Le Crocodile

Last month, when we were on a trip to France, we had a chance to dine at Le Crocodile in Strasbourg, France. The restaurant has three Michelin stars. It’s about the equivalent of five stars here in America. The food is absolutely delicious with beautiful aromas. Their goose pate is creamy and has a fresh taste that melts in your mouth like pate ice cream. My favorite dish was frog legs with watercress sorbet, wow..so beautiful!. Fresh prawn with cappuccino form is delicate dish, it has great blending of the prawn and cappuccino form taste, it’s also my favorite dish. I love prawn. Branzini with white truffe..wow..has marvelous fresh white summer truffle fragrant. The last dish cooked perfect but less interesting of all. What a experience to dine there, in France. I really miss that trip!!

Goose pate. Frog legs with watercress sorbet.Fresh prawns with cappuccino form. Branzini with white truffle form. Sea bass with wild mushroom, potato puree. These pictures were taken in Strasbourg. I wore Comme de Garcons black dress, Rick Owens boots for diner at Le Crocodile. The dress has a interesting structure and its bottom is sheer material. Wish you all have a relaxing weekend!!! Hugs…from Hanh.

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60 thoughts on “Le Crocodile

  1. AND these pictures truly sounds as such a tasty/exquisite tribute to French gastronomy/Haute cuisine . . .
    ps: Your Dress is very "GLAMazon-esque", on such a Futuristic way !!!
    ps: Mmmmh Mmmmmh just in case, I give "Summmer Style advices" on "stilettosteticoooooo" , Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes !!!
    Hope You're Well.

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  2. you look so relaxing in all your pics and yet chic at the same time. i just adore how you stack on layers of clothes with different textures. cool indeed. the bangles goes really well with outfits too.

  3. The food looks amazing, the way its displayed is like art. Looks too good to eat. Love the Sea bass dish!
    Hanh I love the garments you have put together in this wonderful outfit. I think the hsoes go perfectly with!
    Hope yoru having a great wknd dear


  4. Hello to you, Hanh!

    Wooow, I´m impressed about your courage to eat frog legs!
    The food looks yummy and so well decorated on the plates!

    BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL and so are you 😉
    The way you mix that outfit is amazing. LOVE IT!

    Happy sunny joyful day to you!!

  5. Hi Hanh,

    Hope you are having a relaxing Sunday!

    The food looks amazing…i am a fish person so i eat seabass, tuna and salmon nearly everyday! :)

    I can't get enough of those RO shoes! Just too amazing!

    Happy Sunday!


  6. Yeeeeehaaaaaa!!!! This is a gorgeous Strasbourg flashback :)
    I've heard about the Crocodile before but never had the chance to visit Strasbourg before – so another HTA (Hanh's Travel Advice) on the list!
    Frog legs… Well, that's interesting 😉 I guess hubby would go for them, I would go for anything else, so it's a fair deal, right? 😉
    Recalling "Kill Bill" – Black Mamba! (everybody wanted to own this uber-fierce codename in the movie and here in Germany)
    The dress is very awesome and reminds me of my floor length Margiela dress (need to take a picture for you) – the RO boots are to die for (am I repeating myself? anyway….)
    Lots of sweet huggies to the one and only Hanh!

  7. wow!
    those foods are delicious!
    hanh, are those real frog legs?!
    huh! i don't think i can eat it,
    i'm very picky when it comes with food.
    good for you, you're not so picky-eater and
    very adventurous with food.

    Hanh, i love how you transformed
    your looks from looking fierce to angelic face.
    that's a very beautiful outfit of you
    and i love your style so much!
    it's very sophisticated!

  8. Once again gorg!
    Like I commented in Nini's blog, I think you two compliment each other so well, you are lucky to have found each other and be friends. The shoot was so perfect. : )

  9. That food sounds amazing, i love France haven't been in years unfortunately. Going to Paris with work in September cant wait as i have never been before! I ate in Gordon Ramsey's restaurant in London 2 years ago, it was amazing.
    Much love from Ireland! xx

  10. This food looks absolutely delicious!!!
    Full on black looks fabulous on you!

    And the pictures of your beautiful girls in your last post are so darling. You are truly blessed :)

    xx Ela
    Added you to my blogroll :)

  11. All those dishes look amazing! I haven't been to that restaurant but I have a love-hate relationship with 3-Michelin star restaurants (I have been to a few, that have been slighly overrated). This looks terrific though! And I thought the 3 stars were a worldwide standard?

    Love your CdG outfit! I saw it in the boutique and also saw a very cool lady wear it on the street the other day. I love the structural shape of it. As usual, you look amazing in it :) Wishing you a wonderful week!

  12. The food looks fabulous and so beautifully presented. A 3 star michelin restaurant? It must have tasted divine. And now onto your outfit….WOW! You look spectacular in it. I love it, Im *swooning* over the shoes X

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