Isabel Marant

Necklace from local Paris store.
Burberry shoes.
I bought these silk ruffle jacket and silver metallic skirt at Isabel Marant boutique in Paris. The model wearing the boots in the picture below are my number one on my list. Too bad, they completely sold out :-( . And I luckily found 3 pieces that I love ( the third piece ‘ll be posted in the future). It ‘s surprise that their price is fair, inexpensive for great designer brand which I love. I got 40% off, tax free, I’m happy to own Isabel Marant pieces for the first time.

The two black leather bracelets are from local Paris store. The skull one is from 4510 store in Dallas. The silver one is Forever 21. Thank you again to you all for your continuing support and kind comments. Many of you have a few questions for me and request me to doing post about it. I’ll try to manage my time and hopefully have a post about it in near future.
Wishing you all have a fabulous weekday! Hugs…from Hanh.
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64 thoughts on “Isabel Marant

  1. this post just literally DROPED MY JAW HAnh!!!Fits you perfectly

    Sprucing the outift with those accesories just maed it more legit! Esp the Burberry shoes

    BTW: the HARD-COR Hip issue I told you about? It's on already. Do check out

  2. you look osommmmmmmmmmmmmm i so love this look perfect everithing abougt it drives me in sane!!!!

    i'm gona do a abought you on my blog if you llow me… mey i?

  3. oh wow…. u own isabel marant pieces. jelousy is raging again. i love the whole outfit… every single piece. if i ever go to paris again i will make sure to save some money for some isabel marant pieces.

  4. woooow this pieces are awesome! great purchases! pitty for the boots :( I love all the bracelets and the necklace too!
    have an happy weekend! :-*

  5. you have one of the most beautiful style that i have seen in my life. you know combine clothes perfectly. much people buy clothes very expensive but they dont know to be elegant, but you do it very very very good. sorry for my English, its very bad

  6. Oh wow, i love the shirt!! And i actually like the shoes you're wearing better than what that model's wearing.. its more classy your way :)

  7. Isabel Marant is great. Both her and Vanessa Bruno are French favorites, because of their timeless designs and lower-than-average designer pricing. Love all your jewelry as well! Have a lovely weekend!

  8. I think it's extremely sweet and an involved thing to do to read and answer redaers' comments :)

    Good Luck with everything
    Keep smiling and sharing your everyday life with us all

  9. hanh, you look more fab than the model, seriously! amazing. i hope you get your hands on the boots. they're quite pretty.
    have a fun weekend with the family.


  10. I really like this look on you! The ruffle jacket and the metallic skirt are so much fun.

    I also love the way you have paired all those bracelets…has a little bit of a rock chic vibe!

    Happy weekend Hanh!


  11. The caressing play of Shadows on your face is full of evanescent Sensuality, AND I really like the way you presents your studded/shiny "Burberry Heels", it sounds very "charismatic feline who is contemplating her sublimating fetish fineries" . . .

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  12. Hi sweet Hanh,
    how is the weekend so far?
    Mmmmmmmmh, I love Isabel Marant soooooo much!
    I like the outfit muuuuuuch more on you than on the runway! Not everybody could wear runway to the street and look so phenomenal as you do. The Burberry Heels (my favorites…. 😉 ) are matching the outfit perfectly! As well as the mix of fantastic bracelets!!! 😎
    I'm lusting for the beige suede boots by Isabel Marant…. Boooohoooo…. No way to get them here in Germany – and their customer service is soooo lame!!!
    Wishing you and your family a great weekend.
    much love, s.

  13. Hi guys, how are you doing this afternoon? hope you all have nice day!

    Hi Christine,
    the skirt is from Isabel Marant too.;-)

  14. Hi Hanh,

    you lucky girl enjoy the sun… when you would see a photo of the weather here right now.. you would cry … rain.. rain… rain.. little bit sunshine… rain … rain.. 😉

    Had to smile about your #1 piece on your wishlist.
    These boots are so awesome! LOVE THEM ,TOO!!!

    Will keep my fingers cross for you and in chance I will see them somewhere whenever… I´m happy to let you know!

    Happy sunny weekend !!!

    Beautiful Blessings to you…

  15. This outfit look absolutely stunning on you. I love the ways to put all the accessories together. Please tell your husband that his photography are great!!!!
    Hope you having a wonderful weekend,

  16. Totally gorgeous, Hanh!! I finally visited Comme and Balenciaga! Wow–beautiful stores. But I had to be a good girl and restrain myself! :)

  17. 10+, you look AMAZING! I adore the Burberry platforms, they make every single outfit gorgeous! And you, you are pretty! Your hair look so silky, I love it! <3

  18. OMG that outfit just left me without words, well, atleast I cannot find the right words for it. That skirt is just….well you know….:P

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