Giuseppe for Balmain

These are my latest additions into my shoe collection and my first time to wear them. I saw these shoes in the blog world sometime ago and fell in love with them at first sight. I didn’t think I would have a chance to own them someday. Then, I saw these at the Balmain store with a nice discount and free tax and I thought “this is my chance!” These could be worn year round and they are versatile. Here they are:

I paired them with my CdG jacket, F21 shorts.

I’ve been wearing this CdG jacket alot latelyy. I’m in love with it because it has ruffles, it’s light weight and has an airy feeling. It’s truly my summer jacket. Fallon necklace.
Pairing with Alexander Wang jacket.
I would like to say thank you to you all for your nice comments and good support on my last post. I truly appreciate it. It took years to collect all those shoes. Most of them, I waited for the sale!
Hope everyone have a fabulous day! hugs…from Hanh.
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67 thoughts on “Giuseppe for Balmain

  1. i cant believe u got a pair of those amazing shoes. i die of jelousy every time i read your posts.glad to find out how u have acquired your lovely shoe department. i was planning that this season will be the first season i will save and splurge on a pair of designer shoes when they go on sale. i'm waiting for the end of july when sales get really good.

  2. wow! this balmain boots are great! I was eyeing the "zara copies" this winter, but unfortunatly I couldn't find my size!
    the outfit is great!!!

  3. Hi Hanh, as always you're having good natural instincts for shoes! i love your CDG-frilly jacket its very versatile! And, your accessories completes the entire look as well. Bravo! You are so humble and i like the fact that you're being rational and honest that most of your shoes came from the sale purchases.. That's what i love most about you, having the attitude of appreciation towards value for money :) It encourages proper spending and smart shopping. Take care 😉

  4. the third pic is so gangster



  5. Hi Hanh, thanks for dropping by! U look extremely fierce in the 3rd pic!! Love those boots on u, i m so envy of ur beautiful shoes collections! 😀

  6. oh my god! the husband is getting better at taking photos, no? 😉 you always score the nicest shoes on sale! so jealous! 😉 have a nice day hanh!

    hugs and kisses,

  7. Hey darling dearest,
    mmmmmmmmmmhhhhmmmmmmmmm *drool*
    These Balmain Booties are sooooooooo cool! I love them a lot!
    And they are so very YOU, Hanh!
    Aaaaawww – and the pictures on the stairs and on the door….. AMAZING!
    I've ordered them in last Fall at Net a Porter. Unfortunately they were a little bit too high for me – as I would have loved to wear them everyday. It was a tough fight but I've returned them – but always dreaming about them!
    I went for a replica style pair of booties from ZARA, they're perfect for an every day use :)
    I'm wishing you a very wonderful day, sweetheart! I will answer later today :)
    xxxxxxx much love, s.

  8. i have to say it first, that must be your house Hanh?
    i'm sure it is, what a beautiful house you have.
    tell your hubby that i love his shots.

    and of course, i love, love your new shoes!
    hehehe..i'm still dreaming of the millions of shoes you have.
    hayyy, wish i own all of them. lol!

  9. Wooooow I am truly astonished by the third picture's perspective, which truly sounds as a "silky Dizzyness" !!! Or How to wear trendy shorts on such a "Vavavoooooooooomesque" way . . .
    Stunning as Always.

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  10. Hellooo Hanh,

    when I saw the very first photo my first impression was: Hanh found this photo in a fashion mag… and no…. it was YOUU 😉

    I simply can imagine how much you love these Balmain hotties. They were also on my wishlist with all the fringes 😉

    Congratulations on your fabulous find!!! Looks great with your b/w look!!!

    Beautiful Blessings and have a fabulous week,

  11. Great look as always! I'm not really a fan of the Balmain store (don't think it reflects the brand that well, Decarnin should redesign it) but these boots are hot! Like you, I tend to get most my shoes in sales, so I can't wait until the full-priced summer sales start :)

    Oh, and I adore the jewelry you're wearing. Who's it from? My next project is to stock up on statement necklaces.

  12. darling Hanh,
    i love your CDG light perforated white ruffled jacket.
    it looks wonderful my sweet with those delish booties and shorts. Your blog is totally always a yummy read.
    You look wonderful my dear.
    how is the family my sweet? hope your girls are doing well?
    big kisses dear
    muah x

  13. I adore that CdG jacket. Did you get it in the NYC store? BTW, I'm planning on visiting that store this week. (I know, I can't believe I haven't already.) Both looks are fab!

  14. You look amazing! I hope I am as beautiful as you when I am a mother too! You are so lucky!! Keep working those fringe boots, they are super versatile and a great texture addition to any outfit!

  15. Love the CdG jacket with those booties!! The contrast of frilliness with the toughness of the boots and your cuffs is fantastic, love it. I hope I'm as hot as you once I become a mom!

  16. What a WONDERFUL blog, what a wonderful girl. I adore your style, it's nice to see people like you every now and then. I'm definitely adding you to my blog list, my bookmarks and my heart lmao. I love this!

    and I love the last shot the BEST

    btw – I can't even explain how much I am droooling over your shoes in the last post * * *

  18. Your pics are amazing!
    You look like my mom when she was younger, both of you share those features that make oriental people really pretty.
    Thanks for your comment, I also like vietnamese food better.

    Love from Spain


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  20. the CdG jacket is amazing! i love how it's girly with the ruffles but the material is like mesh/net like in sportswear! i don't doubt you on it being your summer jacket!

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