Summer White Jeans and Dessert

Summer White Jeans

Let’s talk about white jeans. In summer, if I ever wear jeans, especially skinny jeans, I would prefer to wear white more than dark jeans because they look good under the summer sun. This is my first time to have a good pair of white skinny jeans. I was cheap before and I just have one pair of white skinny jeans from Hollister that I bought four or five years ago ( although, I had a good pairs of white in 7 For All Mankind but wide legs). I’m very glad to have gotten this EVER jeans at Barney’s on sale from $252 down to $74. I’m also happy with the way they fit and feel comfy like legging. I don’t wear jeans often for some reason but when I do, I definitely enjoy it. I wore with Tao light weight jacket/shrug, Helmut Lang white tank, MMMargiela cowboy boots. Maybe you can tell that I’ve been enjoying wearing these boots lately. Whenever I’ve had them on, I feel like a fancy cowgirl with a eccentric twist on Margiela.

MMMargiela necklace.
Summer Banana desert
The weather is getting hot here in Texas. It makes me recall my life in Vietnam, with the hot tropical climate. I used to go to the open-air market to eat banana desserts, like grilled banana with sauted green onion ( it sounds bizarre, right? but it’s so good), banana tempura, banana with coconut milk, banana ice-cream, etc… I love to eat anything cooked with banana. When I cook at home, I usually cook food in a traditional way, but sometimes I love to make up my own recipe. When I do, I love to make it an east meets west style. And here are my own east meets west banana desserts.
Grilled banana with pastry sheet and maple syrup.
First, you bake the pastry sheet and grill the banana in different ovens until it looks golden brown. Then, you alternately layer them with maple syrup, top with sauted green onion in peanut oil, roasted peanut and coconut milk. To cook the canned coconut milk, you mix it well with little salt, little tapioca flour and boil. This dessert has a complex taste of sweet, a little salty, creamy coconut milk and peanut.

Banana with vanilla Oreo ice-cream cake.This one is much easier to prepare. You just grill banana in the oven until it’s golden brown. Then, you layer it with vanilla Oreo cookie ice-cream cake ( you could use different ice-cream flavor but I think vanilla goes best with banana, so it won’t over power banana flavor). Finally, you top with cacao powder. The little touch of Oreo cookies and cacao powder do not overpower the banana flavor but give your mouth a nice blending taste. Enjoy your summer dessert!! Wishing everyone a fabulous weekend !!!! Hugs…Hanh 😉ps: you might try to make banana dessert on this weekend with your family and friends and when you buy banana, you choose the ripe one is better for sweetness…xoxo..!

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42 thoughts on “Summer White Jeans and Dessert

  1. hi hanh!
    yay! i've been thinking of wearing my white jeans too!
    but never get a chance to wear it since i've been so busy
    besides, mr, freddy always stains my clothes.

    anyway, you really pulled off those jeans neatly!
    and yeah, the MMM cowboy boots look so purple-y yummy!

    hmmm…seeing those banana desserts make me hungry.
    too bad! mr. freddy can't eat bananas.
    it's so strange that he's allergic with bananas.
    he gets rash on his face and bottom when he eats it.

  2. Thank you for comment my blog! So, if you like fresh dirnk and banana flavour i think you have to try a banana daiquiri frozen! easy to do: put in the blender half banana, lime juice and ice. Put in the small tumbler glass and add some white rhum shaked whit banana cream. Enjoy!

  3. fabulous outfit darl! i love how the boots also have white on it, it creates a great contrast…and those boots are definitely to die for!
    the dessert is could well win a cooking competition with that recipe! i've never heard of onion with banana before ;P will try it out :) Diane

  4. Another gorgeous outfit!!
    And the deserts look so good! I've been to vietnam once and always had banana pancakes, they're the best!
    ps. your girls are adorable!!


  5. White denim is the hottest right now, you've defnitely put your own stamp on it!

    Thanks for the recipes, must try it sometime!

  6. I love your outfit. It's nice and summery but it is way to hot in Houston to wear a nice shrug like the Tao one you are wearing. Thanks for the banana recipes! I think I may try the banana and ice cream recipe.

  7. Happy sunny weekend, FANCY COWGIRL HANH 😉

    I´m so in love with these MM booties, everytime I see them I love them a little bit more! And I had them in my hands and didn´t buy…ahhh … tragedy ;))

    Love especially your second photo!!!

    Enjoy your weekend with your family!!!

    Hugs & Kisses

  8. I've been wanting a pair of white jeans but never got around to it…hmmm…you've got me thinking!!

    I love bananas too…yummm….

  9. I never imagined that the humble banana could be made into such fancy desserts. They look great.

    Jacket + boots = a really distinct look. Even though the boots are clearly cowboy boots, I didn't even associate your look with "cowgirl." It's just so unique.

  10. So loving the black on white combination of your outfit with the Margiela blue boots.

    Those banana recipes are so mouth watering. Will definitely try the one with vanilla ice-cream or if not a banana split, split half the banana and layer on top different flavors of your fave ice-cream and voila! Happy Sunday, Hahn! :)

  11. Hi Hanh,
    Love the outfit! Funny, I'm wearing my white jean capris today. Was also looking at a pair of white jeans to buy online this morning. :)
    You always look so beautiful in all of your pictures.

    Have a great day!
    ~ Athena from Dallas

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