St John, US Virgin Island

St John is the smallest of the three US Virgin islands in the Caribbean, the others being St Thomas and St Croix. It is the most undeveloped island of the three. With its sheer unspoiled beauty, pristine beaches, untouched forests and secluded coves, you’ll find yourself reconnecting with nature. It is a vacation paradise and the prettiest of the Virgin islands because of its world class beaches.

Two thirds of the island is a US National park, and has very restricted development. You can spend day after day on beach after beach, each with its own panoramic view. The beaches here are fine crystal white sand with turquoise clear waters, just unbelievably beautiful. The most spectacular and well-known of these is Trunk bay, which has consitenly been voted one of the “Ten best beaches in the world” by Conde’ Nast Traveler Magazine. Cinnamon bay is near by. Honeymoon bay, Coral bay, Reef bay, Caneel bay, Maho bay, Salomon bay…. are also wild nature beaches as well. Cruz bay has a popular shopping center called Mongoose Junction where you can find souvenirs for your trip.

This island is a perfect place for snorkeling, scuba diving, sport-fishing, and sailing. The land is a great place for biking, horseback riding, hiking with over two dozen trails maintained throughout the island. Despite the throngs of tourists, the beaches have a serene, almost abandoned feel.

It’s a fabulous place for a romantic wedding, a romantic getaway or an honeymoon. It’s a great place to refresh and relax your mind. This is our top favorite place to go on a beach vacation. We’ve been here three times in the last three summers in the row.

The view of Trunk bay from up hill.

Trunk Bay.

The view from the top of the hill in the grand houses area.

Cinnamon Bay Sugar Mill Ruins, 17th century.

Captured this creature on the hiking trip.

My kids copied their big uncle doing Taichi. 2006.

Renting a car is the way to see the other side of St John. The kids and I in 2006.

Solomon Bay.

Maho Bay.

The blue of St John.Feeling of missing the blue oceans, I wore blue in Dallas: Alexzander Wang tank, Marni skirt, Valentino belt, Ysl pump.

Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day! xoxo

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50 thoughts on “St John, US Virgin Island

  1. wow the beach looks so nice.
    I cant’ wait till our beach vacation finally falls through. We couldn’t do this time cuz of the swine flu. =(

  2. Your outfit is beautiful ! Love the shapes and the colors..
    St John seems to be very pleasant and not too touristic !
    Thank you for sharing your travels :)

    *from Switzerland

  3. Dreamy island….. Uuuuuh, I would love to go for a holiday there :) Great holiday pics…. And hellooooooooo…. What a fashionable caterpillar! Very smart to wear the stripes as she does (that makes her thin) and not horizontal…. 😀
    xoxo, Sofie

  4. Solomon Bay and Maho Bay, wowwwwww beautiful,and you are divine as always, I especially like the skirt of Marni, I love Marni for the colors and for the minimalist and futuristic idea !!!! Kisses baby have a fun with your family …

  5. I love the 2 little tai chi masters 😉

    You are also Marni addicted 😉
    Love the way YOU wear Marni better than Marni shows it 😉


  6. The next designers of fashion Olivia and Mariam, two teenagers who love Fashion, Designers and Photography, come on and see us :) it’s juste the beginning but If you help us to be famous, you don’t regret;)

    Come On !

  7. Such a beautiful place! It leaves me so calm and peaceful just by looking at them. I love your skirt!! So bright and colorful! xxoxoxo

  8. St. John is a beautiful & serene place to visit. Went with my family years ago. I loved the calming peace you feel when you are there.

  9. I love this landscape it look like a little paradise ; your daughters are so cute !
    I love your outfits ! Your skirt is amazing !

  10. I like the first picture of you and the kids with the ocean view, beautiful. Your make up, and your hair and the entire outfit looks great on the first picture standing by yourself. I like you in simple elegant style in this post!!!

  11. darling the Island looks beautiful! it is stunning, what beautiful views! it is such a must visit,thanks for sharing these wonderful images. oH Hanh I love that Marni skirt! It is wonderful with that blue top my sweet. gorge outfit!

  12. Hello Hanh,

    You have just give me a fantastic idea for some holidays, What a beautiful place and pictures! I also like your outfit, with lots of style! And your kids are beautiful. I have 3 kids (2 boys and 1 girl) they are big now! Bye See you

  13. One day I will head out that way – been so many places but not to the Caribbean…so bad!

    Your tank paired with the skirt is amazing – that’s all I can say :)

  14. You are soo gorgeous! And those pictures make me long for summer to come sooner…

    I absolutely adore your AW tank; the color & cut are perfect! I must invest in one =]

    La C.

  15. How beautiful & idyllic! Your girls doing tai-chi is just too precious! They're so gorgeous!

    Speaking of gorgeous, love your Marni skirt! It is gorgeous against that beautiful shade of blue :)

  16. Oh my god,i really love to travel in different places,and this photos make me feel i want to go there right;D Thanks for sharing girl,and the blue ocean photo makes my day complete.;D

    A Writers Den

  17. Thank you everyone for your comments. super sweet!!! ;-))

    Hi Irene, the shoes are not bad. It’s surely comfort more than few pairs that i had. The booties version are very comfy.

    Hi Maggie, when you have your blog,please let me know. I try to comment you few time, but it couldn’t get through. I’ll try harder;-)). I love your style too.

  18. how amazing are this places?? incredible! you always look great!
    the pic with the small creature has inspired me to design a shoe… it has such amazings colors!

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