Aloha Maui, Hawaii

We arrived at Maui, Hawaii yesterday afternoon. We have no plan and probably will just relax, hit the beach, swim, sun bathe, eat and dine out.
Today, we hung out on the beach all day. We absolutely enjoyed the beach, the water, the waves, the sun and we had great-fun time.
My Hawaiian girls.

We were on our way for dinner. I wore Dries Van Noten silk top, Ysl silk canvas pumps (I had flip flop with me,…hehe), F21 shorts and recently gold F21 bracelet. This bracelet was copied exactly Dries bracelet spring 09 collection. The Blue and Palm trees.
On the Beach. Cover-up was my husband’s T-shirt from J Crew, my special beach bangles (I specially wear them for beach vacation every time and I love them) from F21.
We played and had fun with the waves.
Wish everyone have a happy Sunday and a great week ahead!!!xoxo…Hanh 😉

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69 thoughts on “Aloha Maui, Hawaii

    While I'm commenting, I'm putting on my sunscreen, my sunhat and my bikini – and where the hell are my sunglasses??????

    Your pictues of Hawaii and the family holiday are soooo, sooooooooooo AWESOME!
    It's so wonderful to see you lovely family is having such a great + pleasant time together!
    So much sunshine (not from the sun, it's coming straight from YOU all!)!!! One of the things I'm really looking for when having kids is to play with them in the pool or in the sea. Lol, I know, sounds stupid. My Mister is razzing me that our future kids might not be the waterfanatics like I am…. WHAT?! NO WAY! hehe…
    And – last but not least…. Swoon. And swoon… And then, another swoon….
    HANH, the bombshell, in her bikini!
    😎 😎 😎 😎 😎 😎
    Enjoy the time on Hawaii – please say Hello to your amazing family from your German fellow! 😀

  2. very very gorgeous picture of you, nice tan skin, curvaceous body, funky accessories and lovely smile, this adds up to a happy pretty holiday. love the shot of the swimming pool and those palm trees, wallpaper-like. have fun in hawaii

    you know what hanh, you blog is my absolute fave. Am always looking forward for new posts from you.

    you have a great style, not just great, but full of poise, grace and class. And not just that, but your a great mom. Your babies are so lucky to have you.

    i decided to be like you when am finally a mom.

    have a great day!

  4. your daughters looks so cute in their little dresses!! Hawaii looks amazing im so jealous Ive always wanted to go, love the photos so breath taking.
    much love from Ireland xx

  5. Hi Hanh! Looks like you're having an amazing time in Hawaii! Your daughters are becoming so amazingly gorgeous. I love that your oldest girl is such a ham and your youngest is a shy one… You look amazing in that Dries top. I also love the shots in the water!

  6. wOW!!!!
    awesome photos from hawaii, hanh!
    omg! you're really a one hot mommah in the world!
    wheew! i envy your sexy figure!
    your husband takes good photos!'s so funny that you're big girl is wearing polka dot dress.
    i just posted polka dot dress too on my blog!

    hanh, i hope you could visit Boston someday.
    mr. freddy and I would love to meet you and your family.


  7. wOW!!!!
    awesome photos from hawaii, hanh!
    omg! you're really a one hot mommah in the world!
    wheew! i envy your sexy figure!
    your husband takes good photos!'s so funny that you're big girl is wearing polka dot dress.
    i just posted polka dot dress too on my blog!

    hanh, i hope you could visit Boston someday.
    mr. freddy and I would love to meet you and your family.


  8. Hello Darling,

    I am loving all these beautiful pics of your vacation. Specially love that Dries top! I absolutely adore all his prints. I don't own any of his pieces of clothing yet, just a pair of shoes that I adore and can't get enough of. Your daughter look like they are having a blast with mami…how adorable.

    Have a blessed weekend.


  9. Aaaaww Hanh the pic with your little girl is heartwarming.. your kids are super lucky because you are building so many happy memories of their childhood.. lots of quality time with the girls and what fun than to spend it at the beach..

    ps. are you sure your kids came from you?=P're so sexy, if I didn't know you had kids I wouldn't believe you have 2 daughters already..=)the men's button down is a genius coverup BTW..

  10. Hahn, you look like you all are having a blast! We're going next month. What hotel are you at. It looks familiar…

    Thanks for sharing and enjoy!!!

  11. omg! You're body is like perfect! your skin is silky smooth! how do you do it? and your girls are breathtaking as usual! Do you ever vacation with the hubby alone? is it difficult to leave the girls behind? i'm sure it is.. I'm planning a mediterranean cruise this fall and I'm having nightmares of being without the lil' one. I feel like I can never leave him, that he'll change over night and I'll miss something..sigh.. maybe you have some advice?
    as usual, you look incredible!

  12. wow! sooo jealous! I thought of hanging out by the pool, now I want to go to the beach! You look great! and your kids are so pretty! Enjoy Hawaii!

  13. omg you all look so happy. it's great that you had a great time with your family, and you look stunning, as usual. Have a nice week| 😀

  14. ahhhh hanh, you are making me miss hawaii so much!!!!! you are so lucky right now. the water must be perfect. your girls are so adorable as always :) and all of your f21 bracelets are to die for!

  15. Hey Hanh! Wow! you're very toned and beautiful in bikini :) i am glad that you're having a great time there in Hawaii :) Love all of your post as you are never stingy to share your journey through the holidays you've been and always remember to include both your daughter. You're loving & caring mom :) Take care~

  16. I absolutely adore the pics of you and the girls (so cute!) and of you so carefree in the surf. Perfect holiday picks :)

    Have fun on the hol, m'lady

  17. omg your stayplace looks amazing!! i love maui so much, and it looks like you're definitely having a blast with your beautiful family!! 😀

  18. Aloha Hanh,

    oh you lucky girl… so many wonderful photos! What a lovely place to celebrate the holidays with your family!!!!!!

    My fav photo is the one where you hold your daugher in the water in your arms!!! SO CUTE!! 😉

    Have a wonderful enchanting day with your family!!!!

  19. Hello Hanh,

    Amazing photos of you and your family…your girls are so so cute :)

    You look stunning in your bikini…you have a great body!

    Enjoy the rest of the week!

  20. Lovely pictures! I haven't been to Hawaii since I was a child and I think it's definitley the perfect place to chill… especially if you're there with family. Looks like you're having a great time! I especially love the pics of you and your girls having fun in the water :)

  21. Hanh, I am totally agreed with everyone else, incredible looks, incredible family, incredible body, incredible vacation… But WHERE did you get that incredible bikini?!

  22. Oh what beautiful pictures! Looks like you and your family are having an amazing time! The pictures are gorgeous and making me crave a vacation right now. That's great that the little ones are able to go to such a beautiful place before the Back To School rush…and of course, you look great!

    Have a safe vacation!


  23. I just came across your blog cause i wanted to start one of my own soon. You have a wonderful blog and awesome pictures. I live in Honolulu by the way and this pics reminds me of how beautiful this place is, it just doesn't seem like it when always busy and i get to stay here everyday.

    btw, you're so lucky. I have an 7month old baby and you wouldn't believe how much stretch marks i got. You're so pretty and sexy in those bikini. You're kids are adorable!

    Aloha… Ces

  24. Hi Hanh!!! Yay, you're in Hawaii!! Your girls look so adorable! Maui is so beautiful, isn't it? And you're in a binkini!!? Wow! Stunning! You definitely make me feel relieved about having kids one day and can look like that :-) xxoxoxoxxo

  25. Ohhh wow!!! such beautiful pics…you looks stuning both in the shorts and the bikini…love your beach bangles…and the gals look as adorable as ever… guys look so happy….
    god bless you all….and have fun.

  26. WOW. You're one hot momma. I'm so jealous how do you keep yourself toned, not to mention silky smooth skin and not any cellulite?
    Do you have a regime or some secrets you can share? 😀

    I'm a mom myself and while I'm pretty skinny, I still have a little baby tummy (never quite recovered from baby :p) and some cellulite…

    Portlander Mommy.

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