Givenchy meets Haider Ackerman

Hi everyone,

How are you all doing?. I just got back home yesterday. And I’m ready to get busy with my kids on summer. Summer is busiest time for me because kids have a break. I just kissed good night to my girls and I have little time to post these photos, were taken at Louvre in Paris. I wore Givenchy legging and shoes, Valentino belt, American Apparel body suit, Haider Ackerman jacket, and my new Givenchy necklace that I bought at Givenchy store in Paris. This is only goody I bought from the store.

I love this Haider Ackerman Jacket because I can play and wear it in many different ways.
Opened up.
Zipped half way and wrapped around.
Zipped up and unwrapped.
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Thank you very much everyone for the continuing care and support on my blog. I truly appreciate all your sweet comments and I try my best to visit your blog as well.
Have a wonderful day!!!!xoxoHanh.
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91 thoughts on “Givenchy meets Haider Ackerman

  1. OMG. That Givenchy necklace is AMAZING! I'm going to have to try and DIY seeing as how I will not be going to Paris anytime soon. Nor do I have the funds! =)

    You look absolutely FIERCE in that jacket. What an awesome purchase!! and such gorgeous pictures of you!

  2. what an awesome jacket. i love it paired with the givenchy necklace and tights. after seeing u in this AA body suit i kinda of want one too. its the only thing u are wearing that i can afford otherwise i would want every single piece.

  3. Hi Hanh! (I hope it's ok with you that I call you that)=) I adore your style! You and Nini are my new fashion idols/inspiration..=) Your Margiela pieces in older posts are TDF!=)

  4. killer poses by hanh, that's why i keep coming back to this blog for more. givenchy from head to toe, love the shoes and necklace particularly.

  5. wOw!
    beautiful poses and you're looking fabulous, hanh!
    great pictures too!
    may i know, what type of camera you're using?
    … and lens?

    oh, i love your long necklace too!

  6. Love the all black outfit! You can rock head to toe black like none other! And I'm in love with your Valentino belt, so hot! Have a lovely week!! xoxo, Mel

  7. Stellar style!!
    it's so wonderful how just two to three pieces you wear bring so much style mileage. Effortless hard-core hipness!

    Speaking of which, i have an upcoming post featuring that trend. Hope u don't mind me including one of your photos

  8. Hi lovely aka Her royal hotness Hanh!
    the pictures are so amazing! Especially while wearing the Haider Ackermann jacket in front of the gate (the first of this set)…. Like a cover for a fashion mag or signin cards! Powerful Superstar Hanh!
    If I'll ever come around I must ask you to lend me your uber-fabulous Givenchy necklace… 😉
    It's the PERFECT goodie from the Givenchy shop in Paris!
    Have a fabulous day with the family!
    Big Kiss to you, S.

  9. woooooooow this outfit is so great! I love everithing… I'm in love with all comes out from Riccardo Tisci hands… he's a genius!

    I really hope to win the gift-card! 😀

  10. When Haider meets Hanh …

    2 very lovely locations where you took your beautiful
    photos…. in the middle of the lawn with the wonderful "Paris buildings" in the background (how did you manage to walk in high heels on the lawn?:) … and the old huge gate… LOVELY!!!
    Hihi… saw in your last photo that you also have the Givenchy necklace in your hand;)
    Wonderful eyecatching beautie-cutie 😉 !!!!

    Happy sunny & joyful day to you!!!
    Miss M 😉

  11. Oh Hanh, those are two of my favorite designers. You look so edgy and classic! Congrats on the beautiful Givenchy necklace. And that Haider Ackermann jacket is to die for. Glad you are at home with the girls again! Take care Hanh and talk to you soon :)

  12. Amazing, you've such a great figure that everything goes well on you!!!!
    Love the necklace and that jacket.

    Looking gorgeous as always, dear


  13. you look really good!!!

    good to be back home right? I just got back from my trip to Cozumel.. it was awesome but I am still glad to be back in my own bed!!

    hope you had fun~

  14. Or How your haughty presence instil such a delicate "GLAMazon-esque twist" on The Louvre's Majesty !!!
    ps: I will never failed to be astonished by the way your Always emphasize your sexy toes . . .
    AND by your so Bewitchng serenity on the second picture !!!

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  15. hi! i am new to your blog, and i must say i fell in love right away. You have such exquisite style. You're a very stylish mom. Hats off to you.

    visit my blog sometime.

    have a great summer with your girls.

  16. You are the epitome of fabulosity!! You look amazing and I'm uber jealous of your necklace and jacket! Love seeing your pics too.. looks like you had an amazing trip.

    xo, Becs

  17. What a gorgeous photoshoot! Looks like you had a lovely time in Paris. The necklace is amazing; so iconic. And of course, I'm very jealous of your shoes! xx D

  18. As usual Hanh, you are looking fantastic! I'm sure you were the best dressed person among all the people at the Louvre, who usually show up in worn jeans and sneakers 😉

    I love the new Givenchy piece you picked up (isn't the store fantastic? lovely staff) and I can totally understand why you love the jacket so much… very versatile, but then again, I've always been a fan of Ackermann. Hope you're enjoying some lovely summer days with your family!

  19. darling I am loving those givenchys on you, the Haider ackerman is most definately a fave! Hanh I hopeyou had a wonderful time in Paris my sweet.
    muah x

  20. i'm gonna have to feature you again….you are do'n your thing



  21. i really love haider ackermann, and especially that jacket. it's great to see how you styled it, but also the various ways you're able to wear it. it looks great on you!

  22. Hi Hanh! The necklace is such a lovely souvenir. You'll always remember Paris and the great times you had on your vacation whenever you wear it.

    Also, thanks for the comment on my site :)

  23. You are so fabulous and have a great figure, I'm in love with that necklace (I plan to do something similar for myself as is to expensive for me to buy the real deal)! Thanks for stoping by my blog, I added you in my blogroll!

    Alice from Romania

  24. Hi Hanh, i love your Givenchy shoes + necklace. The necklace is beautiful yet subtle to your style. The Haider Ackerman's jacket's very convertible! 😀 So COOL!

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