Black White Silver

I like to wear outfits with black-white-silver; black-white-grey; black-white-metallic gunmetal. These are my favorite color combination because of giving a edgy look, a cool modern attitude.
I wore black MMMargiela top, white F21 tank underneath, old black pants, silver Burberry pumps.
F21 necklace. I really love this structure MMMargiela top. I could be wrapped in two different ways for two different shoulders looks as you see in those pictures above and the pictures below. The DIY fur cuff that I made it long ago, from left over of my Marni lamb fur jacket.Last night, the weather in Dallas was very pleasant with beautiful breeze. It’s a perfect night to seating outside in the balcony, having cigars and after-dinner drink. My hubby doesn’t smoke cigarette but once in awhile he enjoys cigars. We don’t usually go out on Sunday night, but last night was exception. We had sweet fun time. This picture just captured our great moment.
Wishing everyone have a pleasant day!!!! and thank you to you all for your time to visit my blog. I truly appreciate it as always.
Big hugs…..Hanh;-)
ps: In the last post, I wore Giorgio Armani sunglasses.


I wore Alaia top, Fallon necklace, Lanvin bag, spring09 Giuseppe limited edition shoes, F21 shorts.

My messy hair and the back details of the blouse. McQueen skull ring.
Karolinka has few questions for me, and I’d like to share my answers for all my fabulous fellow readers because I thought that you all might like to know something more about me.
  1. You wear a lot of open shoes, do you take care special way about your foots? Any favourite product or treatment? Answer: I usually don’t go to nail salon get pedicure treatment. I like to do it by myself at home because I save a lot of time for that. I just clean them well at shower and apply Neutrogena Heel Moisturizing Treatment. I love this product.
  2. What is your favourite nail enamel colours? I’ve seen you wear black colour few times. Answer: I actually don’t wear nail color polish everyday, just like to wear clear polish. I’ve been wearing black sometimes for fun and for pictures. Black is cool. To be honest, I’m simple and easy about wearing nail polish.
  3. I heard this coming season matt enamels (mainly grey color) are in fashion. What do you think about them, will you try them? Answer: I open for anything. I maybe try to wear them for fun. I’m easy and fine either way; wearing nail polish or not.

I hope you all enjoy the post. Thank you very much everyone for visit my blog and sweet comments. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!!!! Big hugs…Hanh 😉

ps: my secret: when I wear sunglasses for picture that when I don’t wear make-up, just lip stick. Please, do not tell anyone about my secret, sh!!!!!

88Tees and CdG

This is what I wore for casual sushi dinner out with my hubby last night. It was Monday night, most the restaurants we like they close. I didn’t cook because I still didn’t feel great since I’m back home ( today, I feel much more normal..yah..;-). We had 911 babysitter came for our quick dinner. I had no time to think, just graped something to wear. This was it.

I bought the t-shirt on my Honolulu trip at 88Tees store, on Kalakaua avenue. I wore it with F21 shorts, Barney’s Co-OP studded boots, Lanvin bag.This CdG dyed jacket is 100% cotton. I don’t wear jacket outdoor in hot summer Dallas, but indoor such as stores, restaurants, grocery stores..ect..are super cold, to me. They like to turn on AC to maximum, and I always have jacket with me for those places.
I know, I know..I need to give some of you my answers. Please, give me sometime. 😉 Thank you very much!
Wishing all my fabulous fellow readers a wonderful day!!!! Big hugs…from Hanh!
Interview at Artsy-Fartsy.
(This is just added, after I posted this post yesterday)
Today is Wednesday, I just got email from Maria that my interview is on her blog. So, if you have extra time, please check it out to get to know me more at Artsy-Fartsy by Maria Anna Aurelia Kusch. Thank you Maria for the interview.

Take Cover

As you see, statement gloves and tall boots are super hot this F/W09 season. Love, love these Rick Owens jackets and gloves.

Left: Roberto Cavalli gloves. Right: Phi leather gloves.

Left: Marni gloves, Antonio Berardi shearling boots. Right: Phi leather gloves, Giuseppe Design platform boots.
Left: Carolina Amato rabbitand cashmere mitten,Prada rubber waders. Right: Undercover red-black gloves, Hussein Chalayan leather waders.
I’d love to say thank you everyone for your support and kind comments. I’m happy to receive a Award from Janettaylor (Janetteria) And from Susan (NearlyStylish).I’m also very pleasant to receive the Tag from Brigadeiro (Brigadeirochoc).Thank you to you all for Awards and Tag.I would love to pass these Awards to The Little Fashion Treasury, Mode Junkie, Modediktat, Phi Style, Mom and Son, We wear Things, Ninistyle,Heights of Fashion, ThumbelinaFashionista , Marian KihigoAnd this is the Tag, 10 true things about me:
  1. I love to eat Durian, anything with durian.
  2. I love dark chocolate.
  3. My kids swim better than me :-(
  4. I attended 1st grade when I was 5 years and 4 months old 😉
  5. My parents have 11 kids and I’m the youngest one.
  6. Looking at cherry blossom makes me happy 😉
  7. I love cooking.
  8. I’m addicted to my kids and vice versa.
  9. I enjoy skiing with my family.
  10. I’m usually the last one go to bed.I hope you all have a fantastic day!!!xoxo…Hanh 😉

Home Sweet Home!

Home sweet home!After 17 days family vacation, it’s very nice to be home and lay down on my own bed. It’s so funny that I feel like I need post-vacation. Traveling with kids can become chaos, but we had a great fun time. In fact, it’s a teamwork and that’s great system. I’m very happy about it because we show them the teamwork and we’ve been building sweet memories for them.

Home sweet home!I miss you all and miss visiting your blogs. I’m still recovering from jet lag and busy getting ready for my kids to go back to school. When things are loosening up, I’ll find time to visit your blogs.

When I walked along Kalakaua street in Honolulu, I saw many performers on the street, and had one performer really get my attention because of his outfit made of newspaper, very cool. It’s like a art that I want to have it for my closet decoration.

I also discovered a Japanese store that just sells T-shirts and jeans on Kalakaua avenue called 88 Tees, next to the Prada store. The store played very exciting music and was packed with young Japanese people.

This is the stairway leading to the store. It’s very interesting and artistic. Inside the store.
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!!!xoxo…Hanh 😉

Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu is the capital of Hawaii, and the most popular city for a perfect beach vacation all year-round. You will see a lot of Japanese people here. It is like Tokyo on the tropical beach but much more beautiful and with much more character, to me..It’s an exciting city with its beauty and energy.

Waikiki Beach
Waikiki beach is the world famous tourist destination in Hawaii with thousands of hotel rooms along the beach. The blue water, the blue skies and its energy make this beach a perfect summer vacation and that attracts millions of visitors a year. The fun and the energy of Waikiki beach.
The view of Waikiki beach from Kalakaua avenue.
The sunset of Waikiki beach.
Diamond Head
Diamond head is located on the south-east coast of O’ahu at the end of Waikiki overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It’s the most famous volcanic crater in the world, has been extinct for 150,000 years. The crater is 3,520 feet in diameter with a 760 foot summit.
The view of Diamond head from Halekulani hotel with sunset light.
Happy hour at the veranda of Halekulani hotel with live Hawaiian music and Diamond head view.
This picture is from Google. I just want to show you how Diamond head looks like from the top.
Kalakaua Avenue
Kalakaua is the main street in Downtown Honolulu which runs parallel to the Waikiki beach. There are countless hotels, restaurants, local shops and high-end designer shops. It also has many street activities like the performers on the street in the evening. It’s crowded, has a lot of energy and is a fun street. Here are some pictures, but the pictures don’t do it justice of its energy and its fun.
At night, at the corner of Kalakaua avenue and Lewers street. Lewers street is another fun street to check out.
Banyan Tree
You’ll see many Banyan trees with unique trunks around Honolulu, especially, at Kapiolani park, on the east end of Waikiki. It is the largest (300 acres) and oldest public park in Hawaii.
Hanauma Bay
Hanauma bay has the most colorful and exotic marine life in the world. It’s a perfect places for snorkeling. We don’t have plan to visit it on this trip, but we said we will visit it next time for sure. The bay is absolutely stunning. These pictures are from our last trip, and sorry for the quality of the pictures because I had a different camera back then.
I wore Tao by CdG cotton jacket, Eddie Borgo necklace, Hardy shoes,F21 tank and F21 shorts.
The back of the jacket.
I wore F21 necklace as a bracelet.
We’re going back home tonight. I’ll see you all in Dallas, and I hope everyone have a fabulous day!! xoxo…Hanh 😉

The Byodo-In Temple, Kaneohe, O’ahu

Honolulu is our favorite city to visit whenever we come to Hawaii. In coming next post, I’ll talk more about the city. I need more time to gather all the pictures of Honolulu. I’m excited about this.We also have few favorite restaurants to visit everytime we’re here; like Tokyo Tokyo at Kahala Hotel, Chef Mavro, Orchids and La Mer at Halekulani.Last night was our first night here in Honolulu. And we went to Tokyo Tokyo restaurant for dinner. I wore Sari Gueron dress, Eddie Borgo necklace, Hardy shoes and the belt is from Barney’s Co-0p.

I love the traps have metal wire on them.
The Byodo-In Temple
The Byodo-In Temple located at the foot of the 2,000 foot Ko’olau Mountains in the valley of the Temples Memorial Park in O’ahu Kaneohe Region. It was established on June 7, 1968 to commemorate the 100 years anniversary of the first Japanese immigrants to Hawaii. It was built entirely without the use of nails and it is a scale replica of a temple in Uji Japan built over 950 years ago. It’s beautiful architecture, the graceful gardens with a spirit of inner peace and serenity.It’s a popular stop for tourists and has become more popular since it was used as a filming location in the first season of the ABC Emmy Award Winning drama series LOST, where it served as the home of the Korean woman Sun’s powerful father.
My kids were busy feeding the fishes.
The small waterfall in the garden.
I hope all my fabulous fellow readers have a wonderful day!! love…Hanh 😉

Maui, I Miss You

Yesterday and today, we took a road trip to explore some more Maui. We visited Japanese Buddhist temple Jodo Mission, walked around Lahaina town. We also showed the kid Maui Ocean Center. The kids love it and enjoyed their journey. Then, we drove to lava flow and Big beach in Wailea. Next to Big beach is Small beach which we didn’t visit because it’s a nude beach.We’re leaving Maui tomorrow for Honolulu and we’ll miss it :-(. But we had awesome time here. The weather has been perfect. We’re lucky that the hurricane didn’t hit hard, just heavy rain on Tuesday’s night. Hopefully, we’ll come back sometime to visit Maui again.

Unicorn fish is well known to Hawaiians as Kala.The islet in the picture is Molokini, it has 80F degree turquoise waters and exotic marine life around. Molokini’s waters are so crystal clear and it’s best place for snorkeling. To bad, we didn’t make plan for it because my kids are not ready for it yet. We maybe explore it next time when they’re ready.
On the way to lava flow.
The sand of the Big beach.
Outfits in Maui
I wore this outfit on the first night when we got here. As you see, I still didn’t get tan yet. I wore Free People top, Balanciaga skirt, Ysl pumps, F21 necklace.
This F21 dress is perfect for island’s lifestyle. I wore it couple nights ago for casual night out with my family. Earring and cuffs are also from F21 and Target.
NK, one of the my readers from Brunei asked me that ” How many shoes and clothes have I brought with me when I’m traveling?”. Well, when it comes to travel, it’s better to travel light. On this trip, 17 days, from Dallas to Portland to Hawaii, I’ve brought with me 2 pairs of shoe, 1 flip flop, few nice dressy outfits, couple of shorts and tanks. The whole family, 4 of us, we have 1 standard and 1 small suitcase. When I travel, I like bring things that can mix and match, so I don’t have to bring many clothes but still have many outfits to change. And it’s ok to repeat the outfits…I think.

I wish everyone have a fabulous weekend with your family and friends!!!! kisses…from Hanh 😉

Hawaii, Fall In Love With Color

My kids stayed in the room with my little great nephew and my oldest sister for room service and movie. My husband and I went out for romantic dinner at I’O, Lahaina town and watching sunset from the restaurant. I wore DvF dress for the evening.

F21 cuffs, earring. And belt’s from Barney’s Co-op.Pierre Hardy shoes.
The Blue of Maui, Hawaii from our room.
The Sunset.
The Hawaiian Dance. Some of you want to know what hotel we stay and what my camera is. We’re staying at Grand Wailea Resort, Wailea and the reason is kid friendly hotel. We use Cannon XSi, 18-200mm lens. Oh, my bikini in the last post was Delfina, I bought so long long ago.
I also would like to share with you the beautiful work of Christine (What was I thinking), thank you very much to Christine.
And thank you very much to you all for nice and kind comments. I hope you have a wonderful day!!!!kisses…from Hanh.

Aloha Maui, Hawaii

We arrived at Maui, Hawaii yesterday afternoon. We have no plan and probably will just relax, hit the beach, swim, sun bathe, eat and dine out.
Today, we hung out on the beach all day. We absolutely enjoyed the beach, the water, the waves, the sun and we had great-fun time.
My Hawaiian girls.

We were on our way for dinner. I wore Dries Van Noten silk top, Ysl silk canvas pumps (I had flip flop with me,…hehe), F21 shorts and recently gold F21 bracelet. This bracelet was copied exactly Dries bracelet spring 09 collection. The Blue and Palm trees.
On the Beach. Cover-up was my husband’s T-shirt from J Crew, my special beach bangles (I specially wear them for beach vacation every time and I love them) from F21.
We played and had fun with the waves.
Wish everyone have a happy Sunday and a great week ahead!!!xoxo…Hanh 😉

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