Santa Barbara Flashback

When it gets hot here in Dallas, we always think about going somewhere else that has cooler climate in summer to escape the heat, maybe some place in California. This makes me recall the big family vacation trip in Santa Barbara, about five years ago. It was a great trip, full of sweet memories. Santa Barbara is a year round tourist destination renowned for its fair weather, down town beaches and Spanish architecture.

I post this also because I miss my parents very much. They’ve been back in Vietnam over one year now, and I just booked tickets for them to come here the first week of September for visiting. I’m happy and can’t wait to see them again. So, we could have another great big family vacation again. The last time was three years ago in St John.

My parents are my husband and my inspiration for marriage and life. My father is 83 years old now and my mom is 74 years old, they still love each other as their old days..their life is about helping and charity to poor people. I’ve been taught to do so. Luckily, I met my husband who also loves to do charity, and we’ve been involved with many charities here and in my country too. My father, a sweet and protective man. Family breakfast. From left to right: bother#2,father, brother’s wife, oldest sister and my back. My kids, the baby was 1o months old, the big girl was close to 3 years old. Me, a tired mommy with messy hair-no make up. And my brother#3 who lives in California. Taichi master, my brother#2. My brother who is older, the one born before me, had a long walk for morning exercise.In this picture is Mimi, a family friend, came along on the trip. I love this outdoor staircase that she stood on. Santa Barbara street scene (from Google). I’m sorry that I don’t have many pictures of the city to share. We took a lot family’s pictures on that trip. I promise, I’ll take a lot more city pictures when I have a chance to go back there and share with you guys. Studded Outfit

Hot summer in Dallas, I wore Balenciaga studded tank, F21 shorts. Barney’s Co-op studded boots. You maybe already see these boots in the post called “Traveling through Shoes River” June edition, but for the first time I post the boots with me wearing them. Wishing you all a happy day!!!xoxo..Hanh,

Ps: Please, stay tuned for GIVING AWAY GIFT coming next post!!!

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64 thoughts on “Santa Barbara Flashback

  1. It's so nice to see pictures of your family especially a picture of your mom and dad. Love how you put your Balenciaga top with a pair of short. It have been so hot lately.

  2. that balenciaga top is stunning. lovely paired with the boots. i like your look. mind exchanging links? (:

    and i like your family's photos too..

  3. Another touching post!

    Thanks for sharing those pictures, it looks like you had alot of fun.

    I really, really like that tank too.

  4. You look beautiful even without makeup! I still cannot believe you're a mother or 2. I can only aspire to be so amazing! Your mother and father are so cute! They should be every person's inspiration. Old love is the best love!

  5. hanh, i must learn your secrets, you have reversed aged! i like the picture of your mother & father, and the taichi picture of your brother is too funny!

  6. ohhh, What a nice pictures of your family. I love my parents too and they don't live where I live, but they are 2 hours by car away. Last summer I was with my husband in Santa Barbara. It is really nice and it is not hot there, it is a nice place to spend holidays. Kiss

  7. Such a lovely post. I had no idea you had such a big family. I can relate to missing your parents, because mine currently live in Hong Kong, so I see them a maximum of twice a year now. Your parents sound like truly inspirational rold models and I'm glad your family seems so close. Thank you also for sharing those pics of Santa Barbara. I was there ages ago, when I was still a child, so I don't remember much.

    Oh, and I love the Balenciaga tank. I have the same one and I find it very versatile. I'm also in love with the boots you got. Have a lovely week!

  8. adorable family! just posted about our santa barbara trip. looks like we both like that turet at the four seasons 😉

  9. One of the reasons beacause I love your blog so much is for post like this one! I'm a very courious person, so when I could learn something more about other people I'm really happy!
    awesome pics! you're a beautiful family!

    the outfit is great as usual, amazing boots!

  10. Happy sunny monday to you, Hanh, for your brothers you are
    always sister #1 😉
    Had to smile about the "numbers" of your brothers 😉

    You have a wonderful big family, so lovely to read how you describe them!!!
    I´m sure you already count the days until September!

    Supercozy and nevertheless so elegant… your Balenciaga top and
    not forget to mention your showstopping booties!

    Beautiful Blessings…

  11. Your article is full of sensitivity, AND Santa Barbara (that to be honest I know only a little) frankly seems such an interesting place, with a historical Soul !!!
    ps: The caressing play of light and shadows on your bare legs and arms is full of sensuality, just like your studded tank, its so subtle side cleavage, a fortiori potentially worn next to the bare skin . . .
    ps: Dear Hanh, just in case I give "neo romantic" style advices on "stilettosteticoooooo", Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes !!!!
    Hope you're Well.

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  12. thank you for sharing the wonderful photos of your family with us, and too for sharing the fantastic outfits shots. this has to be one of my fave, you look divine in the shots :)

    have a fab week bella

  13. oh Hanh, you are wonderful woman. I wish hapiness for all your family.

    You look fab in this outfit, the shorts are really cute and sexy, top is so cool, and the boots – i love its!

  14. hi hanh!
    it's nice to know that you've a close family.
    it's nice to see your mom and dad though they are old already
    but still they both love each other.
    they really are a great inspiration for us like moms/married people.
    and i hope that God will give me a long life and my family so we could enjoy and spend more time together.

    it's also good to know that you aid for charity.
    that's why all the good blessings bounced back to you.

    hanh, again i love your outfit for today.
    i love those studded boots and the make up
    suits with your outfit.

    woot! i'm so excited for the next contest! lol!

  15. I really loved this post Hanh. I love the part about your family. I think it is so awesome that with how much you have, you and your family have chosen to be selfless and give back to those who are unfortunate. Keep up the great posts!!!

  16. hot mama!!! im happy for u all guys.. my parents marriage is not very fairy… so my futur husband and i have his parents for rollemodels… but still i think we coould make it more, better, love love… i hope… for my kidds, to grow up better than i did

  17. I have found your blog by accident, good for me:) It is first such an interesting blog I had chance to read and watch.
    I'm also wife and mother, what I found here is not only another fashionista's blog it's much more you represent here like beeing good wife and mother and fashionista as well-perfect done Hanh!
    My name is Karolina and I live in Cyprus and in fashion world as well, so be sure I will visit your blog every day. Regards:)

  18. Your story about your parents was so sweet. Gorgeous shots and outfit. Studs are in for fall, and you pull this off so effortlessly!

  19. Thank you for sharing pictures of your family! I greatly admire your parents as well!

    Just added some new stuff to my site. Hope you can check it out!

    We sell Vintage and Designer clothes, shoes, and accessories all in one place. We have some really great things up right now! Studded boots, Alexander Wang halter top, and vintage blazers. Check it out!

  20. I love your blog because it is your portrait!i love your fashion tips and you last outfit really cool but I see you as mom, as siter, as traveller, as wife. it is great!Thank you!Your blog is my daily reading!

  21. I love you and your blog so much, Hanh!

    You are by far one of the realest, most sweetest bloggers out there. I wrote you an email about a few weeks ago, not even sure you would ever write back because I know what a busy schedule you have.

    Lo and behold, two days later, you WROTE ME BACK!!! I was so ecstatic and shocked. Thank you!!! I can't wait to read and hear more from you, Chi. You are the best! =)

  22. Sweet Hanh, how are you my dear?
    The last days were quite busy but I'm doing well so far :)
    Thank you so much for sharing all the wonderful pictures of your lovely family.
    I'm deeply touched by the first picture of your parents. There was no need to mention the relationship between them – the picture is showing a deep and great bond between your parents, love.
    It's so wonderful to see pictures of your brothers. They are all so different, it's fun to see. But they all seem to have a wonderful personality like you have, dear. Your gorgeous parents did a great, a very remarkable "job" :) I'm so happy for you and for them that you'll see each other again very soon – and I'm sure you'll enjoy the time together very, very much.

    Coming to your outfit: Bombastic! I love the entire outfit – but as you know me I'm thrilled by your boots :) They're stunning!!!

    Much, much love!!!

  23. With all the bad news everywhere it's nice to read about something positive :).
    Exactly how many brothers and sisters do you have??
    Have a nice day :),

  24. Hi Hanh! Your parents are so adorable! Thanks for sharing the pics of your family.. it must have been fun having three brothers! I always wanted an older brother… but alas, it's only me and Mel. :) Love the stud action going on in your look.. those shoes are fab!

    xo, Becs

  25. i love this post! your family is so cute.
    i especially like your brother doing the tai chi pose, haha.

    just wondering, what's your background?
    and you're so pretty and your daughters are so cute! and you also pull off color so well. i loved the mint, the yellow, the orange, the red, the pink and the blue all in the past recent posts!

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