Summer Blue

Summer Blue in La Jolla.

La Jolla is a seaside area, seven miles along the Pacific Ocean in Southern California. It is about twelve miles north of Downtown San Diego. La Jolla is probably best known for its beautiful weather year round with a average daily temperture 70F and around 60F at night, making this place a tourist hotspot. It is an area of great natural beauty with mixture of geology-sandy beaches and rocky shorelines, excellent for a variety of outdoor activities. In addition, La Jolla is well known for its elite shopping and dining, with upscale boutiques, import shop and gourmet restaurants lining Prospect street.

We walked along the Prospect street of La Jolla. This is my first time showing my husband’s picture as many of you requested. He usually doesn’t like to be in the picture or reveal his face because he is so shy. The water is generally cold in the beaches of California. It’s way too cold for us but it seems not cold for local people here.
Summer Blue in Dallas.
Summer in Dallas is way too hot. I wore silk Marciano dress with Fendi shoes.
Thank you everyone for your great support of my last post. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I also thank you lovely blog Fashion Titbits, Fashion Moment and Sin of My mind for giving me the blog AWARD.Wishing you all have a wonderful day!!!! Big hugs….from Hanh 😉


I would love to say thank you to everyone for your continuing support and sweet comments. If you are a blogger, you would understand it ‘s not easy to frequently update the blog with your life and family activities. I try my best to update my blog and hope you all enjoy it. So please, when you visit my blog try your best to leave a kind comment to encourage me to keep up my work. Thank you very much for your time!!…. You know I read every single comment and I try my best to visit your blog as well. If you have a question, I’ll try to reply by email, through your blog or on my comment page. Many of you had a few questions, requested me to post them and also want to know me little more. This is it.

Skin care product and routine?
I use L’Oreal cleaner for cleaning my skin in the morning and at bed time. After cleaning is L’Oreal toner. I use SISLEY face moisturiser for day and night. Sisley is an expensive product, $400 per jar, but it’s worth it for your skin investment. One jar lasts about 9 months. So, if you divide $400 into 9, it doesn’t cost much per month. I also use eyes cream from Sisley, one jar last me over a year. When it comes to skin care, I won’t be cheap because it’s important to protect and keep your skin looking young and healthy rather than getting a face lift later on. It’s unnatural to me. I also get a facial 4 times a year when the seasons change.
What product line do you use for your makeup?
I use Bare Naturale L’Oreal for foundation. I love this foundation much more than Serge Lutens which I tried once before and it’s expensive, it’s not worth it. Shimmer blush from Bobbi Brown, eye shadow also Bobbi Brown. Lip gloss is whatever line, I don’t stick with one.
How do you keep clothing clean when you’re with your kid? Do you look nice and fashionista 24/7?
When I stay home with my kids or run errands with them, taking them to gymnastics, ballet or ice-skating, etc., I wear normal clothing from Gap, Hollisters or Madewell and have no makeup or maybe just a little. It’ s ok to be dirty. When I’m dining out with them, having a date with my husband, going out with my friends or going shopping…I become fashionista. Every week, we have family dining out and I have a dinner date twice with my husband (we have babysitter come twice a week for us to go out). That’s when I dress up. My husband and I enjoy going out just 2 of us because it’s good for us having time together to keep our marriage hot. We also like to enjoy different cuisines and it’s a good chance for me to play with my fashion clothing.
This is how I look when I do activities at my kids’s school. So, I don’t think other moms think I’m into fashion. I wore F21 dress and legging.

Taking my kids to gymnastics. I wore Hollisters Co pants, Madewell tee. Do you remember Nastia Luikin who won an Olympic gold metal in Bejing? That’s her. Well, my kids do gymnastics at a small local gym. We went to WOGA for one hour training with her. This is a cool thing to do for my kids. When they grow up and look back and say “Thanks mom and dad. That’s cool”.

How long does it take to make your shoe collection? Will you collect the same volume each season and in the future?

It took years to collect my shoe collection. I started slowly at first. But the last year and this year, it has been speed up. My husband said “I deserve to expand my collection after nine years of being a good wife, good mother” and he supports me. I earned the credit, you know. I will probably slow down next season and in the future. But who knows, sometimes they are like vanilla ice-cream with chocolate chip and Oreo cookies. Most of them I waited for on sale. I did not have shoes collection when I was in high school or college. I love fashion whole my life but back then my parents are very conservative about education. All I did to show them I was good student with A+ and I attended two universities. I had no time for anything else except studying. When I moved here, I attended college again, and had a full time job. It was hard because I had to begin everything from zero. I remember the time I visited a high-end fashion store when I received my tax refund. My husband is a wonderful man who understands my passion for fashion and support me.

The secret to keep you slim since you have two kids?

This question was answered in the entry title ” Girls plays dress up”. Please, check that out.

These pictures took last night. The family went out for Italian Food. My kids refused to have pictures taking, they weren’t in good move for picture. I wore Fallon necklace, Alexander Wang tank (I wear this tank and Helmut Lang tank a lot, love their versatile), Marni skirt that I bought sometime long ago for $100 from original price over $1000 at 4510 store, Marni shoes also bought long time ago from last call at Neiman Marcus for about $250.

Wish everyone have a wonderful weekend!!!!xoxo…Hanh.

Old Gate

When you travel around Europe, you occasionally see old gates for protecting their villages in the old days. Here is one of those gates in Riquwihr, near Strasbourg, France. Look at this how cool it is and is centuries old…We don’t see this in America.

My Alexander Wang blazer.

I love my Alexander Wang blazer, it is versatile piece. To me, we just need two or three good blazer and we can pair it with many different clothing for different looks. The pictures below show five different looks of Wang blazer and I could pair it over a slim, full or long dress.

Pairing with my old nude body suit, Givenchy legging, Valentino belt, Prada shoes.

Pairing with F21 skirt, YsL shoes.
Pairing with Helmut Lang tank, F21 short, Balmain shoes. Pairing with Helmut Lang tank, F21 legging, Rick Owens shoes. Pairing with Current/Elliott jeans, Ysl shoes, F21 sunglasses. Wishing you all have a fabulous weekend!!!!hugs…from Hanh 😉
Hi guys, after I posted this post and knew that Lucrecia-Fashion is Poison has my interview on her blog. Please, check it out for fun!!!!Love…Hanh.

Yohji Yamamoto

Look at this Yohji Yamamoto belt/corset/waist band…25% off on top reduced price 40% off and tax free. Love this excellent sale! I could wear it with everything as harem pants, pants, legging, dress or skirt. I also could adjust it to low or height waist. Love this piece!!!

Wearing it with Sacai harem pants.
Fallon necklace. This necklace could be worn like in this picture or could wrap around the neck for a different look. Side trim of the pants.
Giuseppe cage boots.
Wearing with F21 skirt and Abercrombie & Fitch shirt.
Balenciaga shoes.
Wishing you all have a wonderful day!!!Thank you very much for your time!!xoxo..Hanh,

Great Design


The sculpture in this photo was taken on my Paris trip at Palais Royal, near the Rick Owens store. I took this because it ‘s unusual and beautiful. When I got back home, my husband looked through the Architectural Digest Magazine’s May 2008 issue and saw this sculpture in there. We were both in awe… and that’s when we learned it is the work of artist Jean-Michel Othoniel. He is a contemporary French artist born in 1964 in Saint Etienne (France).

This is photo in the Architectural Digest magazine. There are two sets to this sculpture, one represents day and the other is for night. It is made of glass beads, coloured and threaded on an aluminum structure. His work has unusual, sensual beauties and subversive sweetness. This sculpture is a entrance for the Palais Royal Metro station in Paris.
Jean-Michel Othoneil.
COMME de GARCONS.Don’t you think this Comme de Garcons t-shirt has an interesting print? The print is like a contemporary painting and reminded me of Picasso. I asked my kids what it looked like; they said “It looks like crazy city with crazy people, has odd flowers and a hot sun”. What do you think? This season, I’m very much into Comme de Garcons. Each piece is art, has its own character and unusual design. This great design asks for time to grow in love with it. You may not like it at first, but admiration grows and eventually it turns into love. Comme de Garcons sheer skirt. I love it because its sheer material, and has mysteries look. I can see me wearing it with back top, Rick Owens jacket, The Row leather legging for fall/winter season. It’s a versatile piece.
Rick Owens shoes.
Wishing you all a beautiful day!!!!xoxo…Hanh.

Isabel Marant

Necklace from local Paris store.
Burberry shoes.
I bought these silk ruffle jacket and silver metallic skirt at Isabel Marant boutique in Paris. The model wearing the boots in the picture below are my number one on my list. Too bad, they completely sold out :-( . And I luckily found 3 pieces that I love ( the third piece ‘ll be posted in the future). It ‘s surprise that their price is fair, inexpensive for great designer brand which I love. I got 40% off, tax free, I’m happy to own Isabel Marant pieces for the first time.

The two black leather bracelets are from local Paris store. The skull one is from 4510 store in Dallas. The silver one is Forever 21. Thank you again to you all for your continuing support and kind comments. Many of you have a few questions for me and request me to doing post about it. I’ll try to manage my time and hopefully have a post about it in near future.
Wishing you all have a fabulous weekday! Hugs…from Hanh.


When I was in Paris, I had a chance to go to Maison de la Truffe for truffle tasting. We watched the show called Bizarre Foods on Travel channel before Paris trip. That’s how we knew about this restaurant. If you like truffle, this is a place to go. They have excellent truffle menu and the food is delicious with powerful fresh summer truffle aroma. This time of the year is off winter truffle season, but it still tastes fresh here because their expert truffle cellar to store its fresh. We love truffle and we had a great lunch there.

Inside Maison de la Truffe.

Carrot soup with winter truffle puree and cucumber sorbet.
Green salad with white summer truffle.
Beef tartar with winter truffle.
Risotto with winter truffle. Lobster with winter truffle on the top of potato puree, fried potato cubed.This pics were taken in Paris, on the way to TAN DINH Vietnamese restaurant.

I wore Rick Owens dress and Burberry shoes. This dress could wrap in few different ways for different look.In the back.
This pictures were taken in Dallas. I wore the dress with Pierre Hardy shoes.
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Giuseppe for Balmain

These are my latest additions into my shoe collection and my first time to wear them. I saw these shoes in the blog world sometime ago and fell in love with them at first sight. I didn’t think I would have a chance to own them someday. Then, I saw these at the Balmain store with a nice discount and free tax and I thought “this is my chance!” These could be worn year round and they are versatile. Here they are:

I paired them with my CdG jacket, F21 shorts.

I’ve been wearing this CdG jacket alot latelyy. I’m in love with it because it has ruffles, it’s light weight and has an airy feeling. It’s truly my summer jacket. Fallon necklace.
Pairing with Alexander Wang jacket.
I would like to say thank you to you all for your nice comments and good support on my last post. I truly appreciate it. It took years to collect all those shoes. Most of them, I waited for the sale!
Hope everyone have a fabulous day! hugs…from Hanh.

Traveling through Shoes River

Balmain, Balmain, Chirstian Louboutin, Steve Madden. Burberry, Giuseppe, Guiseppe, Guiseppe.Gucci, Rick Owens, Pierre Hardy, Burberry. Ferragamo, Balenciaga, Givenchy, Givenchy. Ysl. Alaia, Prada, Christian Dior, Christian Dior, Lanvin. Marni collection.Fendi, Fendi, Fendi, Christian Louboutin, Christian Louboutin.Boots : YsL,CoOp Barney, Givenchy, Chloe’. Flats : Ann D, Eden. I hope you all enjoy Traveling through Shoes River. It was a lot of work for me to brought out all those shoes to did photo shoot. It’s getting to hot here in summer, shoes river idea might cool you off ;-). Being a girl, how many pairs of shoes are enough for you…Well….shoes like candies to me.

This is a little reminder. The game for contest is still going on this month. Game will be over on June 30th. You would like to be a winner of $75 dollars giftcard, just simply submit your comment. For more details, go to BLOG ARCHIVE, click on MAY and read THIRD NEWS in the NEWS post.

Have a wonderful day, everyone!!!!

Nude Givenchy

I did not plan to buy these Givenchy shoes because I already had them in black. Since these pairs transfered from Barney’s in NY to Dallas and they had only one pair in my size. These were also on sale for 40% off. Nini convinced me that I should have them. They are gorgeous! What could I say? So, I did it …Now, my black pairs have a sister in nude.

I wore them with F21 navy jumsuit from last year and Comme des Garcons light weight top that I bought at CdG Paris store.
Banana Republic and Urban Outfitters necklace.Leopard face vintage bracelet.
I wore Comme des Garcons light weight top over Marni white tunic, American Apparel legging.
Big pendant second hand necklace, Banana Republic and Urban Outfitters necklace.
I did not see Nini for a long time because I’m busy with my family, my travel and my blog. I finally saw her this morning at 4510 store along with my little daughter. We had a fun time.
Cute pose of Nini and my girl. This photo was taken by my 5 year old girl and I closed my eyes 😉
Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!!!
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