Aztec Mexican Dance

The dancers with my two sweet girls.

Once I was in Cancun, Mexico and got a chance to see the Aztec fire dance. It is quite a dance, the mask, the costumes, the music are so native to Mexican culture. I really obsess with any native country costumes because of its character and cultural influence.

The Aztec Fire Dance is one of the most basic manifestations of the artistic and cultural spirit of the people of Mexico. It has been referred to as a form of prayer and a total way of life and communication.

The costumes are made of colorful embroidered cloth and animal skins often adorned with polished stones or mirrors and accessories made of shells or seed pods. Most impressive are the headdresses, made of feathers of pheasants, eagles or other birds.

The chants and movements are strung together with the sound of beating the drum made of wood and gourds tensed with animal skin, or the tongued hollow log drum, with its rich spirit touching vibrations. Blowing shells and playing along with reed and clay flutes, tambourines and rattles made of shells and seeds create a very unique native sound. Seed pods and metal bells are also worn around the ankles of the dancers and serve as instruments, sounding with every step of their dance .

Summer leather

Who would wear leather for summer? it’s too hot. But when I saw this top sometime ago, I thought this one would be ok to wear it in summer ;-). It is sleeveless. In addition, the back of it is 100% stretch thin cotton, the front is cut-out, thin and extremely soft leather material. I love its texture, interesting, unique cut and it’s kind of like a modern cave-man outfit. This outfit is perfect for a wild night date with my husband. And I’m definitely wearing this top throught fall/winter with grey turtle neck underneath. I wore it with Alexander McQueen legging, Balmain boots.

Tiger face vintage cuff.

The back of the top is 100% stretched thin cotton.

Close-up front. It’s written on the top “Open your mind-Love Peace- Share Spirit”. This top is made by Share Spirit. Do you see a skull above “Love Peace”?. The necklace is Mellisa Joy Manning.

Wish you all have a lovely and peaceful day!!! big hugs….Hanh 😉

Ps: From the last posts, I had on Rouge Allure -Imagination pink lip stick Chanel and orange lip was a mix of Imagination pink lip stick underneath orange Heat Wave NARS. I also just bought leather strings to plan to make a necklace and I hope it’ll come out good. So, I would share with you sometime soon.

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51 thoughts on “Aztec Mexican Dance

  1. Hey lovely!
    How are you?? Your outfit is very, veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery amazing! I love your Alexander McQueen pants – and the top is matching them perfectly! The pattern of the cutouts are pairing the lace effect of the pants just GORGEOUS! I had a top once which was similar to yours – it was by Jean Paul Gaultier, also leather with cutouts on front and a cotton back.
    Just amazing! The details on your top are awesome, as well as the asymetric cut – and you're looking stunning as always!!!!
    And here they are again: The magnificent Balmain Booties <3 <3 <3 DROOL!
    Wishing you a fabulous day, sweetest Hanh!
    Please say Hello to your wonderful family!
    Much love, Sofie

  2. I love this thin leather sleeveless top on you and the Balmain boots is so perfect with this lovely outfit :)
    Hope you having a beautiful day,

  3. i thought the post was great because the dancers were awesome
    then i scrolled down
    that is a show-stopping outfit
    the top is something i would drool over and run off with faster than any other purchase
    gorgeous!!!! loving this, thanks for sharing, keep it up!

    check out my blog @

  4. While I am not crazy about the outfit I love all your poses. The serious looks are kind of sexy, I wish I can look as good in picture looking all aserious like you.

  5. hi hanh!
    beautiful pictures from mexico!
    i love to travel and know different culture of each country.

    the leather top is so perfect with your mcqueen's leggings!
    i love it soo much!

  6. Hi Hanh! Love the Mexico pics, your girls are so lucky to be exposed to such beautiful and diverse culture.. I'm sure they will grow up to be well rounded persons because of your colorful travels..=) Love this outfit, the cutout details complement the horizontal print on your leggings.. fab as usual!

  7. I've never been to Mexico, but it's really neat to learn a little bit about Mexican culture through your blog.

    Great top. I'll be interesting to see how you wear it in the fall.


  8. Hello Hanh!

    How are you doing today?;)
    Had to smile about your little daughter in front of the dancers. so cute!
    The leather top looks awesome with its asymmetrical lengths and the cuts make is so unique!!

    Have a joyful, sunny day !!!
    Liebe Grüße…

  9. Love this outfit!! :) love the top and loving seeing these leggings again! wish they were in my closet too!
    Much love from rainy Ireland

  10. Hi Hanh, I just got your lovely comment about my grand daughter, thank you so much. Your kids are adorable, and I still can't believe you're a mom with that terrific figure you've got.
    I wish I could find a pair of boots like your purple cowboy boots, they look essential for breathing. Love your blog, keep up the good work. xo d

  11. Those dancing pictures are so beautiful!

    You look AMAZING in your outfit, you can do no wrong, Hanh!

    I'm going to be posting up your interview from a while back next week!! :)


  12. Mmmmh Actually your top remind me on a "contemporary/GLAM Rock-issime Pocahontas" finery . . AND the "worn next to the bare skin effect" (partial/total Reality ? partial/total Illusion ? What a sensual mystery !!!) is truly electrifying its subtle holes'constellation, AND the so positive values which are written on its leather . . .

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  13. Hi Hanh

    This time i managed not to miss your post :)

    Those Alexander McQueen leggings is something i would call fierce! Everything here just works perfectly!

    Hope you are having a wonderful day!


  14. What a great post. The pictures of the dancers are so vibrant! I love how your outfit continues that tribal theme of the post.

  15. Fierce! That's how I would describe your outfit! I'm thinking of wearing more leather this summer! You look sensational in those leggings Hanh! xxoxoxo

  16. Kim N
    your posts are so interesting. Your daughters are so cute. Can they speak vietnamese as well?
    do you have a full time job? It must be hard to juggle children, family and careers. If you have some advices for us starting out, that would be great!!!! Thanks Hanh, Love your blog

  17. omg mexican dances are truly something else!!! Even thought I'm from Mexico I adooore to go watch the dancers and all. Sometimes mexican people don't pay so much attention to mexican traditions because we are so used to them, but they are wonderful traditions.

    I love how you paired the mcqueen leggings with that amazing top!!!

  18. Hahn! Your blog is so inspirational since we share the same passion in traveling. Keep it up and I love your outfits.. I have to say, one of fave styles out of all the online blogs. I can tell your a great person inside and out. Thanks for posting for us readers. Take care, xoxo.

  19. Thanks for sharing the Aztec Dance information. I'm also fascinated by native costumes and customs. Your little girls look so sweet in that pic!

    Love the leather vest and I think it's definitely versatile to wear both in summer and winter. I'm also really in love with that necklace of yours.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  20. Wow amazing top i love how the little holes draw the skull and of course the mcqueen leggins and the boots this is one of my favourites looks that i've have seen you wearing

  21. Interesting post regarding the Mexican culture and arts.I love it!

    Hahn, you're so feline and ferocious in this outfit. You never cease to amaze me on what you're going to whip up next in you posts. 😉

    Have a happy weekend!

  22. PS. Could you get me one of those amazing feather hats the Aztec dancers are wearing?? 😉 LOL… As you may have recognized I'm obsessed with marvelous feather headbands (lusting for those Nana' Mohawk feather headbands at LVR…)… :-)
    Yep, can't help myself….
    Just wanted to wish you, the most pretty and most charming subunits* and your husband a wonderful and lovely weekend!
    I hope you've organized everything regarding the holiday and so you can look forward some relaxing and exciting days :) Me for my part looking forward to the pictures from your next trip VERY much!!! 😀
    Wishing you a Zip A Dee Doo Dah day and weekend!! Lots and lots and lots of hugs and kisses, S.

    *= subunit – means child, this expression has been used in Star Trek Voyager by Seven of Nine :) – uuuh, outed myself as a Trekkie… Life long and prosper, darling!!!

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