Summer Blue continue…

Summer Blue under Ocean.

Snorkeling is a good way to explore ocean life other than scuba diving. My husband and I like to snorkel sometimes when we’re on a beach vacation. My husband is very good at snorkeling and scuba diving. I can handle snorkeling but I’m too chicken to learn scuba diving because I’m not good at swimming. Under water living is a different world. There are many beautiful, interesting fishes and sea creatures that you must see in person to appreciate. Pictures just don’t capture it. Here are some pictures that my husband took when we snorkeled in St John, US Virgin Island.

Hello everyone!!! It’s me.;-) Do you see the black and yellow tripe fish? It has a cute face, hasn’t it?

Summer Blue in Dallas.
I wore Shelly Steffee dress, nude Givenchy shoes, Giorgio Armani sunglasses.

Yesterday was June 30th, the Game Of June was over. It’s so exciting to find out who is the winner of the game! I wish everyone could be a winner, but I just have one prize. And here it is: We had a tie! The Little Fashion Treasury, The Fabulous Girl, Mom and Son, Punkie, -issa, Ninistyle, Pret A` Porter P, and Debra. Following the game’s rules, we’ll randomly pick out a winner for $75 Topshop giftcard. And the winner is…Mom and Son…congratulations to…..Mom and Son!!!! (Ps: I tried to upload the video, but it kept say error…I did not know the problem and gave up. I’m sorry about it. It would be more fun with video. I need learn more about this area)

If you are not a winner, don’t be too disappointed. Please, stay tuned for the next give away!!!

Wish you all have a fabulous day!!!! Big hugs…to everyone!!!!! Hanh,

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58 thoughts on “Summer Blue continue…

  1. The underwater photographs are stunning, Hanh! I love anything and everything 'ocean' so this post makes me very happy. I think all the little different fish are cute (I love to snorkel and we can do it alot here in Australia) and I can be there for hours watching all the little fishes faces.


    p.s. I LOVE the gorgeous colour of you dress and the beautiful nude shoes…you are one sexy lady!

    Hope you are having a great week bella

  2. oooh it will be for the next time! lol, I'm always unfortunate at game! this is because I'm very lucky about love! 😀 this game gave me the opportunity to read through your amazing blog and this made me happy anyway!

    my boyfriend and I, like to snorkle too! he's got diving licens, but the snorkling it's enough for me! I'm scared to feel a bit claustrophobian in deep water!

    great look and shoes!! this time too, you're in the blue mood!

  3. What a beautiful underwater world, Hanh!
    Kuckuck… I see you 😉

    Ahh, what a lovely surprise to see my name… congratulations to Mr.Freddy's Mom!!! So sweet of you Hanh, you did this giveaway!

    Your sunglasses truly rock!!! Also the way you mix silver with gold accessoires!!!

    Will do today my first post about Paris, will leave tomorrow to Florence so it´s a little bit hectic here right now… had to smile in Paris when I saw at Palais Royal Jean-Michel Othoneil´s sculpture and remembered directly your post with the photo 😉

    Happy sunny and relaxing week to youuu!
    Beautiful Blessings.. hugs from

  4. Congrats to Mr.Freddy's Mom! no worries I will still comment and stay tuned for the next giveaways. and that dress looks dynamite on u. u look spectacular in it. btw i'm chicken even to try snorkleling. my brother scared me after he saw an eel and I was so scared to even go in the water afterwards afraid it will shock me.

  5. OMG… the oceanpictures are amazing!!
    i want to go swimming in such a blue sea… :(
    the first picture by the pool looks like out of a fashion magazin! lovin it!

  6. cool underwater photos. the yellow fish is too cute.
    and hanh you are such an inspiration to me. You are too fabulous poolside!!! I love it!!!!

  7. Woooow Dear Hanh, the last picture truly sounds as such a "Fetish Masterpiece" !!! The contrast between the exquisite delicacy of your toes AND the "GLAMazon-esque" shape of your sandals is simply Outstanding.
    ps: You're delightfully "James Bond Girl-esque" on the first picture !!!

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  8. You seem to have so much good time ! Your holidays, as your outfit, seems to be perfection !
    I love this amazing givenchy shoes !

  9. Hi There!

    I've been on a blog hiatus and am so glad to have stumbled upon your blog upon coming back :)

    You are so stylish! I adore your pictures and love BLUE on you!

  10. Hi There!

    I went on a blog hiatus and am so glad to have stumbled upon your blog upon coming back! you are such a stylish mom!! I love blue on you!! Count me in as a new FAN!

  11. woot! woot! woot!
    Hanh, THANK YOU SO SO MUCH! i was so surprised when i read further the text.
    honestly, i really wasn't expecting that i was one of the contenders
    since I feel that I'm not luck at any contest.
    My heart's pounding and still could hardly believe that I won!
    With/out contest here in your blog still, i will visit your blog and my unending comments in every post of yours. I truly love your style!
    Again, Thank You very much!

    oh, Hanh I love the blue dress on you!
    All your pictures are beautiful but this is one
    of my favorite posts.
    you look so comfy and i know life has been so good to you.
    you're blessed and well-deserved to have a happy life because you're a person with a good heart.

    God bless you and your family, Hanh.

  12. Thank you you^^
    Humm & i gotta say that your life style is just what we'd love to live, i mean beside the MASSIVE amount of shoes ( YSL , Marni, Gucci & so on ) travelling is our main passion.
    So it's great to see you doing so well either with shoes & with traveling.

  13. Thank you you^^
    Humm & i gotta say that your life style is just what we'd love to live, i mean beside the MASSIVE amount of shoes ( YSL , Marni, Gucci & so on ) travelling is our main passion.
    So it's great to see you doing so well either with shoes & with traveling.

  14. I snorkeling in Cancun, it was a really fun experience haha. Cool underwater pics! You look great too as always haha, those shoes are so killer!

  15. These pictures are really so summery! Love your Shelly Steffee dress and your heels, of course. As for snorkeling, I'm too chicken to go underwater, but everyone who has done it tells me that it's a wonderful experience. One step at a time for me! Maybe I'll try it on our next Caribbean trip.

  16. Ooo, I love seeing the pictures with your blue dress and the blue water…it really makes me wish it will finally stop raining in NY.

  17. This is my first comment here, though I'm a regular to check this blog, I love your style!!! Your looks have been real inspiration for me, I've already cloned a couple of them and got many compliments! So I thought I'd credit you at least here :-)

    I wish you would show a bit of your house sometime in the future, you've got such a good eye for style that I'm wondering how cool it must be!

  18. The underwater photographs are amazing!
    also love your shoes they are so fab!! Your pool in the background of your pictures looks so inviting!! I havent had any beach style holidays this year so im mega jealous of these pics! thanks for the tips on Holland :)
    Much love from Ireland xx

  19. Thank you for always posting such fabulous photos of yourself! You never fail to brighten my day with amazing color hues and splendid shoes!!!

    I DEFINITELY need to link to your blog! I don't wanna keep missing you out — need a daily dose of you, LOL.

    Have an awesome weekend ahead!


  20. Beautiful underwater photos and you are gorgeous as always! Love that electric blue dress and your shoes are to die for and those bangles too! Can't get enough of your blog and so I've just linked with you. I hope you don't mind. Have a nice day ahead. 😉

  21. Hanh I just added you to my blogroll, i love the pictures.. makes me want to go diving or sailing… very welcoming for the summer..

  22. Hi Hanh! Thanks so much for the sweet comments and bday wish! I know I've said this before, but you are truly the epitome of fabulosity! That blue is stunning on you as are those killer Givenchy shoes! Great underwater pics as well!

    xo, Becs

  23. i don't know if you've been told many times or not, but you look like Malaysian/International star Michelle Yeoh, only you're more delicate and lovely.

  24. 😀 Wow Anon! Yes Hanh does have the look but, her's more feminine & soft. Simply love your dress Hanh, love its subtleness. Last time, i don't quite like silky-kind of outfit but now i am totally in to it. i find this piece was so breath taking! i saw something similar to this but in different design & of couse not of a designers brand 😀 And i will definitely go to buy it ASAP. i hope its still there.. :) Thanks for the inspiration. Oh yeah, one more thing, your Shoes are PERFECT! Good day to you, Hanh!

  25. What a gorgeous dress – I love the color – electric blue is divine and you look stunning in every way. I would love to go snorkeling – sounds like so much fun!

  26. I say this everytime but there is no other way when it comes to you – you'te stunning, that dress is so beautiful, electric blue is your color. I want to go snorkeling now:)

  27. Great pictures, your outfits are really inspiring!
    I just adore your Givenchy sandals. I have them in black and I tried to find the nude version but it wasn't available anymore, where did you bought them?

  28. Hello Hanh! I really enjoy your pictures. How I wish I can swim moreover snorkel :)

    I love your dress. The color is very cool to the eyes. And those shoes are wow!

  29. Looks sooo cool, love the color of that dress, and those underwater pics are stunning, to scuba dive is something awesome, it cannot be described in words… but the pics do it justice..well almost..

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