When I was in Paris, I had a chance to go to Maison de la Truffe for truffle tasting. We watched the show called Bizarre Foods on Travel channel before Paris trip. That’s how we knew about this restaurant. If you like truffle, this is a place to go. They have excellent truffle menu and the food is delicious with powerful fresh summer truffle aroma. This time of the year is off winter truffle season, but it still tastes fresh here because their expert truffle cellar to store its fresh. We love truffle and we had a great lunch there.

Inside Maison de la Truffe.

Carrot soup with winter truffle puree and cucumber sorbet.
Green salad with white summer truffle.
Beef tartar with winter truffle.
Risotto with winter truffle. Lobster with winter truffle on the top of potato puree, fried potato cubed.This pics were taken in Paris, on the way to TAN DINH Vietnamese restaurant.

I wore Rick Owens dress and Burberry shoes. This dress could wrap in few different ways for different look.In the back.
This pictures were taken in Dallas. I wore the dress with Pierre Hardy shoes.
I’ve been counting your comment every post for the game of this month. It’s exciting….The contest game will be over on Jun 30th. Please, leave your comment when you visit my blog to be winner;-)

Good luck and wishing you all have a fabulous day!!!xoxo…Hanh.
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68 thoughts on “Truffe

  1. yummy food!
    sexy grecian dress on you, hanh!
    and beautiful children you have!
    yay! i have a big polka dot dress too just like your daughter.

  2. hmmm food…. i have a passion for it as well. i would say the next thing that i love after fashion is good food. its making me so hungry looking at those yummy truffle dishes.

  3. to be honest i never had truffle before (i think?) hope to have some soon now after seeing these photos

    i esp love your posts with your daughters. you look like a cool mom

  4. Good morning, Hanh!

    Your Rick Owens dress is heaven!

    Saw yesterday so many beautiful Rick Owens pieces
    at Antonioli! They have now the new AW09 collection
    as a preorder!

    You 3 beauties on the street are a wonderful picture! LOVELY!!

    Beautiful Blessings to you…

  5. wow great dress! I love things that you can wear in many diffrent ways! the shoes are awesome in both the outfits, but my heart still remain on burberry sandals!
    your little princesses are so beautiful!!!

    PS: this risotto inspires me so much!!!

  6. Hello Hanh,
    I´m finally back to take a look at your blog.Also missed Martina´s blog (The Little Fashion..)during the last week. You 2 are one of my very fav blogs to watch! Missed so many of your awesome posts!Luv your blog in every single way! Your wonderful sense for fashion, your cute family and life style. You are blessed in a wonderful way!

  7. I wish my mother was as fasionable as you!!!

    You're stunning, your daughters will grow up beautiful like their mummy :)

    You look like Michelle Yeoh- anyone told you that?

    Love your blog, your closet is amazing and an envy to all women out there! :)

  8. HI There Hanh,
    Thank you for checking you my blog, I love your shoe post! I shed a tear over all the loveliness that i cant afford! Shoe heaven! I must say Truffle risotto is one of my fav dishes!! Love your blog very inspiring! Going to become your follower right now :) and add you to my blog roll list!
    Much love from Ireland xx

  9. Wow! Those dishes look absolutely delicious!
    And the Rick Owens dress is impressive!
    You look amazing in it!
    I'm glad I found your blog, now I'm hooked on it! :-)

  10. Hello Hanh,
    I'm now officially a fan of your blog :)

    Love this post. The food looks yummy. The dress and shoes superb. The family glorious.

    More blessing to you and your family.

  11. I went to Truffe once and really enjoyed it. It was my husband's idea… but something tells me your husband was one of the driving forces behind you going there as well 😉

    Love the Rick Owens dress by the way! Such a versatile piece and very timeless. And your two girls are very stylish as well! They must take after their mum :) What a beautiful pic of the three of you!

  12. Awww Paris it makes me so sad i want to go back ,the food looks delicious will put this restaurant in my list if go back there this year again wich i really hope

  13. you look amazing as always. i love seeing pictures of you with your kids. it reminds me that moms are just as stylish, if not more than the average person out there! i know your kids are a bit older so you don't have to worry about getting your clothes dirty, but what did you do when they were babies? did you have to wear "mom clothes"? Like a regular gap shirt with spit up all over? i'm just wondering because that's one of the issues that makes me have second thoughts about having kids… as shallow as that sounds =)

  14. OMG!!! The DRESS and your SHOES, I so envy YOU!!!
    and maybe your LIFE too!

    Burberry made one like that too right?

    Anyways, I am following your blog and def have to link you up… am still slowly working on it, I had some technical problems last week and I am just slowly starting to put things back in normal.

    and I tagged you see here

    Looking forward to see your collection!

    Have a Happy Thursday!

  15. I am definitely not going to miss that place when I go to Paris, I looooove truffles, and that cucumber sorbet sounds absolutely delicious. BTW you look amazing in that dress and I love both shoes. Are the girls yours :|? They are beautiful and so stylish.

  16. OMG how did i miss this restaurant when i was in paris last year.. how sad!! me and the hubby absolutely LOVE truffles.. can never have too much.

    and you look as stylish as ever!!

  17. white truffe are the best to find in Croatia!!! its worth a visit it is nicer and the sea is more clear than in italy….well our part of the adriatic sea is better than the italian side… greetings from dijon!!!

  18. Mmmh I really like the idea of the "chameleonic" Dress (especially with such a huge/wrongly nonchalant back cleavage) . . . Because THE fashionista is intrinsically a GLAMorous multi-faceted creature !!!
    ps: OOooooh YES I love the art of "GLAM conceptualization" !!!

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  19. Oh, i love those pierre Hardy shoes! And as for Rick Owens, the guy is a genius! love love that dress!

    Your girls are so cute!


  20. Your daughters are so beautiful (like their mum ;))That RO dress is delish, almost as much as the truffle dishes. And your post made me hungry again 😀
    P.S. I'm a Bizarre foods fan, are you? I can't believe that Andrew cannot stomach durian?!

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