Summer Blue

Summer Blue in La Jolla.

La Jolla is a seaside area, seven miles along the Pacific Ocean in Southern California. It is about twelve miles north of Downtown San Diego. La Jolla is probably best known for its beautiful weather year round with a average daily temperture 70F and around 60F at night, making this place a tourist hotspot. It is an area of great natural beauty with mixture of geology-sandy beaches and rocky shorelines, excellent for a variety of outdoor activities. In addition, La Jolla is well known for its elite shopping and dining, with upscale boutiques, import shop and gourmet restaurants lining Prospect street.

We walked along the Prospect street of La Jolla. This is my first time showing my husband’s picture as many of you requested. He usually doesn’t like to be in the picture or reveal his face because he is so shy. The water is generally cold in the beaches of California. It’s way too cold for us but it seems not cold for local people here.
Summer Blue in Dallas.
Summer in Dallas is way too hot. I wore silk Marciano dress with Fendi shoes.
Thank you everyone for your great support of my last post. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I also thank you lovely blog Fashion Titbits, Fashion Moment and Sin of My mind for giving me the blog AWARD.Wishing you all have a wonderful day!!!! Big hugs….from Hanh 😉
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79 thoughts on “Summer Blue

  1. Woooow I truly adore the "Fetishistic" vibrancy of the first picture with your Marciano Dress and Fendi Shoes, the contrast between the soft pastel tone of the dominant Blue (which is perfectly in harmony with the pool's aesthetics !!!) AND the bewitching Arrogance of your posture . . .
    You truly exude Stylishness Hanh !!!!

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  2. thnnx so much, i agree your backdrop is marvelous..and your sense of style always seems to amaze! i love that dress and your shoes are stunning.. you have a beautiful family god bless! -Noni :)

  3. aaaah this fendi platforms are a dream! I've loved so much this turquoise version and the yellow too! you're so lucky!
    this dress is fabulous!
    the pics of your family togheter is great!

  4. Yay! I love La Jolla! There's a great Italian restaurant there and the owner's hilarious! They have live singing sessions every Friday and he tried to get KL to sing before! 😀
    Thanks for sharing your family portrait! 😀
    Love your blue Fendi shoes…the colour is so striking, though the exposed platform always remind me of an inflated life ring..I dunno why? :)

  5. that dress is so elegant and it looks dynamite on u. u are so gorgeous and so are your girls. i can see now where they get they beauty gene from… both you and you husband look amazingly great.

  6. Cool! I live 10 minutes away from La Jolla. You were lucky to be there without any marine layer! And you wear those Fendi's very well! (as you do with everything else! :D)

  7. Gorgeous photos of you by the fountain, you are so so pretty!! I love the blue of the water and how it's reflected in the colors of your shoes. My fav photo is the one of you with your eyes closed, it's very peaceful.

  8. Gorgeous pics of the sun and sea. That's the only thing I miss living in the center of Europe sometimes… the water (that river doesn't count). And it's so nice to see a family pic. My husband also doesn't want his picture on my blog even though sometimes he ends up in my shopping shots and then I have to crop him out.

    Lovely outfit as usual. I like the touch of that bright blue accents given by your sandals and the flower on the dress. Perfect summer look!

  9. Hi Hanh,

    I just love how the colour of the shoes matches the flower print on your dress. Clever!

    I think someone mentioned this about you before and I can't agree more – you really look like Michelle Yeoh. As pretty as her! :)

    Pardon my ignorance, but is there any chance you are related to her?

    Kate from

  10. aww honey the family portrait os gorgeous! Your hubby looks like a lovely man. I love those Fendi shoes! the whole look with the Maricano dress is so summery and i love it! your girls are so pretty and adorable.
    Muah x

  11. This place looks so beautiful, ive been to california a few years a go i hope i get come again soon!! Love pic of your hubby :)
    much love from Ireland xx

  12. Wow fantastic shots Hanh!
    You really have a picture perfect family :)
    I constantly find it mesmersing looking at tall palm trees adorn California and the first two images captures this very well.LJ is such a cool destination which I hope to visit sometime.

    Anyway,gorgeous outfit shots! Am very jealous of you lazing around the pool here hehe, it's sooo cold in Melb,Australia atm!

    ooh and totally loving your eldest daughter's specs.what are their names by the way? I don't think you have mentioned them.Best wishes.

    xx Dianne (the Viet girl fr Oz)

    haha my aunties name is also hanh

  13. You always have the most exquisite, crystal-clear photos, darling! Love the poolside pics in particular… your outfit is stunning, and I looooove those blue platform sandals!


  14. Wow!!! The powder blue shoes made my heart jolt. Soooooo pretty!

    I love your pictures! And how those blue shoes coincide with the sky and the pool.

    Awesome family picture!

  15. Hello darling! What a beautiful family you have. :) My husband is shy too and I finally got him to show his face in our recent trip pictures to DC 😉 I love the print on that Marciano dress. It's a great match for your bright blue Fendis. Have a lovely week! xx D

  16. Thank you 😀

    I'm a Southern California local and the water is too cold for me! Unless we are in the middle of summer with temperature over 95 degrees, I won't get in!

  17. Hi Hanh,
    this is truly a "summer blue" post.
    So many lovely photos but I love especially the one with your dress in front of the pool. The colors are simply awesome and 2die4!!!

    Wishing you a wonderful sunny day with your family!!!!
    Hugs from…

  18. Love it Hanh!!! You and your hub are so cute… my boyfriend lives in La Jolla and we love it.. we should visit texas since we love warm water!!!!!

  19. oh, how badly i want to travel!

    your family is so gorgeous! You really do look amazing in those photographs, i don't remember how long those shoes (and that color) have been part of my dream wardrobe.
    xoxo Mo

  20. LJ is my hometown :) Can't live without the beach!! The water is "cool" compared to Gulf and Souther Atlantic, but it feels perfect when the weather is warm out.

    PS. BTW, that beach is filled with tourist not locals. If you're ever back in LJ, let me know and I'll tell you the best beaches 😀 and of course shopping!

    Thanks for sharing

  21. Beautiful post Hanh! La Jolla looks amazing, I might be going to the US next year and will probably be in California so I can't wait to check it out! =D=D xx

  22. you're children are so cute… they remind me of me and my little sister when we were younger, we used to love wearing similar outfits.

  23. HI HANH!

    Your daughters are sooo adorable i bet they're gonna grow up beautifully and sing to Will.I.Am's "I got it from my Mama" 😀

    Btw, if you could take a min to read my blog, that would be really awesome!

  24. Those beaches look fantastic, I can understand why people would go there for a holiday. You have a beautiful family!
    You look amazing in your marciano dress and fendi shoes! Very feminine and elegant. Love your blog!
    Ps. Would love to exchange links with you. if you are keen please let me know and I will link you!

  25. Wow! Hanh, you all looked very happy family. That's what i love the most. Your life is complete & perfect. Beautiful house, Loving & Supportive husband, Beautiful daughters, Plenty of holiday visits throughout the year, Huge selection of designers outfit & accessories (that's the most important one for me now… hehe!) i hope God will bless me the same someday.. Thanks for the sharing.

  26. Do you have twins? They are so cute. You have a beautiful family too. Where do you usually purchase your outfit and accessories?

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