Del Coronado

Del Coronado is a beachfront hotel in the city of Coronado, just aross the San Diego bay from San Diego, California. It is one of the few surviving examples of an American architectural genre: the wooden victorian. It is the original all wooden building in California. It is also one of the largest and oldest resorts on the Pacific coast, over 28 acres of oceanfront property at Coronado beach. The hotel is the experience of an artful blend of victorian elegance and contemporary distinction.

When it opened in 1888, it was the largest resort hotel in the world and the first to use electrical lighting. The hotel has been featured in numerous movies and books such as The Flying Fleet, Some Like It Hot ( which starred Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon), The Stunt Man ( starred Peter O’Teele), My Blue Heaven ( starred Steve Martin)… And The Wizard Of Oz author L.Frank Baun stayed here for some his book’s inspiration. The book 1408, came from a collection of real life news storries about Christopher Chacon’s investigation of a notoriously hauted room at the hotel and is written by Stephen King.

Lots of well known people stayed here such as Charlie Chaplin, Brad Pitt, Jimmy Carter, Franklin Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, George W Bush…. Another famous”resident” of the hotel is the purported ghost of Kate Morgan. On November 25th 1892, she checked in room 302( then 3312 now 3327) to meet her brother who was a doctor and was going to give her stomach cancer treatment at the hotel. He never arried. She was found dead 6 days later. The case was declared a suicide. She shot herself.

The Coronado beach is a public beach and you would see a lot different activities such as doing yoga, beach volley ball, biking, jogging,etc… The Garden Courtyard of the hotel is a popular setting for weddings. You can rent a bicycle for 4 people, more like a four-wheeled cart, on the beach just south of the hotel. Lots of fun for the family.

The room rates starts from $250 to $5000 per night.

The front of the hotel.

The side walk of the hotel and the beach, where you can biking, jogging,ect… This picture is from Google. I would like to show how it looks like from the San Diego bay.
Summer Black Dress
I bought this dress at Urban Outfitters (It’a available now at their stores on black and grey).
This scarf also bought at Urban Outfitters. It’s 100% viscose, light weight perfectly for summer. I love the side. Salvatore Ferragamo shoes. I love the lucite heels.

Stay cool for summer, everyone!!!..

Wish you all have a wonderful day!!!xoxo..Hanh.

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56 thoughts on “Del Coronado

  1. It is Truly Always impressive to see at which point certain places can have an historical Soul . . .
    ps: Between Arrogance and Delicacy, I think that the high-arched feet of an exquisite "Shoe-addict" like you will never fail to mesmerize me . . . AND that your Body Finery sounds very "Casual CHIC-issime declination -with an evanescent hint of Destroy- of the so Iconic "Little Black Dress" !!!
    "Life in Travel" . . . with such a stainless stylishness Hanh !!!

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  2. my god! this hotel is a dream!
    you're look is amazing too! this dress is stunning, I like so much the side-detail, and the the scarf is great too!
    but the shoes… no words to describe them in a good way! the last pic is divine!

  3. What a great post, you're like a travel guide :)

    The last picture is so incredible!

    Love the dress, perfect with those great shoes

    Take care!!

  4. Oh if that hotel can talk, hello hollywood secrets?! your dress is beautiful I thought it's from some high end designer, love the detail on the sides.. It looks DIY but in a very restrained sophisticated level..=)Enjoying your posts, keep 'em coming!=)


  5. I saw this exact dress at Urban yesterday and wanted to get it and now i KNOW I have to…thanks, always better to see the outfit dressed to give me ides.

  6. I just saw this dress at urban yesterday and now i definitely want it…thanks, always great to see how other people dress it up to get ideas.

  7. Oh my, that's a beautiful view of the hotel especially against the Colorado Mountains. Your dress is hot and the shoes to die for! Loving the necklace too.In short,you're gorgeous as always, Hahn. :)

  8. Love u Hanh, would love to know more abt your daily life… Oo and do u bake with your children? It wld be great to know more abt u as a person and ur career :)

    take care
    smiiilllee 😀

  9. hi Ami,

    you made me smile when reading your comment.
    I love to bake with my kids, most the time is cookies, cake and pie. naughty stuffs but i made it becomes heathy…


  10. AMAZING shoes and dress =] you have the most adorable little girls and they're so lucky to have a stylish mom who lets them play dress up lol

  11. what a beautiful place, hanh!
    i would love to bring mr, freddy there someday.

    oh you're one gorgeous woman
    and beautiful mom!
    i truly love your style soo much!
    good night, hanh!

  12. The place look so beautiful.
    The UO dress looks really good on you, because the dress has no hanger appeal when we first picked it up. See you tomorrow Hanh.

  13. OMGosh, those shoes are amazing! I especially love the close-up shot of it against the leaves! What a gorgeous place 'Del Coronado', freaky about the 'ghost' though! :)

  14. SMART combo with the shoes! Acrylic heels are my favourites! Oh, you're killing me with those shoes! Amazing as usual!

    Oh, and that ghost story you mentioned is just way too cool! would love to check myself into that room one day just for the sake of seeing 'something' ;p


  15. Good morning, Hanh!
    What a lovely place to stay!!!

    I´m in awe with your very last photo! The background is simple perfect for your amazing shoes!!!!..and your gold necklace… is it vintage? LOVELY LOVELY LOVELY!!!

    Wishing you a wonderful relaxing weekend!!!
    Hugs from… me 😉

  16. I really like colorado.. nice and peaceful place to spend hollydays.. By the way you look so stylish as always.. Dress is adorable ı think, and love the heels too..

  17. Hotel looks amazing! I love stories about haunted hotels and houses! Some Like It Hot is one of my favorite movies, I'll pay more attention to the hotel when I'll watch it over!
    The dress is really nice, specially from the side!

  18. What a beautiful place, full of interesting stories! I'd love love to go there someday… :-)
    Lovely post!
    The details on the dress are awesome and those shoes are beyond fab! Love everything lucite in fashion accessories! :-)

  19. Love the dress, great style as usual Hanh!
    Love the shoes! I went a bit mad and bought 3 pairs of shoes online this week, they are being delivered today and i am eagerly waiting there arrival!! :)
    Have a great day!
    Much love from Ireland. xx

  20. I think I saw that hotel before in a movie and it looks amazing! Your dress looks fantastic on you btw. I know how Texas gets hot in the summer too, my family lives there 😀 Have a great day!

  21. I was in San Diego just a couple of months on a roadtrip and went to Coronado, truly a beautiful place, the victorian architecture, as you mention, is incredible! You look so beautiful in all you photos, shoes and dress are amazing!

  22. Wow, the hotel looks like an adaptation of a fairytale castle! Love the big towers.

    I really like the fact that you chose shoes with similar fringing/straps as the dress… what a perfect combination! Have a lovely weekend!

  23. So before I will ho on vacation next time I will ask you for the best places, honey…. The Hotel and the environment looks so "i want to go there – IMMEDIATELY!" Just to rest, to have a long walk on the side walk, to breathe the fresh air which seems to be more clear there through the pictures, amazing! It seems to be the perfect place. Need to show it to the man now… 😉
    The second picture of you is just FIERCE! I like the pose a lot – and the dress is effortless! Her royal hotness Hanh!
    Salvatore Ferragamo is sooooo uber cool – and so underestimated – thanks for showing a gorgeous pair of SF high heels! They're fantasmagoric! The accessoires are well chosen – as always :)
    I'm wishing you and your family a great weekend, darling dearest!
    Thinking of you!!! ((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))

  24. darling i love staying at different hotels.that one looks like it would be so much fun! Thank you for all the great images on it.
    The dress is so great, it looks very luxe and the shoes Hanh are marvellous! How amazing are they!
    Muah x

  25. Hi Hanh,

    This hotel looks so amazing! like you, i am always traveling and just love the adventures of it all.

    You look amazing as always! those shoes are just stunning!

    Wishing you and your family a lovely weekend!


  26. Love the heels and the dress! I am also in love with the YSL heels in the picture below. I have been trying to get a hold of those for ages.

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