Paris continue….

This is a gentle reminder. We have a game going on this month. You guys would love to be a winner of $75 dollars giftcard. You simply submit a comment, when you visit this blog. For more details of the game, go to Blog Achive, click on News posted on May 29th and read THIRD NEWS. Thank you very much and hope you all have fun with the game.
There are more Paris photos, I wouls love to share with you when I get back home.
This is Saint Honore’ street, on the way to Rick Owens store. On the way to Concorde.
Straight ahead is Opera House.

The Louvre Museum.

They had a private sale, when I was at the Comme des Garcons and Rick Owens store. They were nice to add me into their Private clients list. So, I could have 40% off. The sale is tax free because I’m a foreigner. I got some goodies at both stores. Here are two new Rick Owens pieces that I would love to share : snake skin shoes and an antique gold jacket. The photos were taken in front of Rick Store, on the walk-way of the old beautiful building.
When I travel, go shopping/sightsee, I have a pair of flats with me for alternate. I’m not a superhero on heels ;-). Anyway, I kept my eyes on these shoes since they came out. Now, I finally got them. They are super comfy and feel 100% like flats. I could run a race on cobble stone street with them on ;-). I’m in love with the shoes because they give me comfy and super cool look on the street. The shoes become my flats on during my travel.
Have a wonderful day, everyone….!!!! Hugs….from Hanh.

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60 thoughts on “Paris continue….

  1. Paris seems like one of those cities where whenever you turn your head, there's some epic sight to behold. As for the shopping, very very nice! Those Rick Owens' are super killer, I mean just about anything Rick Owens is, but I'm especially smitten by those shoes. Chauss over at ckparis has a similar pair and they look so cool.

  2. OoOO those shoes are GREAT! I was wondering how you were coping in Europe with all your fierce shoes. I struggled not to break my ankle when I was in Europe and I was wearing flats the whole time!

  3. Oh Hanh you seem to be enjoying Paris so much. I love that gold jacket. I have a similar piece from Bebe.
    and those shoes oh my god to die for. i wish i could find a pair that are as stylish and comfy as yours.
    keep on having fun.

  4. you look fabulous! did they take off the tax right away, i thought they do that in the airport?
    it's a good idea to carry flats with you.
    you look fabulous in paris!!!! i hope to get there myself maybe next yr!

  5. AHHHH all the buildings look so beautiful. You look beautiful in your new Rick Owens jacket, and I love the shoes too.
    Miss you!!

  6. dear God… you're so lucky! why I live in a small and lost town?? that's such a pitty :(
    the shoes are great, anche the jacket… no words to describe it!

  7. Could I be anymore jealous right now!
    I just finished my final French exams, and need to put my language skills into practise

  8. mamma mia! every time I come to read your blog is like entering an enchanted world! The shoes are fabulous and they looks comfortable, R.Owens jacket is formidable! and you wear it with great style and elegance. Satin gold will be a very important color for the coming winter, from knitwear to padded duvets

  9. Ahh, Hanh – you should know that most Paris places are doing private sales at the moment! I've been getting a stream of invites and I just got another one for Margiela, so wherever you go, you should ask them if they have anything going on. For me 40% off isn't a good deal yet, because I don't get the tax off, so I'll wait for the 50-70% off next month 😉

    Lovely items! I've been seeking a Rick Owens jacket, but in black or taupe (gold really isn't my color). The shoes are hot!

  10. oh my god! that jacket is to die for! i have been eyeing that one in black! you got that at 40%? lucky you! and the shoes are amazing! i was wondering already how you manage to walk in cobblestones with your shoes!

  11. Bonjour Miss Hanh.

    Mon Dieu… your Rick Owens shoes and the jacket look
    I remember seeing these RO shoes at luisaviaroma but unfortunately my
    size was already sold. YOU LUCKY GIRL 😉

    Wishing you wonderful time in Paris and Strasbourg!!!

  12. the shoes are gorgeous, the jacket is stunning. thanks for recommending this label, i will go to their site and take a sneak peak. you're so lucky to be in their private guest list, like some diamond club or something. the sceneray in paris is so lovely too.

  13. OH MY G****** ISN'T PALAIS ROYAL AMAZING????? AAAAAAAMAAAAAAZING! It's one of the most beautiful + terrific places I know. The Rick Owens store is so fantastic – the 1st floor is for the poor people among us 😉 Filled with the most beautiful furs I've ever touched. It was such an impressive visit! Wonderful pictures, sweetheart! Thanks so much for sharing while your journey is going on!
    Hugs and kisses are flying to you to Strasbourg!

  14. gorgeous jacket!! you're making me fall in love with your closet..which is why i tagged you to have a little peek inside your world. i know you don't blog outside too..hahaa. hope you're still having fun and being safe! can't wait to see more updates

  15. omg I never bring flats when I travel…. but Miu Miu seriously makes the most comfortable and durable shoes. I have been wearing my Miu Miu patent leather booties for 3+ years and never had to take them to the repair shop… yet…

  16. Calling Mademoiselle Hanh, missing your lovely comments soooo much, darling…. Boohooo
    😉 Ok, this was the egoistic part of my comment, harhar, and the second part will be better 😉
    Thought of you several times today and would like to wish you and your dear husband a wonderful, sunny and pleasant weekend in France!
    Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaany hugs to you!
    Je t'embrasse!

  17. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH, that's so funny! I went to Mode Junkies blog right after leaving this comment – and I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO delighted to see the pictures of your meeting!!! The pictures are soooo lovely and I'm SOOOOO happy that you have found the time both for your intercontinantal fashion blogger meeting 😉 Can't stop smiling right now :) :) :)

  18. Hi Hanh,
    sorry for my lack of posts and comments!

    I love all your Paris photos and you look so beautiful in every single
    photo!;)… as always ;-)))

    My parents come actually from Saarbrücken which is so close to Straßbourg 😉 I´m sure you will have a wonderful time, sweetie!!!

  19. I love those ROs you got! They're totally what I'd get if I ever had the chance to go back to Paris and visit RO! What's more… you got a total steal! Good on you, I'm so proud of you!

    Bon voyage and have a safe trip!!

    xx Adeliet

  20. paris, i know it well…. u are standing in the palais royale walkway. ro is there and marc jacobs store and couture depot vent are over on the other side.
    love the ro shoes, ro snakeskin sharkfin bootis are super comfortable too. i bought mine to walk in paris…

  21. You are the luckiest girl in the world. Not only do you get to travel to beautiful cities but you have like the best wardrobe EVER!!!!

  22. You are the luckiest girl in the world. Not only do you get to travel to beautiful cities but you have like the best wardrobe EVER!!!!

  23. Hanh,

    Your blog is amazing and so is your style! I am new to the blogging world as well so I would be honored if you would stop my and take a peek at my new blog!

  24. Yeah, I have short legs so I like to wear heels a lot but, I can only walk in heels for so long so these shoes seem like a great alternative.

  25. Beautiful photos from Paris. I love all your outfits there and this shoes are amazing… When I go to travel I use to wear flats shoes in the morning because I used to walk a lot of. I reserved the heels for the evening-night, when we go out to a restaurant o something like that :-)

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