Maui, I Miss You

Yesterday and today, we took a road trip to explore some more Maui. We visited Japanese Buddhist temple Jodo Mission, walked around Lahaina town. We also showed the kid Maui Ocean Center. The kids love it and enjoyed their journey. Then, we drove to lava flow and Big beach in Wailea. Next to Big beach is Small beach which we didn’t visit because it’s a nude beach.We’re leaving Maui tomorrow for Honolulu and we’ll miss it :-(. But we had awesome time here. The weather has been perfect. We’re lucky that the hurricane didn’t hit hard, just heavy rain on Tuesday’s night. Hopefully, we’ll come back sometime to visit Maui again.

Unicorn fish is well known to Hawaiians as Kala.The islet in the picture is Molokini, it has 80F degree turquoise waters and exotic marine life around. Molokini’s waters are so crystal clear and it’s best place for snorkeling. To bad, we didn’t make plan for it because my kids are not ready for it yet. We maybe explore it next time when they’re ready.
On the way to lava flow.
The sand of the Big beach.
Outfits in Maui
I wore this outfit on the first night when we got here. As you see, I still didn’t get tan yet. I wore Free People top, Balanciaga skirt, Ysl pumps, F21 necklace.
This F21 dress is perfect for island’s lifestyle. I wore it couple nights ago for casual night out with my family. Earring and cuffs are also from F21 and Target.
NK, one of the my readers from Brunei asked me that ” How many shoes and clothes have I brought with me when I’m traveling?”. Well, when it comes to travel, it’s better to travel light. On this trip, 17 days, from Dallas to Portland to Hawaii, I’ve brought with me 2 pairs of shoe, 1 flip flop, few nice dressy outfits, couple of shorts and tanks. The whole family, 4 of us, we have 1 standard and 1 small suitcase. When I travel, I like bring things that can mix and match, so I don’t have to bring many clothes but still have many outfits to change. And it’s ok to repeat the outfits…I think.

I wish everyone have a fabulous weekend with your family and friends!!!! kisses…from Hanh 😉

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38 thoughts on “Maui, I Miss You

  1. Hanh! you always look amazing!! love to hear what you bring when you travel, really interesting to know. I defintely think its ok to repeat outfits on holiday. Love the zebra YSL shoes!!!
    much love from Ireland xx

  2. Hey Hanh, just discovered your blog and it is great, love the fact that you can pack light on a trip away yet look so stylish. I, on the otherhand, pack a huge suitcase of stuff yet end up not wearing half of it. I need your packing skills! Come and visit my blog when you have a chance…looking forward to seeing more awesome holiday photos!

  3. wow, that unicorn fish looks so unique and wonderful! and i love all your outfits, as usual you look stunning :)

    have a good weekend with your family hanh!

  4. Oh My God!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have that same exact f21 dress!!!!!!!! To me this is like knowing i have the same exact thing as Carine Roitfeld!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This just made my day!!

    That black cord and silver necklace is amazing! i cant believe it's f21!! i love that balenciaga skirt, esp. the color.

    and the unicorn fish is so weird and cute! i love fish!

  5. the outfit from the first photo is gorgeous…love anything freepeople!!! That pretty maxi dress make you blend in w/ the hawaiians…haha!!!

    Wanted to send you HANH, I MISS YOU PLEASE COME BACK lamenting comment – but found the new post today!!! 😀 I'm so delighted and sooooooooooooooo happy!
    Thanks for finding the time and sharing all the wonderful pictures. Lynn has shared pictures of her Italian holiday today and so it feels like going for some short trips with you.
    YAY, that's the Cyrano de Bergerac fish :) Are you sure it's called Unicorn fish? 😉 Or maybe he is related to Pinochio's family. A Gipetto fish… Hehe….
    Lovely outfits as always – you're looking relaxed and so very beautiful (as always!), my sweet! Your necklace is AMAZING! Please give best regards to your family!!
    much, muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch love always!

  7. love your photos. i am getting married there in feb and i love it so much, i have been to where all your photos have been takin :) I even have one in front of the maui ocean center. its beautiful, im glad you got to experience it.

  8. I just have to repeat what william said: Two suitcases for the whole family?! Wow :-)
    I allways bring too many stuff (that I think I need when packing) and bring them back unworn…can't seem to learn my lesson :-)

    Love the mint colour of that Balanciaga skirt

  9. lovely pictures- that fish is so funny :))
    that's a great thing that you can keep your luggage small :) I try to do that, too, otherwise it gets uncomfortable.
    have fun & have a lovely weekend, xoxo
    p.s. you look stunning… as always! :)

  10. gorgeous!
    i absolutely LOVE the first outfit
    the color of the skirt is flawless, the layering tops is perfect
    the shoes are flawless and the necklace is BEAUTIFUL
    i love every single bit of it

    check out my blog @

  11. Wow.. didnt expect you to respond that fast to my question.. hehe… thank you so much for that. :)

    i love that your dress.. i always have trouble trying to find or know the right time that is suitable for me to wear a dress other than formal occasions.

    Anyways.., stunning pictures.. hope you have fun with your family. :)

  12. Hi Hanh,

    Useful information on how to pack for travelling. Thanks. You look beautiful as always. That Maxi dress really brings out the holiday mood even more! Perfect choice of clothes that you brought with you. i am loving this holiday trip with you virtually :) Thanks for sharing.

  13. Hi Hanh,

    Useful information on how to pack for travelling. Thanks. You look beautiful as always. That Maxi dress really brings out the holiday mood even more! Perfect choice of clothes that you brought with you. i am loving this holiday trip with you virtually :) Thanks for sharing.

  14. You look amazing! Glad to hear you had some great family time :)

    PS- I do have the boots in a 6 and 7 as they don't come in half sizes. Email me if you'd like them.


  15. Would it be weird to say that the first outfit reminds me of mint, cookies and cream? Just the light green and black and white reminiscent of that.

    None the less, the outfit looks great. You put together an amazing combination :]

  16. I was thinking long time if I should ask that questions but I think it will be nice to know your answers, well…

    my 1 question is: you wear a lot of open shoes, do you take care special way about your foots? Any favourites cosmetics or treatments?

    2 question: what are your favourite nail enamel colours for your foots and hands? I think I saw few times black but maby there are some more that you like?

    And the 3 last question is: I heard this coming season matt nail enamels (mainly grey colour) are in fashion, what do you think about them, will you try them?

    I'm looking forward for your answers Hanh:)

    Regards –

  17. I wanted that F21 necklace when I saw it online too.. You look great again Hanh, your F21 dress looks like Missoni..=) You make inexpensive clothes look like it's a designer piece.. I love your green skirt, do you happen to know what fabric it is? love how "stiff" it looks..

    Wishing you a safe trip to Honolulu..=)

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