I would love to say thank you to everyone for your continuing support and sweet comments. If you are a blogger, you would understand it ‘s not easy to frequently update the blog with your life and family activities. I try my best to update my blog and hope you all enjoy it. So please, when you visit my blog try your best to leave a kind comment to encourage me to keep up my work. Thank you very much for your time!!…. You know I read every single comment and I try my best to visit your blog as well. If you have a question, I’ll try to reply by email, through your blog or on my comment page. Many of you had a few questions, requested me to post them and also want to know me little more. This is it.

Skin care product and routine?
I use L’Oreal cleaner for cleaning my skin in the morning and at bed time. After cleaning is L’Oreal toner. I use SISLEY face moisturiser for day and night. Sisley is an expensive product, $400 per jar, but it’s worth it for your skin investment. One jar lasts about 9 months. So, if you divide $400 into 9, it doesn’t cost much per month. I also use eyes cream from Sisley, one jar last me over a year. When it comes to skin care, I won’t be cheap because it’s important to protect and keep your skin looking young and healthy rather than getting a face lift later on. It’s unnatural to me. I also get a facial 4 times a year when the seasons change.
What product line do you use for your makeup?
I use Bare Naturale L’Oreal for foundation. I love this foundation much more than Serge Lutens which I tried once before and it’s expensive, it’s not worth it. Shimmer blush from Bobbi Brown, eye shadow also Bobbi Brown. Lip gloss is whatever line, I don’t stick with one.
How do you keep clothing clean when you’re with your kid? Do you look nice and fashionista 24/7?
When I stay home with my kids or run errands with them, taking them to gymnastics, ballet or ice-skating, etc., I wear normal clothing from Gap, Hollisters or Madewell and have no makeup or maybe just a little. It’ s ok to be dirty. When I’m dining out with them, having a date with my husband, going out with my friends or going shopping…I become fashionista. Every week, we have family dining out and I have a dinner date twice with my husband (we have babysitter come twice a week for us to go out). That’s when I dress up. My husband and I enjoy going out just 2 of us because it’s good for us having time together to keep our marriage hot. We also like to enjoy different cuisines and it’s a good chance for me to play with my fashion clothing.
This is how I look when I do activities at my kids’s school. So, I don’t think other moms think I’m into fashion. I wore F21 dress and legging.

Taking my kids to gymnastics. I wore Hollisters Co pants, Madewell tee. Do you remember Nastia Luikin who won an Olympic gold metal in Bejing? That’s her. Well, my kids do gymnastics at a small local gym. We went to WOGA for one hour training with her. This is a cool thing to do for my kids. When they grow up and look back and say “Thanks mom and dad. That’s cool”.

How long does it take to make your shoe collection? Will you collect the same volume each season and in the future?

It took years to collect my shoe collection. I started slowly at first. But the last year and this year, it has been speed up. My husband said “I deserve to expand my collection after nine years of being a good wife, good mother” and he supports me. I earned the credit, you know. I will probably slow down next season and in the future. But who knows, sometimes they are like vanilla ice-cream with chocolate chip and Oreo cookies. Most of them I waited for on sale. I did not have shoes collection when I was in high school or college. I love fashion whole my life but back then my parents are very conservative about education. All I did to show them I was good student with A+ and I attended two universities. I had no time for anything else except studying. When I moved here, I attended college again, and had a full time job. It was hard because I had to begin everything from zero. I remember the time I visited a high-end fashion store when I received my tax refund. My husband is a wonderful man who understands my passion for fashion and support me.

The secret to keep you slim since you have two kids?

This question was answered in the entry title ” Girls plays dress up”. Please, check that out.

These pictures took last night. The family went out for Italian Food. My kids refused to have pictures taking, they weren’t in good move for picture. I wore Fallon necklace, Alexander Wang tank (I wear this tank and Helmut Lang tank a lot, love their versatile), Marni skirt that I bought sometime long ago for $100 from original price over $1000 at 4510 store, Marni shoes also bought long time ago from last call at Neiman Marcus for about $250.

Wish everyone have a wonderful weekend!!!!xoxo…Hanh.

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95 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. wow u know something by far this post is very uplifting to me because I am a mom and a fashionista only when going to dinner with my husband, or to outings. If anyone saw me on the street they would not know I am into fashion either, and as far as keeping slim- you look great, I recently had my baby and I am slowly working on getting back down on my weight sooo cheeers**** you are a doll!! love your blog!

  2. i loved reading all of your answers. props to you for being a fashionista while having time to also be a great mom and wife. and yeah, about nastia liukin.. THAT'S AMAZING!

  3. thanks for sharing! that's great that your husband is so supportive of you. you truly are an inspirational mom and i hope your kids grow up to appreciate that! i totally agree about having date nights with the husband to keep the marriage fun and exciting… unfortunately, my husband and i don't have many of those since my shopping budget often overlaps into our eating-out budget =)

  4. yea its funny how we think we all wear awesome clothes and dress up EVERY DAY. I guess it's easy to forget that we're normal people too!

    I love that necklace and your shoes. I want. haha

  5. Your so wonderful :)

    As far as commenting is concerned, I'll be sure to do that.

    I think it's so amazing meeting and connecting with interesting people all over the globe via blogs. I think you can never have enough interesting, inspirational people in your life..so it's great.

    Also Hanh, whenever you get the time do share more about your career, student life etc..it would be great as I myself am a student, I'm actually 17, so I love hearing from succesful people..Please consider this at some point, whenevr you get he chance.

    Anyway..keep smiling,keep blogging and i will remain a devotee of this blog for sure :))

    Take Care Hanh

  6. Hi Hanh,

    I had fun reading your post. I'm clueless when it comes to makeup and skin care products. I've learned from you again today. Thank you for sharing :)

    You're very pretty! Plus you're a wonderful wife and mom.

    More blessings and much love!


  7. you've got an amazing husband and a beautiful family…it's great that you guys take time out to spend with one another.

    also i love how you layered your necklaces in the last few photos!

  8. love this post hahn! i though you always dress up for school too! you look amazing either way. LOVE THE LAST PIC. you look so adorable. and the necklace is TO DIE FOR!

  9. oh wow ! great outfit ! I love your chains necklace so great !
    You've got such much chance to have an husband who understands your addiction to fashion !

  10. Best post, Hanh, because I think we can all relate to this. I'm not a fashionista 24/7 either–and I think one's style should compliment one's lifestyle. It's great to send out that message. And you do deserve everything good that comes your way. You're super sweet!

  11. Great post! It's nice to know that you don't look runway ready ALL the time, it just makes you even more relatable :) Your husband sounds very sweet, let's see some pics of him too!

  12. dear Hanh, I've been observing your blog for some time, but it's the first time I've left a comment; not only I'm loving your fabulous style and admiring your shoe collestion but I'm always very immpressed by your sweet posts – you seem to be such a nice person
    hugs from Poland

  13. i love that u have shared this with us. u are such a humble person Hanh even when u have all this amazing stuff and that's an incredible quality to have as a human being. i really admire u for that and i find u such an inspirational person. keep being like this ok? u are amazing!

  14. Hi Hanh,

    Thank you for taking your time and share with us your life. You are a wonderful person. I wish to have a chance to be your friend. I visit your blog everyday but I will learn write to you more to support your blog. I love everything about your style and your kids are beautiful. Irene

  15. Great Post! Is is nice to see your are down to earth person. It is fun when you can play with clothes, be casual, fun, elegant, modern, edgy, something different every day.

  16. Hi Hanh,

    The picture of you guys with Nastia Luikin is beautiful. I really like the look of your Fallon necklaces!!
    Have a nice weekend,

  17. Hanh! I love your blog and your style! I think the reason why I enjoy reading your blog so much is because you seriously remind me of my mom when I was growing up and when she was younger. She was quite the fashionista like you! And I absolutely love your outfit in this post. The skirt, shoes, tank, and necklace are all wonderful. Have a great weekend! (:

  18. dear hanh, your blog is lovely, you are beautiful, and even more importantly, you seem so sweet and nice. it's wonderful that you are enjoying yourself, your family, your blogging, your fashion collection. please keep posting! I always look forward to checking in.

  19. You, your blog, your photos, your family your enviable wardrobe are all sooo lovely (:

    I absolutely adore that necklace dripping with chains!

    La C.

  20. i love u hanh!!! this post was so awesome! thanks for sharing that, it reminds me of my parents and how they never had the chance to get what they wanted because of strict parents/school.

    now when will you post pics of you and your lovely husband? i think we all are eager to see the man who supports a woman's love for fashion!!! :)

  21. Hi Hanh, i love this post and love the way u look very down-to-earth and glowing despite without makeup on!! Ur children will be proud of having u as their mom. Btw, I love ur Marni shoes n Sisleya product too! :)

  22. You are so beautiful! I absolutely love the Alexander Wang tank and the Helmut Lang tank. Can I ask what size you get in these and what style they are? There are so many tanks, and I would love to have one of the ones you have. Love following your blog!

  23. I love this post Hahn. It is so interesting to know about a blogger on a more personal level! Your kids are adorable and your fashion sense is impeccable! I hope you don't mind that I posted an inspiration post using some of your photos of your shoes! =D Have a brilliant day! xx

  24. Hanh I absolutely love your blog – it is by far the best out there!

    I shamelessly find myself checking in several times a day just to see if you have posted anything new since the last time I checked.

    I hope you never stop!

    lots of love from Australia


  25. Hi Hanh, i love this post! U look great in those down-to-earth outfits n sans makeup face!
    I love SISLEY skincare especially d eyecream. Those Marni's are beautiful! :)

  26. I just stumpled accross your blog, I must say your sense of style is way better than your friend at ninistyle and your style is more normal and fab!!!

  27. What a truly humble and beautiful person you are, Hanh! And of course you earn all the credits for being such a great mom and wife. =)


  28. It was so refreshing to read this…you're a real woman who just happens to have a kick-arse fashion sense. I love your fashion sense too, its fantabulous!

    p.s. that necklace = love for me, its so beautiful!

    Have a lovely week

  29. great post! I should say that without make up and with not so fashion dresses, you look divine anyway! really! you're a woman with an amazing beauty and style… and this two things last forever!
    about the outfit… what else can I say?? GORGEOUS!

  30. Thanks for the little inside view and for sharing that lovely picture with Nastia! The blogosphere wouldn't be the same without your amazing blog!

  31. Good afternoon everyone,

    Thank you very much everyone for your kind comment. Hope you all have fab Sunday!!

    Hi anonymous, sorry you did not leave your name and i do not know how to call you.

    Anyway, about Alex Wang and Helmut Lang tank. They are deep racerback in small size.

    It sounds funny but my husband and I usually don't wear our wedding ring. We trust each other. I rarely wear any jews when I'm at home, run errant or taking care my kid. I wear jews when I dress up for going out.


  32. Hi Hanh,

    This is such a lovely post dear! I used to use Sisley skincare but for some reason the range was pretty strong for my skin so i changed to Nude skincare.

    I really like that fallon necklace…such an amazing statement necklace!

    Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday!


  33. darling i loved reading this post Hanh, it is wonderful that you have a supportive hubby who understands your love for fashion.
    i love the images!
    big kiss

  34. You are a very lucky lady! I wish my future husband will be as wonderful and understanding as yours! I totally agree with you about investing in your skin! It's worth it to splurge on something you're going to have to live in forever. I love your necklace and you look simply stunning! xxoxoxoxo

  35. This is an interesting post ! it is so romantic that you and your hubby go out everyday week for a nice dinner…I am so jeolous!
    Your kids are so adorable !

  36. hi hanh! this is great! any girl can't certainly live in heels 24/7 — so proud a shoe collector like you made that crystal clear LOL love this post — i think you look great in casual clothes too:) you and Nini seem very down-to-earth and would love to meet you in your next visit here in NYC! looking forward!!!

    take care and much love,

  37. hello hanh!
    huh! i feel so bad because i was so late to reply to your post.

    i know you're a great mom.
    thank you so much for being an inspiration to me and to all mother's out there.
    i like you because you're a very humble person.
    God bless to you and your family.

  38. Great post Hahn! I'm a stay-at-home mom and when I'm with baby I dress practical too. My hubby supports my fashion career as well but this year he asked me nicely to stay home at least until the baby is a year old, I reluctantly obliged but I figured its good for the baby, thank god for fashion bloggers though!

  39. Hi Hanh.
    Lovely post, you're absolutely stunning regardless of whether you're in fashion mode or not! 😛
    You look really pretty in the last photo, love the juxtaposition of the skirt and roof tiles!
    Anyway, I was wondering what the age difference between you and Nini is? b/c i can't figure out how old you are!
    Take care and keep it up–We all admire you heaps!!
    xxViet girl fr Aust!

  40. I read the post and and I've noticed that you're a beautiful person. Your family looks also so nice… I identify with you: I only go fashionable to go out with my boy or to go to work. When I am at home I love to fell confortable 😉 kiss

  41. Dear Hahn,
    I've been "following" you even before you started your blog – you and Nini always inspire me to make a bit of extra effort. You're even "responsible" for a purchase or two (shoes of course). I love fashion and love travelling so your blog combines two coolest things in the world. Your husband sounds great and the girls are beautiful. Keep it up! And thank you. Tanya

  42. Hi Hanh!
    Wishing you a fabulous monday!
    This is such a lovely personal looooooong post with your FAQ!

    I enjoyed so much reading and also taking a look at your photos!!!
    The Marni skirt / Lang top is a wonderful combination!!
    Will hopefully find the time to do a post about Paris in the next days 😉
    Thanks as always also for your sweet comment!

    Not forget to mention the cute photo of you and your two little

    Happy sunny & relaxing start into the week!

    Beautiful Blessings to you…

  43. I love how you thank your readers and those who commented. It shows how sincere and down to earth you are and i've been enjoying reading your blog for a while now. It's pretty amazing how you can mix and match your clothes and make them look stunning every time. Keep blogging cause i'll keep coming back for more!

    FYI, i'm a singaporean reader. 😀

  44. This is a great post, thank you for sharing with us another side of you, because it made us "normal people" think that it's not so bad being simple.
    You are so beautiful and always with great clothes and SHOES!!!!!!
    Love your last picture!!! Gorgeous necklace!



  45. Thanks for sharing Hanh!
    I think you have definitely earned your shoe collection. You seem like a great mother and wife from your posts and you definitely deserve all the pampering that your husband gives you!
    How cool that you get to met Nastia Lukin! I remember her performance from the Beijing Olympics, she's awesome!
    I'm a big fan of Sisley too..they really have great skincare..and you are proof of it! :)
    Take care! Rebecca

  46. I loved, loved this article; It seems to me you're such a wonderful, grounded person and I really admire how you balance everything in your life. I also think it's great they do gymnastics, it's very good for their health and figure – here in Romania were I live gymnastics is very big, Romania's gymnastic team is (or at least used to be) one of the best in the world:)

  47. A great post, Hanh. Thanks for spending time sharing these wonderful things with us. I enjoy reading your (and Nini's) blog – you two rock! By the way, you look a lot like a younger and more stylish Michelle Yang. Stunning.

  48. Oh no, something happened when i cliked Post Comment.. i'd guess i have to re-type again.. Your answers are very inpiring. i love the fact that you can look so simple (like the ones that is not in to fashion kind of ppl) and at the same time a dedicated fashionista! i love how you bring yourself up in this matter. You also showed everyone that education/knowledge is very important, especially to those young people out there. 2 Universities? My God! One is enough to kill me! 😀 You have set a very great example being a married women. i believe this post will become a very good inspiration to many readers out there. Do post more about yourself. Do you work? i am very curious as to i believe you must have a very established career to be able to own so many designers shoe. Ah! another thing, i love how you pick your purchases. You spend very wisely too. Take care!

  49. Thank you for sharing Hanh! It's nice to get to know a little bit more about your background – you seem like a very genuinely down to earth person

    Since I am a student, I sometimes get caught up/carried away when I see all these amazing fashion blogs (like yours, Nini's, fashiontoast etc etc) and think that I too, have to have it all here and now (!) But thanks to this post, you reminded me that being a student this is not always plausible nor practical! I am guilty of spending way too much time perusing fashion blogs and shopping rather than attending to my studies. Thank you for reminding me that it's important to work hard during semester and that I can still have fun with fashion on the holidays/free time


  50. You sound like such a nice and cool person. I have seen you on Nini's blog, but I have just started looking at yours. It is really sweet.

    I appreciate, that you collect clothes and shoes, building and saving. That makes it seem more realistic for the average fashion lover.

    You seem to have a sense of what is really important in life, while being passionate about fashion. I love that.

    Your kids are so cute.

  51. Just discovered your blog and I'm very inspired by how you dress. I like how you have some avant-garde, almost "punk" art pieces that you combine with more minimal clothes like t-shirts, for a fresh look each time.
    To my mind, that's more interesting than some "fashion" blogs that are just an inventory of their latest purchases (that they only wear once, and it's never seen again!)
    I am also relieved to find out that you do not look that glamorous 24/7! since you know there are more important things in life… like family. And living. Thanks for the inspiration!

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