Giving away Gift

Hi my fabulous fellow readers,

I take this Giving away Gift as a opportunity to say thank you to you all for your kind compliments and continuing support for my blog. You simply leave your comment on my comment page on this post and the next two posts. Please also give a reason why you love to visit this blog with your first comment. The winner is the one who has the most comment counts and will be announced later, the prize being a $75 gift card at your choice of store. If we have a tie, it’ll be a random pick for the winner. They will be counted as 1 comment per reader in each post. Have fun and good luck to you all!!!!

Many of you already understand my style. I like to change my look from elegant but edgy, glam rock but classic, feminine with tough touch and sexy but not too revealings. To me, fashion is a kind of living art, changing the look is fun and playful. It also gives you more chances to play with your fashion sense, more of an opportunity to experiment . It’s not just for these reasons my look is always different but also there is another reason: I’ve gotten it from my marriage life experiences.

When you’re in a long relationship, such as married life, you would want to stimulate your relationship, stimulate your partner to keep your relationship exciting and fresh. There are many ways to do that. Changing your look is one of the ways. When I’m going out with my husband, I give him a surprise about my look. He has no expectation of how I would look like; elegant or punk chic, classic or modern sexy chic. I give him a different feeling every time, the feeling of going out with a different chick but actually it’s the same me, the one who he has been falling in love with and married me for who I am. I can tell he likes that. All men like us teasing them, giving them an exciting feeling, I think… Of course, I give him my signature look, the one look is simple tee with no make-up and a ponytail when I take care of my kids or in the kitchen. That’s my philosophy. I hope you enjoy it!!!

I wore CdG sheer top, Balenciaga skirt bought last year on sale at Carlo Martinengo, a boutique store in Dallas, Steve madden shoes.

Alaia clutch, recently bought on big sale at Barney’s, necklace is Janis by Janis Savitt.

I hope you all have a happy day! hugs…from Hanh 😉

Ps: This post will open 3 days until to next post will be on Friday morning (Dallas’s time)

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156 thoughts on “Giving away Gift

  1. There are so many reasons I love visiting your blog Hanh
    Reason 1. You don't just go with the regular (clothing/designer) robot look that some women wear. You put a beautiful look on how you wear your clothes (chic, edgey, sheek, elegant, modern, or classy)

  2. I like to check out your blog because you have an interesting sense of style. I must say I love most of your simple elegant look, and some of the rocker chic looks I am not so fond with, but that doesn't matter. I love the outfit and your look in this particular post. I love the mixture of a bright color with black… nice and fresh

  3. This is my favourite look so far. Love EVERYTHING. The skirt is a dream and the boots are gorgeous. You look so classy and sexy here. Wow… x

  4. There are so many reasons I love visiting your blog Hanh
    Reason 2. Whatever outfit you put on, you can make it work for any occassion, like if your going to a fancy party, the beach, the mall with your friends, a nice night out with your family, or having fun with Nini

  5. There are so many reasons I love visiting your blog Hanh
    Reason 3. You're not afraid to try on different pieces of clothing that look like they wouldn't go together but you make them work beautifully and you wear them great

  6. There are so many reasons I love visiting your blog Hanh
    Reason 4. You're not afraid to wear things most women would ususally not wear. It shows that you have a real toughness in you that says "as long as I look good, I don't care what mean people say about me"

  7. There are so many reasons I love visiting your blog Hanh
    Reason 5. You not only show us your fashion sense but you also show what else is in your life, like your beautiful daughters and the really cool vacations you go to. You also give us really good fashion tips

  8. you look amazing! as always! that skirt is a beautiful color, and i like the classic shape of it too.

    i could go on and on about why i love your blog. i love your blog, because i hope to be a fabulous supermom like you one day! the majority of people that inspire me, from my friends to carine roitfeld/emmanuelle alt/angelina jolie/queen rania (except oprah), they are all moms! it is also my dream in life to be asian, but oh well, i was born a mix of other stuff! LOL!!!

  9. i love your blog because it is highly evident that you are very gracious and grateful of your wonderful life, in which you get to travel and wear amazing clothing. you have a beautiful, elegant, yet relaxed style that can be emulated using simple inexpensive brands. i ran across your blog a couple months ago and am completely smitten with each of your posts. thanks you for shring your beautiful life with the world.

  10. Hi there Hanh! I love visiting your blog because it has an exciting mix of your own brand of style, fabulous outfits and accessories, a friendly homey air with your travel-food-family photos, and your thoughtfulness towards other bloggers.

    Your green skirt and sheer black top are beautiful.

    Enjoy your day!

  11. hi hahn! this is my first time leaving a comment, but since u started blogging, ur site is a daily must for me. =) your blog is inspiring (not only for fashion) but cuz u come across so warm n loving when u share all ur outfit posts that chronicle your travels and's refreshing to read a woman's blog (not young teen) who is a mom n wife n fashionista! and ur tidbits like today on how to keep the love alive (haha) in long term relationships is something i really appreciate too!! and btw, who makes ur beautiful neckalce? Naiyana

  12. great outfit ! as always ! love your blouse and the color of your skirt !

    I agree with you, I've got the same philosophy as you even if I did get married ( too young ! )and I must admit that I love to feel that men are watching me, moreover I adore teasing my boyfriend !

  13. Hello! I love your blog because you manage to balance your hobbies of fashion and travel with your family obligations. I think it's hard for a lot of people, especially those with families to balance the needs and wants of their family members with their personal needs and wants, and you seem to do it beautifully!

  14. well i love your blog because of your pictures. you look so sophisticated and are an inspiration. i admire your sense of style and hope i'll keep mine in my "older" age as well 😉

  15. Lovely look! My main reason for visiting your blog is your impeccable style combined with traveling and food. Which basically means you cover three of my biggest passions: food, travel and fashion.

    I love how you describe why you dress differently for your husband! Very true! I think more women actually dress to impress other women. My husband actually has a keen interest in the stuff I wear. Sometimes I think he secretly wishes he were female so he could experiment more with clothes.. haha.

  16. I think it's such a creative way for women to dress up to make themselves and their men feel great. That's why your blog is so diff than others, you're super creative and I like that. The public can def tell that you sincerely enjoy the art of dressing. That's why I read so often b/c it's inspiring! =)

  17. i think u are a cool lady and u have awesome clothing but i like the most ur pictures… totally en vogue….and i like the stories from ur life… cause there are no such… its always about " i wore that…i ve been there to eat with my friends"… nothing special::..

  18. Hi Hahn! Well you know I love your blog because I keep coming back 😉 I like how your not afraid to try different looks and your a devoted mother of two. Lot's of times women get caught up with their family life and forget that they still need to take care of themselves. I know what you mean about changing up the look for your husband. My style is pretty much the same. Classic, feminine and pretty but this is what he likes. He'd probably look at me crazy if I stepped out in a rock look. I do change my hair alot though and like to try new makeup looks so it's the same thing.

  19. What would I do without your blog;)
    It´s always so nice to read your new post
    and to take a look at your photos!

    And no matter if you choose to be elegant but edgy, glam rock but classic, feminine with tough touch and sexy but not too revealings…
    you are always HANH!

    BTW… the color of your Balenciaga skirt is simply AWESOME!!!

    Beautiful Blessings to you…

  20. Hanh I love your blog because you remind women they can do everything. You not only have to be a mother, or a wife, or a fashionista, you can be everything you want. You remind women they can be who they want, no limitations in sight.
    PS: I love the play of textures in your look.

  21. Keep smiling Hanh and stay strong always in life :)

    I have a request; pls. share wth us about ur wedding and how u met ur husband … i would be lovely for u to share that part of ur life with ur readers..

  22. Hello,Hahn!

    The reason why I keep coming back to your blog is because your style is unpredictable, glam rock this day, edgy chic the next and then classy and cool on the next post. I like how you fuse different styles make it it your own.

    Then I like the travels,the stories about your family and the yummy food recipes that you're sharing with us.

    Moreover, what I love most about you and your blog is that you always take the time to visit the other blogs and leaving them with sweet comments.Guess I summed it all.:)

    Btw, loving the mint green Balenciaga skirt, the sheer top and that gorgeous necklace that you're wearing.So chic! :)

    Have a wonderful night ahead.

  23. i love coming back here because you are a mom like me with a very FABULOUS style! not only stylish but very nice and sweet too, i am talking about our meeting in strasbourg! and you have the best shoe collection! 😉

    thanks for inspiring me everyday!

  24. Hello Hanh,

    I love reading your blog because it is refreshing to see a vietnamese woman like yourself, doing what I would like to do in the future (hopefully near). I'm 21 in college and I have read that you too, were in school. I am sacrificing a lot of time and my fashion sense for school. At times, I can look dishevled and haggard! It gives me hope that one day I can own some fab shoes and be a fashionista as well! I also love love love traveling and I do so every chance I get. I see myself in you in this way and it inspires me!

    Thanks and keep updating!

    -Trish Thuy Ho

  25. Wow that outfit is great, that skirt is nuts! And I believe with your fashion philosophy. I keep coming back to your blog because of your great sense of style and to read about all the places you've traveled to. I always come back for a smile on my face too! :)

  26. Hi sweetie you're radiant, I have visited many many many outfits and forgive yours lately because I do not have time to visit blogs, I visit only when I reply when because I have no more time this month !!!I feel very clever to you to innovate and offer new things to your relationship, relations are always caring !!!you are elegance personified, a muaaaaaaaa

  27. Hmmm…I don't know if the first comment I wrote went through…

    I love your style–your combo of rocker and glamorous constantly inspires me to rethink my own wardrobe!! I also appreciate your kindness, which comes through in each post and pose.

  28. hey hanh!!
    you are looking GREAT as always :) loving your smile and I loooove that you are wearing Steve Madden shoes :)
    you and Nini have basically inspired me to put up my own blog :) no matter what clothes you wear, a $$$ designer dress to a cheap basic tee from F21, you never fail to amaze me and your readers. A lot of us look up to you and you never fail to disappoint by throwing in the sweetest comments — you always go back to each of our websites and never fail to show your love!! Most importantly, with your busy sched as a wife and a mom for 2 beautiful kids, you always find time to share your life through this blog — that for me is already beyond inspirational — with that said, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU HANH for sharing YOU! :)


  29. hey hanh!!
    you are looking GREAT as always :) loving your smile and I loooove that you are wearing Steve Madden shoes :)
    you and Nini have basically inspired me to put up my own blog :) no matter what clothes you wear, a $$$ designer dress to a cheap basic tee from F21, you never fail to amaze me and your readers. A lot of us look up to you and you never fail to disappoint by throwing in the sweetest comments — you always go back to each of our websites and never fail to show your love!! Most importantly, with your busy sched as a wife and a mom for 2 beautiful kids, you always find time to share your life through this blog — that for me is already beyond inspirational — with that said, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU HANH for sharing YOU! :)


  30. Dear Hahn,

    Your blog is great! I am a young mom to a beautiful little girl and it is inspiring to see that you can be a wonderful and dedicated mom and wife but still balance that with your second passion… fashion!! Your outfits are also inspirational…I may not have the money now but I love the ideas you give me to use what I have in a new way…love to you and yours

  31. Hi!!

    I read your blog because you're really one of my inspirations, you're so kind and you have a killer wardrobe and a fabulous life that's so full of love!


  32. i so agree with you about the relationship area. i like your blog for your personal style. it's nice to see what others are wearing and how.

  33. very very feminine look, with the pastel colour silky skirt matching with a black sheer top. i never thought that you would pair this outfit with ankle boots as i thought its going to be platform heels. nice look i'd say.

  34. i think the main reason why i keep coming back is because your blog makes motherhood still look glamorous. before this blog, i always envisioned having to resort to wearing old tshirts with spit up all over it and mom pants. *shudder* I think that's why i've been hesitant about having kids!

  35. Hi Hanh!!!! Wow, where do I begin? Your blog is a "must read/see" for me everyday! You manage to incorporate your passion for fashion into your love for fine art and food. You are a well rounded who maintains her sexy at home and transfers that fierceness into her children. I salute your domestic abilities and only hope that I am half as good of a trailblazer as you are. I appreciate your style and fabric choices. You have mastered what works best for your petite frame. That Balenciaga skirt is on fire!!! The construction and color are divine.
    Remain fabulous!!!
    Bravo to you Hanh!!!!!

  36. Hi Chi Hanh!

    Why do I love visiting this site? Why WOULDN'T I? Lol =]

    I love your well-put-together outfits and also just being able to see you do your daily routine tasks of being a mother. It's definitely inspirational to see that just because a woman has become a housewife and mother, that she doesn't necessarily have to "let herself go". Great job!!!!

  37. I love your blog because you have impeccable taste that doesn't focus on the ordinary! Plus I'm super jealous that you like like that after having bambinos. Ah ha

  38. wow, you look great. I love this Balenciaga skirt that we picked out together at Carla. The green is just beautiful!!
    Hope you and the family having a wonderful day,

  39. you look absolutely fabulous, my dear! its been a while, ive missed reading your blog, many fashionable posts ive missed, i see:(

    anyways, adore that mint colour, looks great on you!


  40. Hi Hanh!

    Your blog is a representation of an epitome of an ideal woman
    who lives a balance life portraying a responsible role of
    being a wife, a mother, a friend that greatly influence an
    individual in a positive way due to the refreshing thoughts
    shared in this silent rendezvous. Sharing life through the beauty of photos paint a thousand words. This is my haven in the internet world!- from Mr. Freddy's Mom

    Hanh, your skirt is absolutely gorgeous!
    don't you know that green is my fave color?!
    i love any shades of green so much!
    the animal print clutch and necklace are so beautiful!

  41. I think your right about how versatile your style is. I can always expect to raise my eyebrow in your post! Everyone else seems to have this cookie-cutter look to them and just copy other bloggers. You are different. I also like how you incorporate style with other aspects of your life. For example, fine dining, your kids, traveling, etc.


  42. Hello again! just wanted to say I love your skirt and the color looks so magnificent on you!

    I guess the main reason i love your blog [out of many reasons] is that through everything that you have, your priorities are never out of order. Family is always at the top of your list and everything else falls into line. your personality shines through your writing and it makes your blog so much more enjoyable because you're not pretending to be something other than what you are =D sorry this is so long! until next time ! ! !

  43. I am just wondering if i can join this contest. lol =d But i think i still have the right to say why i love visiting your blog. =D The reason is, you are such a nice and sweet person. And your style is fabulous ever. You always give justice to all the outfit that you wear. =D And doing some experiment to make it look different. And your style is realy amazing. Have a great day. =D

    A Writers Den
    The Brown Mestizo

  44. oohh you look like a limited edition Barbie waiting for mr. Ken!!! How do you stay so pretty, upbeat and married w/ kids girly?? Please share ur secrets…

  45. Hi Hanh….I just discovered ur blog about a few days ago but I love revisting it is because of ur sense of fashion…u pair high end clothing w/ the lower end things …for example…u have high end shoes but u accessorize w/ f21…awesome…

  46. I love visiting your blog because you are a mom with killer style. My mother was the same way and when I have kids I want to still be well put together.

  47. Your blog is lovely. You post about your beautiful daughters, your loving husband, and your forever family. You include nice photographs, and never fail to elaborate on the particular moment, or the person in the photograph. It is refreshing.

    For me, I enjoy looking at how life is in another part of the world. Travel is such a great thing, and I hope to do much in my life time. Seeing this blog only makes me want to travel more!

    Your style is impeccable. You wear your outfits with confidence, and style each one very well.

    You are a genuine human being, and I can tell that you appreciate all that you have. You don't take it for granted, which is nice to see! I like reading about your opinions on life, just as much as I like seeing what you wore, or what fancy restaurant you ate at.

    Your blog is everything all wrapped up in one. Beautiful clothing (and shoes!), decadent food, travel destinations, and the people you love.

    Thank you always for the enjoyable read.

  48. Hi Hanh!
    Your blog is very special to me because it gives a glimpse into the life of Vietnamese people living abroad, and a feel of the American culture.It also somewhat brings me closer to my relatives who also live in Dallas! (which I've never met)
    I have to say that your fashionable style, travels and endeavours are very inspirational and fun to read.You are a true original and this is what essentially draws me to your blog.

    Diane from Aust :)

  49. Hi Hanh! I love your blog because you have an amazing eye for style and pairing certain outfits together…. you also have amazing shoe choices, and I am DEFINITELY a shoe gal!!!!!!!! You also give me inspiration to be a fabulous mommy one day! :)

  50. oh and also i hope to one day live in a gorgeous house with a beautiful family.. you have the dream life and i love living it through your blog =)

  51. And I really want the $75 gift card cause I'm tired of studying for the LSAT and I don't have a job!!!!

    Oh and will you post more about your daughters? They are wonderful little girls and they seem so well-behaved. I really want my kids to be like that when I have some… please share some mothering tips!!!!!

  52. I also love how you don't follow whatever's trendy… you stick with what you love and you rock it every single way possible! You also don't care what other people think but you are also a down to earth person. I wish I lived in Texas!!!

  53. OH ok I am not spamming I promise but I keep thinking of more things…

    like someone else said your priorities are in order and I really think that's what this society needs.. the newer generation (mine) doesn't seem too focused on a stable marriage/family life but you are living proof that you can have it all- love, family, style, and happiness… and you know how to coook! that's awesome, i would love more recipes from you!

  54. Oh and I love the different personalities with different outfits thing you are talking about with your husband. I feel the same way with my BF and when I change my hair color or style, I feel like it makes him happy!

  55. Why do I love reading your blog? There are a plethora of reasons. First of all, I enjoy seeing what outfits you put together. I also love reading about your family :) Aside from just the content of your blog, you are also such a sweet person who really cares about her readers. That's something that I continually notice, and it's amazing :)

  56. I love your shoes and the color of your skirt!

    Interesting philosophy with marriage! I have a boyfriend of 4 years who doesn't feel the same way though, he wants me to wear low-maintainence sweat pants and jeans! :( I like that you spice it up, which is why I like your blog! 😀

  57. I love this skirt on you Hanh! You look great :)

    I'm entering the giveaway for fun :)

    Anyhow, I'm a fan of your blog because of the aura I get from it is extremely positive. I admire your incredible fashion sense on top of being a great mother and wife. I'm attracted to happy/fashionable people and I can tell you are one of them! <3

  58. I love your blog because you never cease to amaze me. You have great taste and a unique sense of style. It is evident that you have a keen eye for quality, construction, and detail and all of which are important to me too. Your shoe game is sick, and I can only aspire. Beyond that you cone across as a strong, confident and intelligent woman through your blog which transcends beyond great clothes.

  59. #2 because although you love fashion so much, you are not a slave to it.. You still can wear comfy yet stylish clothes when needed (ex. your post when you went to the gym and your kids' school)

    ps. Hanh, I made a shoe post for my 50th post hope you'll check it out..=)

  60. #4 because as much as you can afford to go head-to-toe designer, you still choose to mix high-low fashion..=) which makes your style attainable and fun!

  61. Awesome blog, lovely!!! Don't think I'll win this contest but I love your style — you're like a diamond with many facets in which I can totally relate to. Your style is classic at the same time risk-taking and avant garde! It's timeless. Keep up the good work!

    Love, Adeliet

  62. OMG Hahn! I echo your philosophy on married life and how to keep things interesting! I just finished blogging about finally having quality time with the hubby since he travels often and now with the new baby, its hard to find time to do the exciting and spontaneous things that keep the relationship fresh. So, nothing like a good ol' corset to get the engines revving, lool. check out my post and tell me what you think.. I felt like a bit of a cougar, but who cares!

  63. I visit your blog for a few reasons. 1) market research for my job. 2) escapism! i want your life! it's so beautiful! 3) we can tell through your words that you're actually a good, not frivolous, and caring person. that makes it much more real to me.

  64. There are so many reasons I love visiting your blog Hanh
    Reason 7. You wear your outfits with confidence, and each way you wear your clothes is unique

  65. There are so many reasons I love visiting your blog Hanh
    Reason 8. You're a sweet caring person because you give so much love to your daughters, husband, and relatives

  66. There are so many reasons I love visiting your blog Hanh
    Reason 9. You not only wear amazing designer clothes you also have a creative mind to make your own skirt and it was very generous to show us how to make that skirt

  67. There are so many reasons I love visiting your blog Hanh
    Reason 10. Your blog shows that a woman who raises 2 kids and is married doesn't have to "let herself go" (with clothing) but that she can make the fulliest of life by creating this amazing fashion blog

  68. I'm not going to be able to comment on the next one because I'm not going to be home, but I'm going to say it anyway. I like your blog because it's not only about fashion, your travelling experience is amazing and nice to read. I don't have the opportunity to travel a lot or to have a dream closet like you, so your blog is little fairytale for me. You also have a really kind personality and such beautiful girls!!
    And a big "thank you" for commenting on my blog once in a while, it makes me really glad.

  69. Hi Hanh,
    Thanks for visiting my blog again! (
    I'm hoping/trying to win the giveaway contest and all the comments that I left are truly from my heart

  70. HI Hanh,

    why i love your blog..hmmm. well I love how refreshing and different your blog is. Its so versatile one day you show me clothes that make me envious the next you show me photos from your latest traveling experience that makes me even greener with envy!
    Much love from Ireland

  71. I meant to also say that i love your writing style, you put your own unique stamp on not only how you dress but how you write. very inspiring.
    Much love from Ireland

  72. This is my favorite outfit of yours by far; the mint color is UNBELIEVABLE.

    And you just summed up my take on fashion! I'm the same way; I love going from feminine & girly, to edgy & sexy, rock-punk-chic, to whatever I want! (:

    La C.

  73. Wow I love gift, so is it applicable to people like me outside of USA? ;p

    I love visitng your blog because You have great taste , gorgeous style and you have lovely 2 kids. I love to see a mother can dress well and I adore you and would like to get inspiration from you as I am a mother too : )
    Thanks for sharing !

  74. I love your blog for many reasons! But the main reason is that whether you are talking about fashion, family or cuisine, you speak of these things with passion and zest. I also love the fact that you are interested in charity and that you are not superficial!!!

  75. That skirt! Totally love the color. And the Steve Madden booties are just awesome! I found your blog through Nini's Style and I've been reading for a while but never commented before. I enjoy your fabulousness so much!

  76. Hanh! You are so incredibly beautiful! I love that you're a gorgeous mom with a great sense of style! I love your philosophy about life and marriage! (lucky husband!) and most of all, you inspire me to be a optimistic person!

    I love to see you when you visit Oahu in August! That would be amazing! The only problem is I might have to go to a Conference on the mainland in the same week but we'll see. I'll surely be sending you a list of great places to check out! xxoxooxoxo

  77. Hanh I hope you're not annoyed with my consecutive posts but I do mean what I say..=) and I also am interested in the contest hehe because I'll be going to the US for vacation on Aug..=)

  78. Nice website and really wonderful Tulip skirt..what a find!

    I'm a designer with a website and would love to swap links with you..
    Here is the text: Alice Fashion Blog & Fashion News
    Here is the link: alice fashion news & fashion blog

    Just leave a comment when the link is added and I will add you asap as well..

    Keep up the good work and keep enjoying travels, I have been around Asia for 1.5 year and still traveling around in New Zealand and are simply stunned by how amazing life really is, well rather than the 8 to 5 back home in Sweden..


  79. There are so many reasons I love visiting your blog Hanh
    Reason 13. You look great in every picture that you take and you know how to strike a great pose

  80. There are so many reasons I love visiting your blog Hanh
    Reason 15. You not only tell us about what you are wearing in your blog, you make your writing interesting to read

  81. There are so many reasons I love visiting your blog Hanh
    Reason 16. You know exactly how much jewerly you should wear with an outfit, and it works great with every outfit

  82. There are so many reasons I love visiting your blog Hanh
    Reason 17. You take your pictures in great locations that make the outfit, that you are wearing, stand out

  83. There are so many reasons I love visiting your blog Hanh
    Reason 18. When you take pictures of your outfit you give us different angels of it so we can see the full effect of the outfit, which is great

  84. Not only are you beautiful but you are intelligent too. Perfect. Your husband is a lucky man.

    And regardless of what you wear, you look gorgeous. Now that's a feat.

    Love it and love your blog :)

  85. You are adorable! I love the Comme Des! I love your philosophy on keeping your relationship fresh! So insightful and it totally makes sense!

  86. darling I love your blog because you love to experiment with fashion and have a great love for travel,great food and life as a while.

    darling this skirt is beautiful,you look insanely elegant! wonderful shoes girl!

  87. I love you blog, Hanh. It's a treat to read about all your travels and I always look forward to your ever interesting outfit choices! We are both in love with several of the same designers, however it's the way you mix things up that keep your site so fresh.

  88. The thing I like about your blog and blogs in general is how the viewer can feel so connected to the author without actually knowing them. From your blog, I can clearly see your a loving mother, wife and daughter but I have never even met you before is a great thing. You also explore 2 of my favorite hobbies, fashion and travel.

  89. just found your blog, love it
    love that aqua skirt, beautiful!
    stop by my blog, just listed a few fun giveaways as well.

  90. Hi Hanh,

    Sorry i haven't left a comment in a while…i had so much going on at work, life etc. I am happy to be back blogging and checking out my favorite blogs :)

    wow, i love that skirt!

    I love your blog because you have the most amazing style, you are so sweet and like you, i love traveling.

    Hope you are having a wonderful week!



    I read ur blog because it inspires me a great deal. Travelling and fashion are some of my very favorite things and u do a TREMENDOUS JOB of merging the two 2gether.


  92. hi again hanh, thanks for commenting on my blog =) that's so crazy how you seem to have a busy life but you show appreciation to your readers… i remember you used to comment me on all my entries before i deleted my last blog 😛 you're so courteous!!!

  93. Also sorry if it seemed like I spammed your comments earlier hahaha, I went overboard :) Love the color of your skirt.. perfect for summer/spring.

    Also I was wondering how the beaches are in Texas? The BF and I love San Diego so much but I remember you thought the water was too cold here.. I'd love to visit Texas!

  94. I love your blog for countless reasons Hanh!!!! My two greatest loves are Rick Owens and food!!! I've never seen anyone rock Rick Owens like you, and your food posts are divine!!

  95. what a great look! this shoes are quite similar to mine's from zara. I love them because they remind me at gucci's from past summer!

    Oooooh beautiful! another giveaway!!! 😀

    Well… I adore you and you blog for many reason. ther first is because you're a friendly, simple and humile person. I like the way you tell us about your life and it's amazing to see that you're a great mum and wife and not only a fashionista!!
    second… I love all of your shoes and clothes, and I appreciate the values you have: you put family and love before everything, but as you said, if someone has the possibilities to spend on something you like… why not! just do it! this doesn't mean to be a superficial person!

    third… we have almost the same vision of fashion. we have not a definite style, we like play with clothes and accessoris. one day we could be a punk-rock muse, the oether a romantic woman… fashion for me means to be free! freedom is fundamental!

    so that's all! 😀
    have a nice weekend!

  96. There are so many reasons I love visiting your blog Hanh
    Reason 21. You're are a friendly, beautiful, caring person, who has a passion for fashion, and a love for her kids and husband

  97. There are so many reasons I love visiting your blog Hanh
    Reason 22. You make me forget about my worries when I go to your blog I always see a new beautiful outfit and I feel grateful that you open up new doors in fashion

  98. There are so many reasons I love visiting your blog Hanh
    Reason 23. You have a great passion for traveling and I'm glad you posts pictures of your vacations

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