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The sculpture in this photo was taken on my Paris trip at Palais Royal, near the Rick Owens store. I took this because it ‘s unusual and beautiful. When I got back home, my husband looked through the Architectural Digest Magazine’s May 2008 issue and saw this sculpture in there. We were both in awe… and that’s when we learned it is the work of artist Jean-Michel Othoniel. He is a contemporary French artist born in 1964 in Saint Etienne (France).

This is photo in the Architectural Digest magazine. There are two sets to this sculpture, one represents day and the other is for night. It is made of glass beads, coloured and threaded on an aluminum structure. His work has unusual, sensual beauties and subversive sweetness. This sculpture is a entrance for the Palais Royal Metro station in Paris.
Jean-Michel Othoneil.
COMME de GARCONS.Don’t you think this Comme de Garcons t-shirt has an interesting print? The print is like a contemporary painting and reminded me of Picasso. I asked my kids what it looked like; they said “It looks like crazy city with crazy people, has odd flowers and a hot sun”. What do you think? This season, I’m very much into Comme de Garcons. Each piece is art, has its own character and unusual design. This great design asks for time to grow in love with it. You may not like it at first, but admiration grows and eventually it turns into love. Comme de Garcons sheer skirt. I love it because its sheer material, and has mysteries look. I can see me wearing it with back top, Rick Owens jacket, The Row leather legging for fall/winter season. It’s a versatile piece.
Rick Owens shoes.
Wishing you all a beautiful day!!!!xoxo…Hanh.

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89 thoughts on “Great Design

  1. Hey sweetie, weekend has been well so far as I can recognize on your beautiful pictures!
    Wow, what an amazing construction! I would love to have something like this for my garden. Uhm. For my future garden one fine day.
    I love your outfit! It's quite unusual but lovely playful! I love the Rick Owens boots, they are to die for!
    Wishing you and the family a wonderful Sunday!
    Give warm regards to your lovely mom, too!
    much love, s.

  2. Love this outfit, the shoes are unreal! I have a traveling question for you if you can help, Im going to Holland in the summer, staying in the city known as Den Haag (but will be going to Amsterdam for day or 2). If you have ever been id love to know any great places to go or things to see.
    Much love from Ireland xx

  3. your kids are so smart to interpret the emblem on your shirt.
    they really are smart.

    i love how you pair that shirt with ruffle skirt.
    awesome shoes, hanh!

    oh btw, myself and m.freddy wants to greet your husband a happy father's day!

  4. on hanh you kill me every time you wear those shoes! i stopped by his store here in ny, there were some pretty amazing shoes. i think i need a separate "rick owens boots" savings account, maybe it'll be ready to withdraw by christmas. lol.

  5. loving the skirt..completely confused at first, but now i get it
    its awesome..the ruffles are fun
    keep up the posts!! like your blog

    check out my blog @

  6. Such a beautiful skirt, and I really like it paired with such a 'casual' shirt!
    And I also love your outfit with the isabel marant items!!

    And thanks for your sweet commment!

  7. Thanks for alerting me to the sculpture near the Palais Royale… I've only seen it from afar (I rarely pass by their metro station) and I will definitley take a closer look next time! I adore the CDG skirt and top by the way… I think CdG items are actually quite timeless even if they are very unique and different. The shirt is fun… it reminds me of Kandinsky and Miro. Wishing you a lovely week my dear! :)

  8. Thank you fro commenting on my blog.:)

    Comme de Garcons t-shirt is awesome,I really like it.

    Paris, eh I was living there for one year during my studies, love this city:)

  9. Hi Hanh,

    How are we doing this Monday? Hope everything is great with you and the family.

    I absolutely love designers such as CDG, Junya Watanabe and Yamamoto Yohji for their unique pieces.

    This skirt is so lovely and paired so well with a simple print top and fab Rick Owens shoes! I want those shoes!! 😉

    Have a wonderful week!


  10. Hello to you, Hanh 😉

    Your CDG top is a perfect addition to Mr. Othoneil´s sculptures, from what i know he does a lot with murano glass and steel. The colors are simply awesome!!

    … and of course I can´t leave without forget to mention that your RICK OWENS shoes truly rock!;)

    Happy sunny monday!
    Beautiful Blessings to you …

    Hugs from

  11. I agree, that's a beautiful modern sculpture and your shirt do reminds me of Picasso's works, if the prints were darker it would remind me of Dali.Your shoes rock!

    Would you care to exchange links with me? Although I'm not as fashionista as you are I do love to travel right here in Spain and in some parts of France.It would be an honor to be exchanging links with you. :)

    Have a beautiful day ahead.

  12. Hello Hanh,

    The sculpture looks very unique. It makes me want to lounge underneath it.

    Your shoes, skirt and t-shirt are very unique too. I love the way you put outfits together. Inspiring!

    Much love Hanh! :)

  13. I love your skirt sooo much!It is so interesting!Especially sheer material and ruffles. Wow!It will be great with The Row leather leggings

  14. darling that is a great t-shirt, i love what your girls thought about it! they are so cute. hope your well Hanh, missed your blog dear!

  15. Love that cdg skirt.And I have the dust leather version of the RO booties, as a birthday gift to myself. Your black python ones are magnificent!

  16. Hi Hanh! Love this outfit! The casual tee and the glamorous skirt look so great together! And you rock those shoes so well Hanh! Hope you have a very good day and I will try to post soon!

  17. The sculpture is magical. Thanks for sharing that! As for your outfit: The CdG shirt is really unique looking and of course, I'm in envy of your shoes! Rick Owens. Drools.

  18. amazing look – love how you've combined such unlikely pieces together to create something daringly beautiful.

    stunning sculpture too!

    – nadia

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