in my photos. it shows my true nature.


    p.s. love the outfit sooo much.

  28. darling you look fabulous! love that see by chloe jumpsuit on you! i like that you styled it so simply. I love this post so much dear!
    muah x

  29. Thanks for sharing that sweet little verse! As always you look impeccable in that jumpsuit, I honestly believe you can wear a gunny sack and make it look stylish!

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