July 4th Pictures

Almost every year on July 3rd, we go to a local hotel to celerate July 4th holiday, along with a few family members. The kids love it because the hotel has a water slide, bouncy houses, rock climing, face painting, swimming and of course fireworks.These pictures were taken yesterday and this morning; my 2 girls, their friend and their nephew. It means I’m his great aunt, ;-). He is a good boy..We had awesome fun time.

We were watching fireworks last night (July 3rd). I’m sorry that I didn’t take any fireworks’s pictures.
Her own idea and design. Pretty impressive for a 7 year old, don’t you think?

The kids are very cute, aren’t they?

This picture was taken after breakfast, this morning.

Big hugs and kisses…from Hanh!!!;-)

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40 thoughts on “July 4th Pictures

  1. Looks like you had an eventful 4th! The kids are all just adorable. Your photos lately look more amazing than ever too – did you get a new camera?

  2. thank you so much, hanh!
    happy 4th of july too!

    what a smart kids you have
    esp your 7 year old daughter.
    her idea is so good!
    with the face painting.
    '' the peace sign and the U.S. flag''

    the kids are so cute in their patriotic headbands.
    and you rock in your short shorts.

    p.s. we weren't able to see the fireworks display since
    mr. freddy had a fever for 2 days.
    thank God he's getting better.

    good night, hanh!

  3. Hello hanh! Gorgeous kids, lovely pics!!! Glad u ve having fun!!

    Oh the rain was fun, but since i was wearing à White top i was affraid to look like after a wett t shirt contest…. Hehe

  4. what adorable kids!!! :)
    love the margiela boots! i had the chance to buy them on sale but passed it up for something else. too bad :(
    glad you enjoyed the holidays!

  5. oh i cant tell by looking at these that you had a wonderful 4th of july. the kids are all so cute. loving you int hose shorts with the Margiela boots

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