New Restaurant Weeks and Leopard Print

Our goal for the last two weeks was to try out new restaurants. We called it “New Restaurant Weeks.” It was truly fun to try out different foods from different restaurants. Those restaurants may have been opened for a while, but for us they’re new. Anyway, we tried out these: Go Fish (Asian fushion food, corner of Alpha and Noel, near to Galleria Mall), Yutaka (modern Japanese food, at up town), Si ( Spanish-taspa style, also up town), 560 ( new American-Asian fushion, at down town). And the winner is Yutaka, first runner-up is Si, second run-up is Five Sixty. I’m surprised because Five Sixty is owned by Wolfgang Puck.

Yutaka is on Mckinney Ave and has been opened about 3 years. It is owned by young chef Yutaka Yamato. His food is absolutely oustanding. He knows what he is doing with his food’s elements. The pictures below are his creation.

Tuna Gyoza (Japanese dumpling) with water chestnut. Heirloom tomato salad with miso paste.
Eel crepe roll with yamamomo and karashi miso vinaigrette.
Leopard Print
I wore Junya Watanabe leopard print. When wearing leopard print, I like to keep the rest of the outfit clean, sleek looking, and get attention on its print by pairing it with just solid black, brown or just butter cream. If I want to wear some jewlery, I just go easy on jewlery and that won’t take away attention from the leopard print. I also like to brighten up my face by wearing pop brilliant lip color like true red, rich orange or deep lovely pink. In these pictures, I wore Rouge Allure-Imagination pink Chanel underneath orange Heat Wave Nars and my lip color changed from rich pink to orange depends on angle of the light as you will see in the pictures below.
I wore Junya Watanabe top with F21 skirt.Bronze/Antique Gold metalic Givenchy clutch.
Dull silver antler shape earing by Gabriella Kiss. Gold leopard face vintage cuff. I didn’t plan to take this picture inside Yutaka restaurant, since the light there at our seats was perfect and I went for it. Lesilla boots, recently bought at Gregory’s store in Galleria Mall. To be honest, I rarely shop at Gregory’s. But last year, I went there with one of my friends, Mimi, and bought one pair of shoes, then returned it, then stuck with their store credit. The expiration day is coming and I need to use it and that’s how I got these boots. Could you see the cut-out at the platform? kinda cool. Wishing you all a wonderfull day!!!! big hugs…from Hanh.
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63 thoughts on “New Restaurant Weeks and Leopard Print

  1. I love you Hanh! You're such a down-to-earth blogger. One of my favorite websites to visit :). Did you cut your bangs recently? Love the outfit

  2. HOT outfit as always! Thanks for being such an inspiration to me! You inspired a 21 yr old college student to start her own blog! Thanks! ANd everyone please check out my blog. Will be updating everyday!

  3. wow!
    this is an amazing outfit of you again.
    you look so glamorous and that junya's top
    boosts your sexy body figure.
    those peep-toe boots are killer shoes.
    i lurve them!
    hanh, please tell your hubby that he's doing a good job
    in taking pictures of you!

  4. How comme on pictures of Dallas where you can see the streets theres no people or crowd. Its big city but it seems like people do not go out. Thats strange…. P.S I personly think you are amaizing, very staylish and just great

  5. Good morning Hanh! You look ferociously beautiful in animal print and laced-up boots!

    I have the same Chanel lipstick 'Imagination'. Love it!

    I'm craving that tomato salad…looks so good!

  6. I Frankly think that the way you softly neutralize leopard prints'Roaring side with Black tones is Perfect, especially when this Dark mood adorns itself with such "Fetish-isimes" attires . . . Because the "peep-toe effect" always sounds as an authentic cleavage, full of sensuality !!!
    ps: Outstanding Gracefulness, as Always !!!

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  7. Hello Hanh!
    How are you doing today.
    The food looks soooo delicious!
    What I love the most is your eyecatching vintage gold leopard cuff!

    Have a lovely sunday!!!!
    Liebe Grüße, Martina

  8. Sexy Hanh as always! I love those boots and that JW top! Awesome pairing! Plus I ADORE the previous post of your kids! They never fail to make me smile :)

    xx Adeliet

  9. Hi Hanh,

    How are you doing today? It was soooo nice seeing you yesterday.
    I love how to put a sheer tights underneath your short. The Junya top looks lovely on you.
    Have a happy Sunday,

  10. Oh you lucky girl!!

    Will miss your posts in the meantime 😉

    Happy relaxing holidays!!!

  11. Hi Hanh!

    I have been silently admiring your blog for a few weeks now and this is my first time to post a comment! You are very beautiful and you have such a great innate sense of style! =)

  12. Hello my sweetest,
    how was your weekend? I hope you've prepared everything for the great trip and that you wasn't very busy with it!!
    I will miss you a lot – but I will think of you every day and imagine you're doing very well and spending a lovely and relaxed time with the family! Will you go swimming in the sea?
    I'm already watching out for your next posting with pictures and description of your journey! It's always like being on a mini-break with you :)
    Now, regarding your outfit pictures: I just starting to wonder if there is anything out there you just can't rock? You're looking PERFECT in everything you're wearing. Usually I'm not a fan of animal prints at all – you've teached me I'm wrong – the Zebra heels which are my new favourite pair! – and now this top! PERFECT! Leading me to the next point: You could wear a potato sack and would model it like it was high fashion and look it was worth a million Dollar…
    Now – enjoy the holiday with the family! Please say Hello to everybody!!
    Much, muuuuuch love!! S.

  13. The food looks delicious :)
    And you look great, as usual!
    Lovely top and shoes!
    And the pictures of your girls are so cute 😀
    I'm adding you to my favourite blogs!

  14. That food looks simply divine. I love Japanese food and modern interpretations of it. I've recently tried out some Japanese places here that blew my mind. And I'm not surprised Puck's restaurant wasn't your favorite. A lot of celebrity chefs these days don't actually have the time to deal with all their restaurants. I remember being disappointed by most of Gordon Ramsay's restaurants.

    In any case, I adore that cuff and the Givenchy clutch is gorgeous! Hope you have a wonderful holiday and take care!

  15. I am usually not a fan of leopard print, but you look amazing in the Junya Watanabe top (and the way you put your outfit together is amazing)!

  16. I absolutely love your blog! I stumbled across it not too long ago, and really enjoy the variety of entries and experiences you've posted. You style is wonderful and provides great inspiration for my own closet.

    And that food looks great!

  17. Well, I guess everything was said, so you do not really need my opinion on the outfit, coz it is abolutely fabulous and by now you know that. But I'll say this for you, your hubby must a very proud man, specially when going out with you, you are an extremely elegant and stylish young lady! Excellent post!

  18. omg for a second I thought you had cut your hair! it looks like it in the first pic..wicked outfit! question: would you wear the top alone as a dress one day with opaque stockings? or is it too short to be a dress? I have a top similar to that and I've always wanted to wear it alone without looking too promiscuous, lol.

  19. Uh 1. you look so effing fierce, honey. 2. that food made me drooooool 😀

    hope you can come take a look at my blog! just started and I'd appreciate any support!

  20. Hello,

    I live in Hungary, next to Budapest. I often go to my favourite restaurant which located in the heart of Budapest.
    I think Café Miró Grande is a very famous restaurant here because hosts are friendly and main dishes are fantastic! I always eat Buttery veal roast or Paprika chicken with egg-dumpling souffle. And prices are ordinary, not expensive.
    Wine selection is mostly Hungarian Wines. My favourite wine is Tokaji in this restaurant.
    I suggest all people who travel to Budapest!
    Best Regards,

  21. You're so gorgeous!!! I hope I look as gorgeous as you after I have kids :) And you're so fortunate to be able to have "new restaurant weeks". I'm still just trying/struggling to set up my own business. May I know your profession, so as to motivate myself? :)


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