Powerful of Rick Owens

Rick Owens is my all time A list designers. I deeply love his line. He is well known for using many different materials in one piece. His look has been described as ” glamour meet grunge”. It is sweet but kind of creepy, tough but soften feeling. It’s about an elegance being tinged with a bit of the barbaric, and luxury of not caring.

I wore Rick Owens skirt. I bought it at RO boutique in Paris from last trip, was 50% off. I wore with my favorite AA body suit, Burberry pumps. My favorite F21 silver cuffs.

On the run way.
This picture was taken at RO boutique in Palais Royal, in Paris. This wax sculpture was made exactly the same his size of every inches, told by Barbara who is store manager. Rick Owens was born 1962 in central California, an American fashion designer who moved his studio from Los Angeles to Paris and live there. The opening of his first shop in the Palais Royal, in Paris and has exclusive fur collection. The second store is in New York’s Tribeca and he also has flagship one in London. Moving forward, a Tokyo store seems to be on the horizon as well for the talented designer.
Thank you very much my fellow readers for your sweet comment and continuing support. And I wish you all have a fabulous day!!!!kisses…Hanh 😉
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56 thoughts on “Powerful of Rick Owens

  1. You looks stunning and I lover how you paired it with the bodysuit. It looks very strong, feminine and sexy. Thank you for updating your blog so much!!!

  2. Good morning, my dear!

    What a lovely "glamour meet grunge" post!

    I didn´t recognized on the runway photos how beautiful
    this skirt with the bow looks in nature!

    You truly did a great job with your silver heels and silver

    … oh.. and your black nail polish 😉 .. Mon Dieu 😉

    A fabulous day to you and your family!!!
    Hugs from…

  3. ooh, i've been admiring that aa bodysuit thing, but that's the best i've seen it yet… and the rick owens skirt? awesome doesn't cover it.

  4. Wow, you look amazing on these pictures ! You're so beauticul !
    Your outfit is awesome ! Love your AA bodysuit ! Great details and Jewels !
    Rick is such a brillant designer !

  5. I love the Rick Owens store and also his collections. I actually think they're one of the few that really reflect what a rock star would wear (so many people say Balmain, but that's more pop). And you're right about the different textures. As usual you look terrific and the dress is divine. Especially love the images of you draped over the chair :)

    Oh, and I'm actually going to feature the Paris Rick Owens store on my blog soon. I thought the statue was hilarious and the store manager (but it was a guy… forgot his name) told me the same story. Unfortunately my pic of the statue didn't turn out as well, so let me know if it would be ok if I used yours as well (I'll credit you of course). Take care! :)

  6. wow!!! love these photos!! they are amazing! where are these pics taken? I love the chess pieces and the big chair in the pic, love the outfit too as always :) xo
    Much love form Ireland

  7. Wow this outfit it's fierce love the aa body suit is it still available?cuz i want it.Rick Owens is the best i can't believe you got that skirt on sales Paris is the best place to shop on sales i should remember that's how i got my Heve Leger dress

  8. woooowwwww!
    hanh, this is another great pictures of you!
    this is really a-la editorial photos!'
    i love the different poses.
    your hubby is a good photographer.
    your outfit are so gorgeous!

  9. Ooooh I can understand your addiction when I see How these so Powerful creations (and your AA BODYsuit's bewitching transparency) majestically emphasize your Haughty prestance !!! AND I really like the way you seem enjoy the sun/light's caress on the 4th picture, full of hieratic sensuality . . .
    ps: Dear Hanh, I really would love to have an exquisite "fetish fashionista" 's point of view on my last "stilettostetico-esque" article . . .
    Hope you're Well.

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  10. Hi Hanh,

    In the 1st photo your face is beautiful and the 3rd picture is very mysterious. Love this outfit and the picture of Rick Owens :0 oh boiiii…


  11. Black and metallic– I'm into it. I love the shoes and the bangles. You hit the right RO vibe, but you maintain a very feminine silhouette with the

  12. uuuuuh great! I love the way you wear this skirt, more than in Rick's runaway! this bodysuit is amazing me more and more… I should decide to buy it!

  13. I like your version of the skirt outfit even more than the one from the runway!
    Pure awesomness! Bravo!
    RO should hire you, seriously! :-)

  14. Hi Hanh, woow! You're having so much great posts lately! i love all your shoes & accessories! i just can't get enough of them. And as i've mentioned, you're always having a very wise expenditure and that's very good! Keep it up!

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