Bonjour Paris


I’m happy to see Paris again. Its beauty, romance and glamour always blow my mind. It is a fantastic city. The language is beautiful. I love Paris.

Eiffel Tower.
EIFFEL Tower at night from my room’s window.
On the way to visited EIFFEL Tower.
I wore MMMargiela top, Givenchy shoes, F21 legging.The back of the top.I already shared this Commo Des Garcons dress in the past post. I would love to share it again because I love it very much and I must wore it in Paris;-).
We had dinner at Le Bristol.
Second day was a serious shopping day. This is the stores that I visited this morning: Givenchy, Balenciaga, MMMargeila, Comme des Garcons, Isabel Marant, Rick Owens, Balmain, Haider Ackerman in Colette….and few local stores.

I wore Comme des Garcons outfit and collar, Giuseppe cage boots. Givenchy bag.

On the street in Paris.
I wore Stellar Mc Cartney dress, new necklace from Isabel Marant and new cuffs from local store for dinner at Le Meurice.
I hope you have a wonderful day!!!Kisses…from Hanh.
I’ve had trouble to upload bigger size pics. I do not know why the program not allow me do so. And I’m sorry for smaller size pics. I will try my best to update my blog when I’m in France. It’s not easy to do this because of travel’s schedule and internet service.Thank you for your understanding and your visit.!!!

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58 thoughts on “Bonjour Paris

  1. hanh!
    good to hear you're in paris already!
    i'm so jealous but in a good!
    i wanna go to paris soon!
    wish i could get a long day off!
    i love all your outfits!
    boy, you look elegant always!

  2. you are single handily bringing back the economy 😉 you look amazing in all your ensembles! i esp. like your cdg look! and i love your shades in the 1st ensemble.

  3. awwwwwww… You look so beautiful in all the photos. I know you will be happy to see the EIFFEL tower :) Have fun on the rest of your trip and take a lot of photos to share with us.


    P.S: don’t talk to stranger j/k…

  4. so jealous you’re in paris right now! one of my favorite cities. i think i’m due for another visit soon, i just have to wait until the off-season. love your outfits as usual. i can’t wait to see your purchases! i always do well when i go shopping in paris.

    (and thanks for visiting my blog!)

  5. Looks like you’re having a great time in Paris, love everything you’re wearing. Have a good rest of your trip and I hope you got some goodies from the shops there! :)

  6. i adore that beautiful comme des garcons dress. its the most gorgeous thing i have seen.
    continue having fun in paris while i die of jelousy here.

  7. The Commo Des Garcons dress is fabulous!
    Aww and for bigger photos try to host them with tinypic or photobucket first.
    I had the same problem…

  8. Oh my, Hanh! You are making me insanely jealous! How I miss Paris! You look absolutely fabulous, and I’m in awe that you can shop/sightsee in heels 😉

  9. Hello everyone, I say hi to Paris for everyone..;-)

    since there are sale going on back home,USA. So, I do not want to pay for full price here, Paris. I just buy something we don’t have in the USA.;-)

    Hi, Brigadeiro,
    I change into flat sometime to rest my legs…;-))

  10. What a lovely surprise to see that you already did some posts during your trip to Paris!
    Beautiful “Paris pictures” with beautiful Hanh right in the middle!

    I´m truly jealous you are in Paris right now!;)
    Say “Hello” to Sandro from the Lanvin Boutique. He is always adorable and you can actually simply identify him as he has the most “charming-shyly” smile on his face 😉


  11. Glad to see you’re having fun in Paris! I just got back myself and you’re lucky that the weather is absolutely gorgeous! I already managed to get a tan in the 2 days I’m back :)

    Have fun shopping…you need to come back here next month when the sales start 😉 Love your CdG dress and the Margiela top is hot! Judging from the room view, you’re staying at the Plaza Athenee? In any case, I’m sure you’re close enough to all the shops. Le Bristol is divine as well!

  12. TOUCHDOWN OLD COUNTRY 😉 Welcome to Europe, sweet Hanh! I just wanted to see if you’ve posted something new today – and there it was, the new posting with pictures of Paris and you right in the middle! Again in the most fantastic outfits ever!!! I love all your outfits and I adore the cut out out Zanotti’s!! I hope all is well and you and your husband are enjoying the time in Paris!
    If you’ll find the time visit L’Hotel (not kiddin) it’s a magnificent + most charming little hotel, you don’t need to stay, just have a look inside. The concierge is happy to show you around there.
    I’m very happy you’re having some luck with the weather and I hope it will stay like this!
    Thinkin of you and I’m sending you lots of hugs, darling.

  13. Oh Hanh you’re always so glamorous even while travelling ! I hope you have a fabulous stay in Paris, that’s one of my favourite city.

  14. aww, you are the sweetest!! thanks so much for the award.

    idk how you manage to walk around in heels, i was just there a few months ago and my feet could only afford to wear flats! you look marvelous! you must tell me when and if you sell your clothes. lol. hope you’re having a most fabulous time. can’t wait to see more updates of Paris!!

  15. Glad to hear you made it safely to Paris! These pictures are breathtaking! Every single outfit is gorgeous and I love the view from your hotel! Please share more pictures with us soon Hanh. Hope you are doing well and I just thought of you yesterday when lighting up that candle in my room :)

  16. i really wanna praise your ability to wear such high heels to walk around paris, i couldn’t do that at all, be it just 1km… and all your outfits are so gorgeous and you’re like the locals in paris, elegant and high class

  17. you look like you’re having a fantastic time and are immaculately dressed as usual Hahn! I hope you enjoy the rest of your stay!
    Just to let you know, I’ve put the Harem post up today featuring your picture :) sorry it took so long I’ve been super busy with exams and university work!
    Speak soon,

  18. HANH!!!! I hope you're having an amazing time!! I love love love all your outfits :) Stay safe & beautiful!

    Tons of love your way!

  19. awww I’d love to go to Paris again. The last time I was there I was soooo sick and spent most of my time on the hotel bathroom floor.

    Gorgeous outfits. Am dying to see all your new purchases!

  20. What fairy tale! you definitely know how to pack the best luggage. You look beautiful always from day to night, everything is perfect, I had not yet seen wearing the top of MMM and I must say that you wear it so impeccable!

  21. Have the best time in Paris! Your pictures are gorgeous! And all your outfits are spot on. Can't wait to see what new purchases you come back with too.

  22. all of your Parisian outfits are great! love the shoes and the bag, I love Nightingale Givenchy, it will probably be my next "luxurious purchase"!

  23. wowwwwwwwwwwww in Paris, Hanh you're lucky, have a nice time in Paris and I love the MMMargiela top on you , looks proud with Comme des Garcons outfit and collar, Giuseppe cage boots. Givenchy bag, perfect beautiful !!!! a muaaa

  24. Ahhh I love your pictures in the streets op paris! And your Comme des Garcons collar is a true beauty!
    It sounds like a great time 😀


  25. i love all of these outfits. especially the printed top. i wish all moms dressed like you. no, i wish alot of women in general dress like you!

  26. Hi Hanh, CDG pieces are simply remarkable. i begin to like this brand, honestly.. Love the cutting edge, especially the 8th picture..

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