Zero + Maria Cornejo

Many of you have asked for the Larue recipe that I posted in previous post. I would love to share that, although I’m not the best chef ever. At least I’m told that I can cook a beautiful meal for my family. I don’t cook every night. It’s probably three nights a week and that’s enough(but I prepare fresh food every night for my kids, want them eating healthy). I mostly prepare Vietnamese dishes, and a few Thai or Chinese dishes for variety. I sometime like to creative my own recipe, and love doing that. Cooking is one of my passion.
Here is the recipe:

You marinate chicken with chopped garlic, tomato sauce, a little yellow curry, salt, sugar, and fish sauce. All these you saute in a hot pot with oil and let it sit for about 10′ (remember stir it occasionally to cook the meat evenly).

In the meantime, you’ll put in chopped onion, potatoes, and carrot in another hot oil pot and stir for about 10′. Then, you add water, chicken broth, let it boil. Now, you combine two pots together. After that, you add some canned beans of your choice. I prefer red kidney beans, cannellini white kidney beans, garbanzo beans….Good luck!! In home-cooking Vietnamese dishes we usually don’t have exact measurements for the ingredients. We just do it from memory and experience.
I wore Moncler top by Giambattista Valli, Zero skirt, Balenciaga space rubber shoes.
The shoes are awsome but not comfortable. It’s just good for walking from car to dining table.

I wore Helmut Lang tank, Valentino belt, Alaia shoes.

Have a great weekend, everyone!!! kisses ….!!

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72 thoughts on “Zero + Maria Cornejo

  1. fabulous. i like how you were such a voluminous top with a more narrow skirt. i like how you are wearing more edgier stuff, but stick with classic proportions.

  2. i love the draping of your skirt. its gorgeous.
    thx so much for posting the recepie. i am so happy that u wrote it for us because i cant wait to try it out. i will let u know how it turned out.
    u are awesome hanh!!!!!!!!

  3. I love the Balenciaga shoes…and even better I love how you say only for walking to the car! HAHA!

    I think I might try out this recipe…I suck in the kitchen but it looks so good!! :)

  4. Talking of elegance you show up with this magnificent set and Balenciaga shoes are amazing, when I saw SARAH JESSICA PARKER with them I fell in love. You looks very chic and I informs you that the next week i open a new blog on the digital magazine ELLE because I have booked The blog is called “Diary of Style by Marhugobcn” and the content will be the same . If you want you can come. A kiss and enjoy the weekend.

  5. Hi Hanh!
    Huh! I’m very left behind of your posts!
    I missed a lot of them!

    You really are a gorgeous mom!
    Wheew! You’re not only a good wife but a good mom to your kids.
    I make fresh foods for Mr. Freddy too.
    I don’t like buying baby foods for him.

    Hanh, your shoes are so killer! I love them!
    and you look very elegant in that white top and grey skirt!

  6. Oh I definitely don’t agree with the conduct Kim K. but I just get inspired by her style.. We can’t deny that is incredible is not it?
    Your blog still beautiful as always.. Beautiful, amazing shoes! ♥


  7. hey lovely hanh!
    the balenciaga shoes are very futuristic! they’re a perfect contrast to the valli top and the zero skirt! i’m a fan of your alaia shoes, they remind me of an adorable pair neil barrett boots i’ve missed to purchase…
    have a great day and a sunny weekend!
    much love, s.

  8. I love the draping of the outfit! I was almost tempted by those Balenciagas, but I agree that the comfort factor made me reconsider.

    Thanks for your comment again! Don’t worry, I’m still here, just didn’t have internet access during the week. I’ll resume posting again starting Monday :)

    Hope you’re having a lovely weekend!

  9. I love Thai food! I’ll definitely try it out sometime. I loveee your skirt by the way its sooo gorgeous! You’re always so impeccably dressed haha.

  10. the skirt is absolutely a to-die for… really sophisticated and chic… although you said that the shoes are uncomfortable, but they look really pretty

  11. Wow, love your blog…very inspirational :).
    I too love the incredible outfits you put together. The first one, with the dramatic sleeves and modernistic tendencies, is truly spectacular.

    I love it. And I will definitely be back to visit your blog :)

  12. Beautiful!!
    I love both outfits, and those Balenciaga killers and the black top underneath your white tank really give an extra touch!


  13. Hi Hanh, i am new to your blog and i have seen you in ShePlaysDressUp & AtlantisHome + StyleScientist's comment page. So i decided to visit your blog. i'm glad i did! :) You have a natural beauty and you do not need to further exaggerate. i also feel that you are kind & humble in nature :) i love your postings on shoes and outfit, they are very beautiful and decent most importantly. i love blogs that speaks of shoes because i am a shoe-maniac :) but not from a rich background, so you are all my only inpiration and closest place for me to get a feel of those designers' shoes.. :) Oh! You have got beautiful daughters, honestly! i look forward for your upcoming post! All the best & take care :)

  14. You look so elegant, dear!!!!!!!!!
    I wish I could be like that!!!!!!
    What a great skirt and so well paired with different tops.
    Gorgeous shoes.

    As for the recipie, well… I’m vegetarian


  15. You’re such an inspiration! I love the first outfit so much, the skirt has such a great shape! Your shoes in the second picture are amazing! Beautiful! xxoxoxxoxo

  16. Thanks for sharing your recipe! It sounds delish and healthy at the same time. You look gorgeous in both outfits. Those heels are amazing!!

    xo, Becs

  17. Hanh, I love both of your outfits! Especially the elegant one..I adore the Moncler piece! Mmm, I am now craving Larue…I need to tell my mom to make it this week for me!! :) Hope you are doing well!

  18. Hello, thank you very much for your coment. I have been looking your blog and your looks are amazing. I love almost everything!! Perhaps we could exchange links, would you like it? Have a nice week! Kiss

  19. Hi Hanh, just wanted to wish you and your lovely family a happy Memorial Day today! I hope you’re spending a great time together!
    xoxo, s.

  20. I know what you about not having exact measurements for your recipes. When my mother valiantly attempted to teach me how to cook many moons ago, she also had cooking instructions for me, but no exact measurements. She just eyeballed all of her ingredients and I believe it takes true skill to do that!

    That Zero skirt is a killer!

  21. darling i love the proportions of your skirt and that wonderful top! the space age rubber shoes look wonderful too. think its fab that you shared that lovely recipe with us!
    hope your having a great time in Paris.
    big kiss, Marian.

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