The Girls

My big girl, she is a shy girl, a thoughtful child.
My baby girl, she is a silly girl, a sweet child. LOL, She ate her favorite snack, dried seaweed and didn’t wash her mouth yet for the picture. Loving. Sweet.These pictures above were take by Loc Truong, last week. Thank you very much, Loc, for the pictures.

The pictures below were taken on our trip to La Jolla, last year.Sisterhood.

Just be Silly.
Wish all my fellow readers a wonderful weekend with your family and friends!!!

Del Coronado

Del Coronado is a beachfront hotel in the city of Coronado, just aross the San Diego bay from San Diego, California. It is one of the few surviving examples of an American architectural genre: the wooden victorian. It is the original all wooden building in California. It is also one of the largest and oldest resorts on the Pacific coast, over 28 acres of oceanfront property at Coronado beach. The hotel is the experience of an artful blend of victorian elegance and contemporary distinction.

When it opened in 1888, it was the largest resort hotel in the world and the first to use electrical lighting. The hotel has been featured in numerous movies and books such as The Flying Fleet, Some Like It Hot ( which starred Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon), The Stunt Man ( starred Peter O’Teele), My Blue Heaven ( starred Steve Martin)… And The Wizard Of Oz author L.Frank Baun stayed here for some his book’s inspiration. The book 1408, came from a collection of real life news storries about Christopher Chacon’s investigation of a notoriously hauted room at the hotel and is written by Stephen King.

Lots of well known people stayed here such as Charlie Chaplin, Brad Pitt, Jimmy Carter, Franklin Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, George W Bush…. Another famous”resident” of the hotel is the purported ghost of Kate Morgan. On November 25th 1892, she checked in room 302( then 3312 now 3327) to meet her brother who was a doctor and was going to give her stomach cancer treatment at the hotel. He never arried. She was found dead 6 days later. The case was declared a suicide. She shot herself.

The Coronado beach is a public beach and you would see a lot different activities such as doing yoga, beach volley ball, biking, jogging,etc… The Garden Courtyard of the hotel is a popular setting for weddings. You can rent a bicycle for 4 people, more like a four-wheeled cart, on the beach just south of the hotel. Lots of fun for the family.

The room rates starts from $250 to $5000 per night.

The front of the hotel.

The side walk of the hotel and the beach, where you can biking, jogging,ect… This picture is from Google. I would like to show how it looks like from the San Diego bay.
Summer Black Dress
I bought this dress at Urban Outfitters (It’a available now at their stores on black and grey).
This scarf also bought at Urban Outfitters. It’s 100% viscose, light weight perfectly for summer. I love the side. Salvatore Ferragamo shoes. I love the lucite heels.

Stay cool for summer, everyone!!!..

Wish you all have a wonderful day!!!xoxo..Hanh.

Summer Flowers

This Dries Van Noten dress is from spring last year. I really love its mixed printing of different floral patterns and colour without looking too busy. In addition, the way it fits loose on the body gives a soft elegant summer look. I thought the turquoise necklace and earrings are perfect for it, especially the necklace as a compliment to the neckline. Wearing with YsL pumps.

Have a wonderful day, everyone!!!hugs…from Hanh 😉

Alexander McQueen.

This is the first time I have owned clothing from Alexander McQueen. The legging was on sale at a store called 4510 in Dallas. It’s a medium size, which is not my size. But it still fits on me fine because its stretchy material. It’s very soft and comfy. The print is an unexpected, wild and whimsicle looking. I paired the legging with F21 tank, Givenchy necklace, the horn pendant necklace by Melissa Joy Manning and YsL pumps.

This is a picture of my brother and me. He is sweet and humble guy, a lovely brother. He came to Dallas for three weeks visiting. This picture was taken when we were out for sushi last week at Tei Tei, the night before he went back to his home. I also wore Alexander McQueen legging with Eddie Borgo necklace and Rick Owens shoes.
Stay cool for summer, everyone!!!xoxo…Hanh,

July 4th Pictures

Almost every year on July 3rd, we go to a local hotel to celerate July 4th holiday, along with a few family members. The kids love it because the hotel has a water slide, bouncy houses, rock climing, face painting, swimming and of course fireworks.These pictures were taken yesterday and this morning; my 2 girls, their friend and their nephew. It means I’m his great aunt, ;-). He is a good boy..We had awesome fun time.

We were watching fireworks last night (July 3rd). I’m sorry that I didn’t take any fireworks’s pictures.
Her own idea and design. Pretty impressive for a 7 year old, don’t you think?

The kids are very cute, aren’t they?

This picture was taken after breakfast, this morning.

Big hugs and kisses…from Hanh!!!;-)

MMMargiela-New Addition

Welcome to the new addition to my shoe collection, MMMargiela cow boy boots!! Since I didn’t own MMMargiela shoes before and Barney’s has nice a sale going now, it would be interesting to have those, I thought… And I took advantage of this chance. What do you think?… MMMargiela is always marvelous!!!
Wearing Urban Outfitter jeans, F21 t-shirt.

Fallon necklace, F21 silver cuff.
Wishing everyone a fabulous weekend!!! For my fellow Americans, wishing you all have a wonderful holiday July 4th. Cheers!!!…big hugs…from Hanh!

Summer Blue continue…

Summer Blue under Ocean.

Snorkeling is a good way to explore ocean life other than scuba diving. My husband and I like to snorkel sometimes when we’re on a beach vacation. My husband is very good at snorkeling and scuba diving. I can handle snorkeling but I’m too chicken to learn scuba diving because I’m not good at swimming. Under water living is a different world. There are many beautiful, interesting fishes and sea creatures that you must see in person to appreciate. Pictures just don’t capture it. Here are some pictures that my husband took when we snorkeled in St John, US Virgin Island.

Hello everyone!!! It’s me.;-) Do you see the black and yellow tripe fish? It has a cute face, hasn’t it?

Summer Blue in Dallas.
I wore Shelly Steffee dress, nude Givenchy shoes, Giorgio Armani sunglasses.

Yesterday was June 30th, the Game Of June was over. It’s so exciting to find out who is the winner of the game! I wish everyone could be a winner, but I just have one prize. And here it is: We had a tie! The Little Fashion Treasury, The Fabulous Girl, Mom and Son, Punkie, -issa, Ninistyle, Pret A` Porter P, and Debra. Following the game’s rules, we’ll randomly pick out a winner for $75 Topshop giftcard. And the winner is…Mom and Son…congratulations to…..Mom and Son!!!! (Ps: I tried to upload the video, but it kept say error…I did not know the problem and gave up. I’m sorry about it. It would be more fun with video. I need learn more about this area)

If you are not a winner, don’t be too disappointed. Please, stay tuned for the next give away!!!

Wish you all have a fabulous day!!!! Big hugs…to everyone!!!!! Hanh,

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