Nude Givenchy

I did not plan to buy these Givenchy shoes because I already had them in black. Since these pairs transfered from Barney’s in NY to Dallas and they had only one pair in my size. These were also on sale for 40% off. Nini convinced me that I should have them. They are gorgeous! What could I say? So, I did it …Now, my black pairs have a sister in nude.

I wore them with F21 navy jumsuit from last year and Comme des Garcons light weight top that I bought at CdG Paris store.
Banana Republic and Urban Outfitters necklace.Leopard face vintage bracelet.
I wore Comme des Garcons light weight top over Marni white tunic, American Apparel legging.
Big pendant second hand necklace, Banana Republic and Urban Outfitters necklace.
I did not see Nini for a long time because I’m busy with my family, my travel and my blog. I finally saw her this morning at 4510 store along with my little daughter. We had a fun time.
Cute pose of Nini and my girl. This photo was taken by my 5 year old girl and I closed my eyes 😉
Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!!!
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43 thoughts on “Nude Givenchy

  1. wow i dont even know with what to begin… i love so many things in this post. the shoes… the jumpsuit…. the gold necklace… the white tunic…. god u amaze me with each post. i crave over your closet like crazy. u are so inspirational hanh!

  2. nini was right to convinced you.
    those givenchy's are so heaven!

    what else can i say?!
    absolutely, you're one hot mama!!!
    that's a cute photo of nini and your daughter.

  3. These are definitely a great addition to your closet – they're so different from the black ones because they have the gold details, as well as the two tones of nude. So so so gorgeous!

  4. oh….my goodness
    my goodness.. i seirously need to invest in some good quality.. pricy shoes, just so that i can have a pair.. i need that feeling.
    hahha wow. i love them.

  5. WOW! These shots are amazing. I have been drooling over the black ones you bought, and now nude ones?! I love how you paired them.

  6. casually exquisite styling Hanh!
    i love the pared down subtle tones you wore to complement your new Givenchy nudes.


  7. Wow I love your shoes!! the color is so delicate and sweet looking but the gold accent gives it an edge! beautiful!! and your leopard or tiger (?) cuff is amazing!!=) Nini is looking lovely as usual..=)


  8. the shoes are gorgeous! good that you got them! 😉 oh that pic with nini and your daughter is so cute! i love all the outfits. especially that one with the marni top!

  9. Good morning to youuu from central Europe 😉
    Awwwwww, the picture of Nini and your little girl is so much fun and so captivating!
    The Comme des Garcons/Marni/American Apparel outfit ist my favorite one – the color of the leggings and the (hot, hot, hoooot!) Givenchy shoes make your legs look 3 miles long 😎 Your daughter took a very beautiful picture – any plans for her career yet 😉 Of course I'm a fan of that lovely navy blue jumpsuit and your Givenchy necklace (which I will ask you to lend me, remember? 😉 )
    The vintage bracelet is soooo cute! A perfect accessoire! LOVE IT! That's a great find, congrats!!! Regarding your idea/plans about Paris: If you'll have the chance to – take it! It's an amazing place and nobody was ever disappointed or bored by living there for a while. I think it's a very wonderful idea!! 😀
    Have you ever seen "Le divorce" with Kate Hudson and Naomi Watts? It's giving a beautiful glimpse of Paris and the way of living there.
    I'm wishing you and your family a wonderful weekend, precious!
    A million hugs&kisses, s.

  10. Ohh they are absolutely gorgeous and your styling is impeccable. They will go with all summer outfits…. they are so beautiful ahhh! And your little girl is adorable :) xoxo

  11. Really like your outfits. You have amazing sense of style.
    I love this leopard face bracelet – it is beautiful.

    I add you to my blogs list, I hope you don't mind :)

  12. Good morning everyone,
    I love reading your comment in the morning when I just get up and everyone else in the house are still sleeping. The house is so quiet….anyway, thank you so much for sweet comments.

    Hi Sofie,
    I've seen "Le divorce" but my husband has not yet. yes, I love the movie. JUst few days ago, I told my husband that I want to see that movie again. Finally, my husband thought it's better renting house in somewhere south of France during summer. Kids could go summer camp there and learn to speak Frech.We could have short trip to Paris. That's the idea but we don't know if we could make it happen or not.Where do u live exactly? if u don't mind i'm ask.

    Hugs and kisses…to everyone.

  13. wow, love the shoes, CDG top and the layered necklaces.

    I am glad you still managed to spend time with Nini even though you have such busy life!

    Have a great weekend Hanh.


  14. Forgot to mention, since you love traveling so much you should check out my recent post about some fab locations to visit!


  15. Welcome to the new sister 😉
    What a wonderful find, Hanh… and for this wonderful nude color you´re never wrong!
    I´m truly in love with this cute photo of Nini and your daughter!!!!!!
    Remember the day when you posted your newest purchase: this fabulous vintage bracelet! It´s beyond beauty!!!

    Wishing you and your family a wonderful weekend! Have fun with your children!

    Beautiful Blessings and lots of hugs 😉

  16. OOooooh I Frankly think You were Right to succumb into this "Fetish-issime Temptation", this kind of nude/creamy tones declines "Shoe-addiction" on such an tasty way . . .
    ps: With your exquisite navy jumpsuit, "laid back CHIC" is at its Best !!!

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  17. Hi Hanh, gee i've been missing most of your post lately due to lack of time. And now i am taking revenge.. post-reading-marathon ha ha! 😀 Woow, you look os happy & fab as usual. That's the beauty of you 😉 i love every outfit that you matches with the Nude Givenchy. You're so funny 😀 when you descibed your daughter snapped your picture & Nini and you closed your eyes 😀

  18. aww the image of your little princess and Nini is lovely! darling i love you in that summery, white and nude palette. the nude givenchys are amazing! they look great with that outfit my sweetie.
    big kiss

  19. your 5 year old has some great photographing skills! she knew to get the whole outfit in and all! now she just has to learn to match her timing with you… :)

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