Summer Flowers

This Dries Van Noten dress is from spring last year. I really love its mixed printing of different floral patterns and colour without looking too busy. In addition, the way it fits loose on the body gives a soft elegant summer look. I thought the turquoise necklace and earrings are perfect for it, especially the necklace as a compliment to the neckline. Wearing with YsL pumps.

Have a wonderful day, everyone!!!hugs…from Hanh 😉

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76 thoughts on “Summer Flowers

  1. Gorgeous dress. You're right – the turquoise necklace is the perfect accessory. I also love the fact that you paired this with heels. It gives it a more elegant look (I'm sure many would wear it with flats).

    And I adore the McQueen leggings from your last post. He's definitely one of my favorite designers – I have too much of his clothing in my wardrobe. Also loved seeing your July3/4 photos of your family. Looks like you had a great time :) Wishing you a wonderful week!

  2. S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G!!! The dress is so beautiful… Colours are amazing… And I do like your shoes, but I guess, you already know that. :) xxxxx

  3. wow! this dress is divine! and this are the color I prefere for YSL tribute pumps!
    Hanh is you house the one I can see on the back?? you should take some pics and show us! I just can imagine how beautiful is it!

  4. AND You really are such a stylish "neo Flower Child" Dear Hanh, full of haughty gracefulness . . .
    ps: The huge/nonchalant back cleavage of your "Boho CHIC-issime" Dress is truly exquisite.
    re-ps : Oooooh just in case, I have dedicated to you a commented link on my blog, a Real Pleasure.

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  5. You look beautiful … Although I did think the last few posts were a little repetitive with the very bold and masculine touches… I loved your outfits from Las Vegas and New York, they really suited your body type and personality ..

  6. amen!
    hanh, the 5th photo is the best ever!
    that's the sexiest pose ever of you!

    as always, you do look glamorous
    and sophisticated!

  7. First off, I want to say that your house is AMAZING. Wow–it's gorgeous.

    Second, I love those YSL sandals! I remember seeing them and wanting them, but after 3 pairs I figured I should stop. :)

  8. You're stunnning!!!!!!!!! Love your whole outfit especially your shoes!
    & may I just ask if you dont mind, what do you do for a living that enables you to have such beautiful brand clothing and shoes?

  9. You look amazing Hanh!! I love that dress, it's so feminine and soft which is a different look than we normally see here. Do you have modeling experience? Your poses are always so great!

  10. Wow, stunning pics!
    You look so gorgeous!
    That dress is so pretty, delicate and chic!
    I'm totally in love with it!
    And the shoes and the accessories add the PERFECT final touch! :-)

  11. Hanh you are a goddess in this dress by the water! Love the turquoise colour beads on you. I find you very inspirational, your so funky but classy too.

  12. Wuauuuuuuuu, Estás guapísima. Me encanta ese vestido tan veraniego, perfecto para este tiempo. Las fotos como siempre son preciosas. Besos. I left my comment in spanish because in english is dificult for me to express all I want to say. Kiis.

  13. GORGEOUS!! Love the whole outfit, from top to bottom. Where did you find the necklace? I've been looking all over for one like it! Thx!!

  14. Hanh, can i have your wardrobe? can i? please! LOL only joking! :) i love this dress its so elegant! PS i cant believe you have these leggings!! I did post on them last month and loved them!! Cant believe you got them! Look great on you!
    Much love from Ireland xx

  15. Hi Hanh,

    I've been following your blog since it started in April. I just wanted to say that I really enjoy reading your blog. You always have great things to share, and it's refreshing to read about other topics such as travel, food, being a wife and husband.

    I also really admire your sense of style. You wear some really bold and unique clothing, and I think it's really cool that you share that with you readers.

    I know you're still a fairly new blogger, so I just wanted to encourage you and let you know what your blog is really great. You're really honest with your readers and about your life, and that's the kind of stuff I enjoy reading. I hope it's okay that I add you to my blogroll.

    I look forward to reading more post from you.

    All the best,

  16. Hanh, you look absolutely gorg! Love that you added the turquoise jewelry because it complements the look fabulously.

    xo, Becs

  17. Hi Hanh!!!
    Finally back home and happy to see all your new posts!;)

    Your MM booties rock!Congratulations on your fabulous find!Did you know I saw them in Paris and thought also to buy a pair (saw them at Jane´s "Sea of Shoes"), they look simple stunning with your short jeans!
    I´m sure I forgot so many other things I wanted to post on your blog!;)
    … Love your beautiful FLOWER DRIES DRESS!!!!

    Wishing you and your family a wonderful day!!!
    Beautiful Blessings to youuu…

  18. Lovely, gorgeous Hanh,
    I'm back on the desk! And have to see I've missed so much! :) I admired this fabulous dress from the beginning but when I saw it now on you I must say that it has met perfection from being worn by you. You look like a very beautiful and soft Summer morning poem.
    Hanh, thank you from the bottom of my heart for thinking of me and for your lovely email which I have putted into a separate "Hanh" folder on my email desk.
    I would like to express what all of us are thinking and also writing and to bring it into one sentence:
    You're so very unique and so wonderful in every single way – you're phenomenal!
    Thanks for all, my dear.
    and a biiiiiiig kiss!
    Yours, Sofie

  19. *Whistles* Woohoooo you're one hot mommy, Hanh! I totally am inspired by you when I grow up! You're my fashion inspiration ;)))

    Love, Adeliet

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