Yohji Yamamoto

Look at this Yohji Yamamoto belt/corset/waist band…25% off on top reduced price 40% off and tax free. Love this excellent sale! I could wear it with everything as harem pants, pants, legging, dress or skirt. I also could adjust it to low or height waist. Love this piece!!!

Wearing it with Sacai harem pants.
Fallon necklace. This necklace could be worn like in this picture or could wrap around the neck for a different look. Side trim of the pants.
Giuseppe cage boots.
Wearing with F21 skirt and Abercrombie & Fitch shirt.
Balenciaga shoes.
Wishing you all have a wonderful day!!!Thank you very much for your time!!xoxo..Hanh,
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75 thoughts on “Yohji Yamamoto

  1. Hanh keep smiling…always :)

    And if u get the chance please post more about yourself meaning career, family, life in general;everyday routine etc..

    It would be so awesome to get to know you more..

    take care


  2. oh my god hanh i love that corset belt. u are right it is such a versatile piece. u always score the most amazing things on sale. so jelous. i need to learn some shopping tips from u. maybe one day u can do a post on great shopping tips u believe in.

  3. Seeing that on the runway I would never even think it was just a belt, but really, it's such a fantastic idea. It adds so much interest so a simple pencil skirt. That necklace is lovely, too.

  4. Lucky number seven…now you know that seventh picture is so damn sexy



  5. Re-re-re etc Woooow I am truly astonished by the "Corporate Mistress" vibrancy of your last silhouette !!! AND the "One Fetish finery on my hand" posture . . . is intrinsically/"Fetishistically" Bewitching, between high arched Arrogance and natural Delicacy (especially with such an aesthetic "Stiletto illusion") . . .
    Hanh, with a "H" as "Haughty Serenity" !!!!!

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  6. Your closet makes me green with envy!! you should do a sneak peek post of the inside of your closet now that id love to see! Ps love the way you've worked this belt!
    much love from Ireland

  7. You look great! I love the belt!! And pairing with a f21 skirt is so fab to show that not everything has to be expensive…you rock! XO

  8. Hi Hanh, wow! i love your Necklace, Harem Pants, Giuseppe cage boots & Balenciaga boots. They're so versatile & yes you are right they can be worn in many ways & does create different styles. Bravo! Look forward for your next post~ Take care & stay in touch 😉

  9. how is this a blog about travel? all i see here is a fashion victim with nothing better to do than pose in typical trendy shoes and clothes. and the fact that you pretned you buy everything on sale isn't fooling anyone. you clearly have a ton of money (that you didn't earn) and spend it on trendy crap.

  10. Hi Hanh, first of all, thanks for the visit to my site and your comment, really appreciate it.
    I scrolled right down on your blog, mighty intersting collection of shoes, to your question, "can a girl ever have enough shoes" the answer naturally has to be NO!! my wife does not have as many as you have, but currently I would say without counting and a rough estimation about 50 to 60 pairs, 90% high heels!
    Your last post: briliant outfit, in my humble opinion the belt adds elegance and flair to the outfit, love it.
    HOpe to see you around more often, love having you over and love your site.

  11. loving your photographs
    those cage coots are awesome and the necklace is beautiful
    great post!

    check out my blog @

  12. I want your shoe collection when I grow up!

    This blog is the most wonderful place, you have the loveliest style and this outfit is stunning!


  13. Hello Hanh,

    I like the green and reddish sparkle on the second picture. I gives out more detail of the necklace.

    The corset made the pants outfit more funky and the skirt more elegant.

    It's such joy when nice things are on sale! Pure and utter joy!!!


    P.S. Sorry I removed the first comment because I made some spelling error :)

  14. Wishing you a wonderful wednesday morning, Hanh!
    The Harem pants look so wonderful with your Zanotti´s and
    the simple white tee. LOVE THAT LOOK ON YOU!!!!

    Also love your Fallon necklace! Wonder if the necklace lose color and your tee gets dirty (had this problem with my Ann D necklace when I wore a white tee and after a hour of wearing I had silly black stains on it..)

    Happy sunny & relaxing day.Enjoy the sun!

    Beautiful Blessings to you…

  15. awww, you post something from Yohji Yamamoto. Like i mentioned in my previous comment, these Japanese designers are amazing!

    That belt is so versatile and i LOVE those Giuseppe Zanotti cage boots!

    You know what Hanh, i love Harem pants but i haven't been brave enough to wear a pair i purchased.

    Hope you are having a lovely day!


  16. What a terrific and versatile piece! I agree that it's perfect to style with any type pants, trouser, skirt or even shorts if you want. I really love that necklace as well. And all the shoes, but I've said that before 😉

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend with your family!

  17. Hi Hanh! Another beautiful and very stylish post! I just wrote about you on my blog – if you have time to visit and accept the little award, it would be great.

    Have a wonderful day!


  18. Hi! I miss reading your posts! I must say you look so stylish, almost like a model 😀 I love the black skirt+white top combo. your balenciagas are perfect with them.

  19. What a fantastic outfit! I remember you mentoined somewhere before that those Stella McCartney shoes are not very comfortable to wear, but they look so so so fabulous and sleek – killerheels, perhaps more than in one way. 😀

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