The finish line

Hi everyone,

Thank you very much everyone from the bottom of my heart for your kindness and support of my blog. I wish I have prizes for all of you but unfortunately I just have one Giving away Gift this time. I should have a Give away Gift every month because you all are such sweet supporters. And we had many many ties. Following the rules, we had a random pick for the winner. Now, allow me to announce the winner…Congratulations to Pret a`Porter PFinally, I’d like to post my awards and tags that I’ve received from the past month from fabulous bloggers. Thank you to Fashion Titbits for giving me the Lovely blog Award, thank you The Left Look for Kreativ blogger Award, thank you Karolina for Gold Medal of the Best Blog and San Francisco Stylephile for the tag with 6 things that make me happy. Also, the Kreativ Award requires that I post 7 things that are true about me. It’s so funny that I about to post this and I got message about giving me Award from Janetteria , thank you Janettaylor. It also requires to reveal 10 things about me. Here they are:

  1. I’m happy when I see my husband and my kids laugh.
  2. I’m happy when my big daughter tries to eat something new (she’s picky-eater).
  3. Can’t wait for my parents come here to visit.
  4. I suck at computer technique, but I learn fast.
  5. I never go to nail salon, I’m happy to do it myself at home.
  6. I’m not a good driver and very bad at direction.
  7. I just remembered that my memory is not as great as it was before. I’m forgetting thing easily now, LOL.
  8. I’m sensitive person but I try to conceal it. Yes, Janettaylor, I just like you on this one.
  9. I can handle hot summer very well.
  10. I sleep with my two girls on the weekend nights because I love to snuggle with them in the next mornings.

I wore sheer black 8 or 9 years old BCBG top, Emanuel Ungaro skirt, pony fur Givenchy shoes, Prada crocodile clutch.

I wish you all have a wonderful day!!!! hugs…Hanh 😉
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73 thoughts on “The finish line

  1. what an amazing outfit! this tone of pink is great!
    I have a versace coat in a color quite similar to this pink… I've never worn it, too long for me that I'm not so tall! I should sell it, beacause it's a pitty to leave it closed in a wardrobe!

  2. Darling, first of all, thank you very much for mentioning me on your fabulous blog! You are wonderful!

    I love your answers, honey. I think your daughters are really lucky to have a mum like you.

    I also have to mention that I adore the skirt, it's so beautiful and details are amazing. And it's the same colour as your Lanvin dress! :)


  3. Hanh,

    I love all your outfits lately….I love all the pictures in this post. You are looking great, great make up, great bod, great everything, keep it up.

  4. love the skirt (esp. the color!) and the prada bag. and #10 on your list was the cutest thing to read, you must have some truly wonderful kids 😀

  5. Hi Hanh your skirt is so pretty I have something similar but in a tulip cut..=) and oh, your answers to the tag are so cute and genuine..I was tagged to do that too but I haven't found time to do so, looks fun though..

    ps. this is my email ad:

  6. Ahh, this look is so beautiful…
    it´s all about PINK!!! I looooove that highwaisted skirt with the pleated details!

    Enjoyed to read your Top Ten, so funny, so sensitive, sooo Hanh 😉
    and for #3… just a few weeks until you will see them!

    Happy sunny and relaxing day with your family, Hanh!

  7. These photos are BEAUTIFUL once again!

    I love that shade of purple, it looks so good.

    You've taught me that quality and classic style are important, I can't believe you've had that top for 8 or 9 years! I don't think I can say that for any of my things.

    Take care Hanh!


  8. Great outfit !! I love everything, the colors, the shape, the blouse, the prints !!
    As you, i'm such a bad drier, and i wish i'll be a good mother, like you !

  9. Wow, I love how you paired the sheer blouse with the pink skirt. The two pieces really compliments each other. And the shoes definitely brings it all together.

    Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog, Hanh. You're really good about checking out your reader's blogs and I think we all appreciate that.

    I'd like to see how you would wear a boyfriend shirt :) Or in your case, your husband's shirt.

    All the best,

  10. Good evening on a late evening here in Germany to most precious Hanh!
    Congrats to all the amazing awards from your fellow bloggers :) You deserve them so very much!
    Congrats to Pret a Porter P as well for winning your contest!!
    I love all your answers, especially No 1, 10 and 3.
    Ungaro's designs are so amazing, aren't they? I'm just crazy about the dresses, skirts, tops, shirts… Just lovely.
    And here they are again – my new favorite BOMB heels in your collection! So adorable!
    Have a great day, sweetie!!
    Love, love, love and loooooooooooooove!!!
    Please say Hello to your dear family!!

  11. Great answers! Love the color of the dress matched with the black. Stylish as ever! And I can relate to you missing your parents, because mine live on another continent as well.

  12. Congrats to Pret a Porter P. She's a sweet heart and I love her blog.
    You look devine in your hot pink highwaisted pencil skirt. I love how the pink skirt reflected to your cheekbone just beautiful.

    P.S: beautiful location :)

  13. Amazing photos Hanh, I can never get over how stunning you are, and what great style you have. I love especially how you matched your lipstick to this skirt :)

  14. Actually I am always mesmerized by the stylish virtues of such high-waisted shapes, the way it majestically structures the Allure, on a "day to day" mode . . .
    ps: Dear Hanh, I don't want to be too toady BUT you Truly exude such a positive/wistful Haughtiness on the last picture, Stunning prestance !!!

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  15. Bellisima, thanks for sharing that with us.
    Also another killer outfit, the sheer blouse is perfect as are those shoes!


    Hope you're having a great week :)

  16. gorgeous post and poses Hanh! 😀
    the pictures are stunning!
    you're tres pretty..funny how the clutch is pressed against the wall in the last pic
    xx Diane

  17. Wow!! Lovely outfit!!! I wore a similar combination to my birthday dinner a few weeks back and it has proven to be a favorite! You are so stylish… simply an inspiration to all moms like me!

  18. I can't belive i have already missed two of your posts!

    I love the skirt and you look very elegant!

    Hope you are having a great week!


  19. I usually love what you wear but I cannot co-sign on this one my love. I think the skirt is much too long and overwhelming for your tiny frame! It is a gorgeous color and I love the overlapping in the front but I would personally, like to see it hemmed. Just an opinion! : ) Take care.

  20. Thank you again for the lovely blog award a while back haha! You deserve all your awards! :) And great outfit, I'm still smitten by those sh0o0es.

  21. hi hanh!
    huh! i'm so late on commenting on your blog post.
    i was really tied up on mr. freddy's party and mr. freddy as well.
    he's been sick after his party but he's feeling better.

    anyway, the pictures are all beautiful
    your husband has a good talent in photography.
    i love all the shots and poses!
    the details on your skirt are awesome
    you do look sophisticated all the time!

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