MMMargiela-New Addition

Welcome to the new addition to my shoe collection, MMMargiela cow boy boots!! Since I didn’t own MMMargiela shoes before and Barney’s has nice a sale going now, it would be interesting to have those, I thought… And I took advantage of this chance. What do you think?… MMMargiela is always marvelous!!!
Wearing Urban Outfitter jeans, F21 t-shirt.

Fallon necklace, F21 silver cuff.
Wishing everyone a fabulous weekend!!! For my fellow Americans, wishing you all have a wonderful holiday July 4th. Cheers!!!…big hugs…from Hanh!
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56 thoughts on “MMMargiela-New Addition

  1. Ha ha! Yeah, i do hope that i'll become like Hanh too when i become a mom someday.. i lve how you pair the entire outfit! Color of the jeans fits well with the shoe 😀 very good combination. Have you been losing weight Hanh? You look quite petite than usual here. And as for the boots, just not my kind of liking BUT you managed to pull it up very beautifully :) i feel the boots is very unique, first because of its color shade & second it steepness of heels similar to Balenciaga booties. :) Nice post, look forward to your next post.. Take care.

  2. oooh great look! I love so much this jeans, the tee and the accessories!!
    I like a lot of margiela shoes… about this cowboy boots I'm still a bit perplexed… they're cute, I like them on other people, but probably I'll never buy this for me!
    anyway… never say never!!! last year when I saw the chloè red comabat boots I was thinking: "ggggh how horrible are???" but then, I saw them on Rumi, Alix and other famous bloggers, and I fell in love! the pitty is that now, that I'm madly madly obsessed, I can't find them anywhere :(

  3. Wooow AND It would be such a Pleasure to be tamed by a "Futuristic Cow Girl" like You !!!
    Or When subtle "Destroy CHIC" inspiration meets your natural Stylishness, "à fleur de peau", it composes such a bewitching cocktail of GLAM . . .

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  4. Happy 4th of July. We celebrated Canada's Day on July 1st. They are sisters.hihi.
    love the boots espeically paired with the tie dye jeans. great find.

  5. oh my goodness!! i have boot envy!! i love this outfit!! love the jeans and the tee with it!!
    Hope you have a good weekend!!
    Much love from Ireland

  6. Wow the outfit differs quite a lot from the ones you wear normally – but this is also soo good on you. And I love the boots, they're very special in a very good way!

  7. Once again, Hanh, you've come up tops! I abso-freakin-lutely LOVE this outfit and have always always admired the Margiela cowboy boots.

    Yum and congrats on the new addition :)

    p.s. thanks for the comment on the shoes, I studded them myself and since then can't stop wearing them. Before the studs I may have worn them once or twice :)

    p.p.s. happy 4th with your family and your gorgeous kids :)

  8. Lovely outfit. I also saw these MMM shoes on sale, but knowing me, I know I would not wear them as often as I should… I'm just not good with light colors. They do look terrific on you and I"m glad you got them at a good price. But a few days ago, I did end up buying another Margiela item, so I'm ok about not getting the boots 😉

  9. darling happy 4th july, the new margiela boots are wonderful, they look wonderful with your bleached jeans honey! you look so rad darling
    muah x

  10. Hahn, you are an adorable mom. I hope to be as cute as you when I adopt my baby soon. I just got some MMM clogs and am tempted by the boots too! They would look hot with an all white outfit! xoxo

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