La Vie en Rose

Black is classic, elegant, modern, chic, tough, timeless, an all year round color. I love black! I have many favorite black outfits and sometimes wearing color is very refreshing from the black. I definitely take advantage of summer to wear my colorful outfits. Pink is my favorite color since I was little girl until now. Wearing pink reminds me of my Innocent, carefree childhood. Wearing pink reminds me of my very first dance with my husband when we were on dating and it also became the first dance for our wedding’s day. ” La vie en Rose”.

I wore pink Lanvin dress, bought 2 years ago at Barney’s on nice sale and Guiseppe for Balmain shoes, F21 jews.

Thank you very much to all my fellow readers for taking time to visit my blog, and a special thank you to all who leave comments on my comment page or through email. I truly appreciate it. When I read your compliments with the details about why you love to visit my blog, I’ve truly gotten emotional with your honest and kind words. It touches my heart.

Many of you inspire me for my sense of style, my travel, yummy food, also as a woman to remind the other woman can be who they want, no limitation in sight. Inspire me as a mom, a wife, a family lady. I’m honored with your wonderful, kind compliments. For young readers who may still be in high school or college, who have been sending me comments about how I remind them to focus for their school, I’m very happy to hear that. I want my kids to do the same thing, focus on studying while you could play with your fashion when you have extra time on your weekend, holidays, long summer break. To me, life’s school is very important for us. It’s a foundation of our life and we just have one life to build it with your best. It doesn’t matter who you will be, what career you have: a doctor, engineer, a fashionista, or simply a mom; your foundation of knowledge is for you and your future’s family. And thank you again to all my fabulous readers, wishing everyone a wonderful week ahead!!! love….Hanh 😉

ps: thank you everyone for giving me the ways to check number of visitors of my blog. I’ll check them out and let you know if I have any trouble 😉

ps: the winner of Giving away Gift will be announced on the next post!

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69 thoughts on “La Vie en Rose

  1. Your Edith Piaf's stylish tribute is full of architectural Majesty, and I really like the way your GLAMorous lipstick softly matches the Dress'intense Pink, OR the various palettes of "Girlie" Elegance . . .
    ps: This back zipper subtly sounds as a potential cleavage, full of electrifying sensuality !!!

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  2. Awww she's so sweet and appreciative! Your kids are veryy lucky to have you as their mom. You just have an amazing heart and I'm glad I could brighten up your day (:

  3. Awww she's so sweet and appreciative! Your kids are veryy lucky to have you as their mom. You just have an amazing heart and I'm glad I could brighten up your day (:

  4. Good morning Hanh! The sun is brightly filling our living room as I type this…and your lovely pink Lanvin outfit matches its gloss! You look great in bright hues as you do with black actually. I struggle to wear colors, but I get lots of inspiration to try harder from you and other bloggers. Great shoes as usual!

    Enjoy your Sunday with your loved ones!

  5. Oh Hanh,
    You're always so gracious and elegant!

    That pink Lanvin is so gorgeous, I love how the colour is so feminine yet the cut is very utilitarian.

    Take care!

  6. i do think that readers of one blog is really the source of strength for the blogger to continue producing better posts. and i just wanna tell you that i absolutely adore your style and how you blog. its really refreshing and everytime after i read your blog, i feel totally relax… thanks once again for bringing your world to ours.

  7. Such a bold and pretty color! Your makeup (lipstick) goes well with it. We are thinking to use La Vie En Rose for our wedding song as well :)

  8. what a lovely pop of color! lately i feel like i've got too much black outfits so i've been drawn to lots of color…this is perfect for a hot summer!:)

  9. Aaaawww Hanh what a touching post.. I used to have a pink phase too! Before, my friends used to bet what color I'm wearing and they would guess pink and they're right!=) That Lanvin number is so pretty and goes well with your tough looking Balmain shoes.. It's nice that although we lead different lives and we live in different countries we are still united by one thing the love for fashion and love to live life to the fullest..=)

  10. what a great dress! and the shoes are also amazing!! I'm still in love with a fuxia dress… Gucci by Tom Ford… very old, I think from 2001, but all that collection was amazing!

  11. you need to take me to these nice crazy sales when i come to dallas. LOL! the dress suits you so well. pink is your color hahn, well aside from black of course! love love love the shoes. i bought similar ones but not from balmain unfortunately! 😉

  12. I don't speak French here, although I would love to learn. My mom really influenced her love of French music on me. In Vietnam she learnt French in school and listened to French music. You look so much like Michelle Yeoh, almost look like twins! The collar of your Lanvin dress reminds me of the ones on Ao dai.

  13. Happy sunny sunday to you, Hanh.

    The pink color suits you so very well!!!
    I like it 😉
    And your make up is simply PERFECT!!!

    Good night to youuu!!!

    Liebe Grüße

  14. the whole look looks perfectly put together! your dress is beautiful and your makeup is so well done. it's nice when people are able to do kind things for one another in such little ways as commenting. =D

  15. u have been busy since i was away. all these amazing outfit for me to drool over. i missed your blog your inspiraional style. u are an amazing person hanh! dont ever change!

  16. I love the color of your dress. Very beautifully paired with strong shoes. It is very hard to believe that you don't work out. Your legs are very muscular! Love your blog!!!!

  17. I love pink too!!! and you look so lovely in pink! love your thought about education, cant agree me with you that school is alwasy important and is the first most priority in for youth.

  18. Darling, this colour suits you so well. As for the dress itself… It's LANVIN, so should I really say more?… Beautiful…
    Have a lovely week!

  19. You look beautiful as always, I have to say though I am very curious to see some of your wedding photos – you must have looked absolutely gorgeous!

    dont ever stop blogging!


  20. Gorgeous color of the dress! I love black too, but I also have the urge to sometimes just wear a bit of color. It's also a great idea if the weather is bad or it's winter, because it instantly cheers me up (and everyone around me).

    Hope you had a lovely weekend and wishing you a great week ahead!

  21. Not fair! How on earth can you look so fantastic in pink and I look so putrid??!! Haha, you look divine and those shoes are killer lady :)

    Hope you had a fab weekend and here's to a great week

  22. Hello,Hahn! Pink is definitely your color. I also like how you do your make-up. You're so lady like and elegant in this outift and the shoes… oh wow they're so fierce! Loving your outfits and your blog as always. Have a nice day ahead.

  23. That's such a lovely color on you. I'm inspired by your style, and of course, your devotion to your family! Thanks for doing the interview and I'm looking forward to seeing more great shots on your blog :) xx D

  24. wOw!
    you're glowing in pink, hanh!
    it's nice to see that you really could pull off
    any color of clothes.
    thank you so much being a good inspiration to me.
    you're truly a very nice person.

  25. HI Hanh!!
    what a lovely post :) the pictures are so eye popping! you really suit that shade of pink looks great with your hair!
    I love checking your blog, i find you very inspirational! Hope one day( in the future) im as cool a mum as you! :)
    Much love from Ireland xx

  26. Hahn, I'm truly speechless faced with this wonderful outfit of yours, you look so classy but very young, fresh and bright, also I love Edith Piaf and her music; as I alreay mentioned in another comment I really like you as a person and as a mom as well, I think you're just delightful!:)

  27. Love the shoes! Love the dress!

    I'm trying very hard to do well in school, so that I can someday have a career in the fashion industry. It's all about preparation, and sticking to a life plan, all while enjoying it while you're living it.

    xx carly

  28. Honey,

    I will give you a little award what you find on my blog. The awards attract a tag. Please reveal 10 interesting things about yourself.


  29. I have a pair of pants just like your pink dress mmmmmmmmmmm that reminds me i haven't wore them in such a long time.Anyway love your blog and have to say that always love how you do your make up.xx

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