Old Gate

When you travel around Europe, you occasionally see old gates for protecting their villages in the old days. Here is one of those gates in Riquwihr, near Strasbourg, France. Look at this how cool it is and is centuries old…We don’t see this in America.

My Alexander Wang blazer.

I love my Alexander Wang blazer, it is versatile piece. To me, we just need two or three good blazer and we can pair it with many different clothing for different looks. The pictures below show five different looks of Wang blazer and I could pair it over a slim, full or long dress.

Pairing with my old nude body suit, Givenchy legging, Valentino belt, Prada shoes.

Pairing with F21 skirt, YsL shoes.
Pairing with Helmut Lang tank, F21 short, Balmain shoes. Pairing with Helmut Lang tank, F21 legging, Rick Owens shoes. Pairing with Current/Elliott jeans, Ysl shoes, F21 sunglasses. Wishing you all have a fabulous weekend!!!!hugs…from Hanh 😉
Hi guys, after I posted this post and knew that Lucrecia-Fashion is Poison has my interview on her blog. Please, check it out for fun!!!!Love…Hanh.
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53 thoughts on “Old Gate

  1. i defintly agree with u hanh that blazers are extremely versatile, easy to wear and chic and u only need a few. i have a couple too mostly in black. I'm currenly looking for a white or nude one in the boyfriend cut.

  2. Indeed an amazing blazer. I have a grey one I'm in love with and it went from €100,- to €15,- , how amazing is that? 😛
    And I'm in love with your shoes!

  3. i really should invest in a blazer, haven't got it yet although i heard that its the most trendy item now… and black ones seems to be the most versatile of all colours

    i love how you pair it with shorts and heels, ultra feminine and chic casual…

  4. I completely agree with the importance of a blazer. I love each of your outfits because all seem to incorporate one of your signature pieces – gorgeous shoes, a beautiful handbag, interesting jewelry, or all three!

  5. I love Europe and the way how they take the time to preserve their architecture as opposed to over here where we knock down buildings and are all about "the new" – which is interesting as well. Walking down the streets of Europe is always like walking through the pages of a history book – it's so magical!

    Love your blazer by the way :)

  6. Love the history of Europe..I have to make it there someday. The nude bodysuit made me do a double-take, but it's really interesting and witty. I love how you rocked your oversized blazer with the leggings and RO booties!

  7. Hi Hanh! I mentioned you on my blog because…I also bought the Givency nude sandals!! Yay! I can't believe I scored them today…I thought they were all sold out. For some reason they closed the Givenchy store here in NYC (how tragic).

    I love this blazer. Alas it was one item I lost out on…but I plan on getting one soon. I have a few black blazers but none that are long like this one.

  8. Good morning Hanh!

    Aren´t these old brick archictures amazing?!!

    Your Wang blazer is truly a wonderful investment piece! Love especially the look with the white tank, leggings and your Rick Owens shoes in Paris!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend with your family!!!

    Beautiful Blessings to you…. Martina

  9. hiiiiii , sorry sorry I was on vacation and you're on vacation always …, ¿?¿?¿?¿Who as do you always travel sweetie !!!! It's one of the few times I see you with jeans and I love, a muaa

  10. Old buildings and architecture are what I love most about Europe (and certain other continents)! It really is the only thing lacking in the U.S. unfortunately.

    Great blazer. I've been alternating between blazers a lot lately because they are perfect for this kind of weather… although now suddenly Paris is so hot and humid it feels like I'm in Thailand. I love the fact that yours is so long, it almost has the length of a trench. I think I need to find one with that length…

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend my dear! :)

  11. First time on you blog and you have great style!

    Love all of your shoes, especially the rick Owens and Balmain stilletos!


  12. wow! I love all of this outfits! especcially I like most the last with the brown nightingale, and the one with the nude top and the prada sandals! GORGEOUS!!!

  13. You've got ferocious shoes! Isn't it hard walking on those cobbled streets with those sky-high shoes because mostly those streets in Europe have uneven pathways/street roads?

  14. Hi Hanh,

    Looking at your picture of those gates is like seeing history. I love it!

    Your blazer is sooooo stylish. Oh and gorgeous shoes!


  15. Woooow the combination Alexander Wang Blazer / perfectly gives us the illusion of nudity "under the vest", AND sounds very "Alcôve aesthetics reinterpreted for day to day Reality" . . .
    ps: Your "Destroy CHIC-issimes" Current Elliot jeans instil such a subtle/roaring touch to your natural Delicacy . . .
    Stunning as Always.

    à Bientôt, Antoine

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