Black White Silver

I like to wear outfits with black-white-silver; black-white-grey; black-white-metallic gunmetal. These are my favorite color combination because of giving a edgy look, a cool modern attitude.
I wore black MMMargiela top, white F21 tank underneath, old black pants, silver Burberry pumps.
F21 necklace. I really love this structure MMMargiela top. I could be wrapped in two different ways for two different shoulders looks as you see in those pictures above and the pictures below. The DIY fur cuff that I made it long ago, from left over of my Marni lamb fur jacket.Last night, the weather in Dallas was very pleasant with beautiful breeze. It’s a perfect night to seating outside in the balcony, having cigars and after-dinner drink. My hubby doesn’t smoke cigarette but once in awhile he enjoys cigars. We don’t usually go out on Sunday night, but last night was exception. We had sweet fun time. This picture just captured our great moment.
Wishing everyone have a pleasant day!!!! and thank you to you all for your time to visit my blog. I truly appreciate it as always.
Big hugs…..Hanh;-)
ps: In the last post, I wore Giorgio Armani sunglasses.

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71 thoughts on “Black White Silver

  1. I have been reading your blog for quite some time now but never left a comment. But I just thought since no one has left a comment, it would be a great chance for me to leave one. I wanna say that your blog is so great. You give so much detail about everything and you update often. I love how you are still passionate about your outlook even if you have 2 daughters already. I also admire that you surprise your husband; I feel the love you give to your family. I really appreciate your blog. Keep it up! You are great!

  2. i love wearing black and white…i find it so easy to match and so chic at the same time. espcially when i travel i usually take a lot of white and black because u have endless combinations. I never tried adding silver to it. after seeing how well you paired yours i will try it out next time. thx for always being a style inspiration for me. i dont know what i would do without u.

  3. Great look! I just wanted to say (to add to the comment above) that also, after 2 daughters, your figure is amazing!

    My favorite part about this outfit is the MMM top. It's so versatile and lovely!

  4. Hooray for casual Hanh, I'm glad you've brought her out again. Amazing outfit, you know how much I adore Margiela, the top is incredible with so many different possibilities. It is great that you are able to mix high and low pieces with such ease.

  5. Hello my sweet, how are you today? Gorgeous pictures as always – the second, third and fourth are with dramatic posings – I love that very much!
    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH – Margiela!!!! Love love loooooooove that top! It suits you so wonderful, darling! Your DIY fur cuff is ROOOOAAAAAAAAAAR! Just perfect – and so Fendi FW09 :) But you've made it in 07 or 08, right? Hanh is before the time!!!!!

    I'm a little bit ill and staying in bed, just wanted to send you a big kiss, a biiiiiiiiig hug and a hello and wishing you and your family a fantastic start into the new week, enjoy the Monday!!
    much love, s.

  6. AND this combination adorns itself with such "GLAMazon-esques" attires with you, AND extols such a powerful Sexyness' vibrancy . . . that the background's architectural shapes marvelously sublimate !!!
    ps: I am Frankly sure you should look like an "Helmut Newton-esque" creature with a cigar Hanh.

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  7. Hanh darling how are you my sweet.How is the hubby and the girls? I hope all is well.
    I love this combo, im adoring the black,white and silver colour palette.
    The structure of the Margiela is wonderful, i could stare at it forever honey.
    big kiss

  8. Happy monday to you, Hanh!

    How are you doing today?
    Did you finally get your hands on your IM´s 😉

    Your Alaia top in your previous post is HEAVEN, same with your MM top!!!Especially the b/w photo with the close-up!!!!

    Have a beautiful day with your family!!!
    Lots of hugs from..
    me 😉

  9. You look sensational as always Hanh!! I love that DIY fur cuff so much!! It's amazing! I only hope that I could wear short skirts and have gorgeous legs after having two kids like you some day!! xxoxoxo

  10. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog ! Really appreciate it <3

    Who takes your photos ?! Love your poses,they're so creative !

    LOVE the MMMargiela top you wore,its beautiful ! Plus those shoes are gorgeous :)

    Ohhh I saw your blog award a few posts back. And I love durians and dark choco too <3

    Adding you to my blogroll,hope you don't mind

  11. I always wonder, who takes your pics? They are brilliant. I would like to compliment you on your outfits, you always look extremely chick, stylish and elegant. Never too much, always sexy! Keep up the good work.
    Thanks also for your comment on my site, you are always welcome.

  12. Love the DIY! And I think a lot of Margiela's pieces are so versatile. I just got a cardigan where you can adjust the sleeves. It's probably the reason I buy so much of their stuff (it helps that you can get it great discounted in Paris ;-). Awesome shoes as well!

  13. Hanh you are just so beautiful! I really love those silver shoes and im very inspired by the fur cuff you made, its so funky! How tall are you? You have such hot legs! Cigars and drink sound fabulous.

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