The Skirt

I wore Tao by CdG top over F21 tank, DIY skirt, MMMargiela cow boy boots.

I made this skirt sometime long ago. Every time, I wear it and I need three pins to make it happen. I just need to add buttons but I never do for some reason. I never have sewing lesson but I love to sew and sometimes make clothing for me and my kids. I just do it. Anyway, this is the direction. This skirt has two layers and three sheer pieces of fabric.

The first inside layer needs 1 and 1/2 yards ( it depends on your waist if it needs more or less fabric). You measure your length and cut unnecessary fabric away ( make sure you have some fabric for a hem). You gather fabric at your waist like in the pic. At the seam, do not sew all the way up, and leave a few inches open, so you can add buttons and it can go through your hip.
The second layer is the outer layer. You need about 2 and 1/2 yards ( again, it depends on your waist and fullness of the skirt to tell if you need more or less fabric). For me, I fold fabric three times. Then gather at the waist line. This layer does not need to go all around like in the pic.
For the third piece of fabric, you need 1 and 1/2 yards. You fold it two times. This time, you gather two ends of the length. Now, you sew one end into the front waist of the outer layer, as you see the outer layer in the pic above, and the other end into back waist of the outer layer to complete your waist line. You need buttons here to attach it together at the waist. This piece hangs like in the pic.
Now, it needs another button to attach it into your waist line.
The skirt.
You could wear it with belt.
I hope my directions make sense and the pictures will help. Wishing you all have a fantastic day!!
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74 thoughts on “The Skirt

  1. I didn't know you sewed! What a fabulous skirt – thank you for sharing!!! I love the colour and it's airiness. And I simply adore your nautical top!

  2. amazing! my god! this skirt is fantastic! it could be from margiela, comme des garçon or yamamoto! what a great great DIY!!!
    Hanh you are an endless surprise!

  3. Love your version of DIY! So gorgeous and love too what you paired it with…that cropped nautical jacket is divine :)

    Hope you're having a great week

  4. Yes, your directions and the photos are quite clear, don't worry.;) Brilliant! I love the shirring and the layered look. I'm terrible with the sewing machine and so I sew by hand but not that well either, hehe! You made that skirt so chic and fashionable.

  5. darling! this outfit is flawless
    the diy yourself with the striped jacket and ombre shoes is to die for!!!!
    gorgeousssss, keep up the beautiful inspiration

    check out my blog @

  6. oh my god… i remember when i first saw this skirt on Nini's blog… i was dying over it…. and i was just about to ask for instructions on how to make it and u did…. u are amazing hanh. i defintly need to try it soon. let's see how good i am at it.
    thx so much for posting this.

  7. Hi Hanh!
    How are you doing today?
    I felt in love with your sweet TaoCDG jacket the day you posted it the first time! What a beautie-cutie 😉
    The DIY skirt looks awesome on you. Like it very much in the very last photo!! Mon Dieu 😉

    Beautiful Blessings go as always to youu….

  8. that jacket is perfect in so many ways ! the length,the stripes and structure is great with that diy skirt girl.I love that diy skirt so much girl. thank you for the wonderful tutorial,so sweet of you to share girl.
    darling hope your having a great day darling.

  9. When I first saw your outfit my most favourite item was the skirt – what an amazing surprise to find that you made it yourself, I was so sure it was designer! Gorgeous.

  10. Congrats!! You've done such a great job on the skirt! :-)
    The design is stunning! Love it!
    And the tutorial is so nice too!
    Looks awesome with that top and the cowboy boots!

  11. Great skirt!It is truly CDG style. I love how you combine it with TAO jacket. Looks sooooooooooooooooooooo good!

    Love your blog soo much!

  12. OMGoodness! How amazing! I must try this skirt a go…it is GORGEOUS! LOVE LOVE LOVE the skirt, the Tao top, the amazing MM boots…everything!!! :)

  13. good job, hanh!
    i got it! the directions are so clear!
    you're not only a fashionista,
    but very good in DIY too!

    i love the military stripes top so much!

    have a great day ahead!

  14. Hi Hanh,

    I saw you worn this skirt before in person and it's beautiful.
    I love the ways to put all the colors together for your outfit.

  15. I LOVE and am a HUGE fan of your blog! Hope you can take the time to check out my site!

    We sell Vintage and Designer clothes, shoes, and accessories all in one place.
    We have some really great things up right now! Studded boots, Alexander Wang halter top, and vintage blazers. Check it out!

  16. Gorgeous! I love the DIY skirt… I'm not really good at sewing or any kind of DIY, but your explanations were really helpful, so maybe I will try this out. Love the Tao top as well. I saw this style in another color and almost got it. Hope you're having a wonderful week so far! :)

  17. This is a really good post, Hanh. It's cool that you sew clothes for yourself and your daughters. I bet it gives you an advantage in terms of creating a look that suits your style. I hope to see more DIY projects that you created.


  18. OMG Hanh, you're so talented! I love that skirt so much! Need to try making it once I get out of school ;))) How are you? I hope everything is well on your side!

    Love, Adeliet

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