Portland Classic Chinese Garden

Portland Classic Chinese Garden
Lan Su Yuan is the name of the garden. It means “The Garden of the Awakening Orchid”, is designed specifically for its location in Portland by Suzhou designers, who used traditional garden design principles, practices, and materials to ensure its authenticity. The garden opened on September 14, 2000 and was built on land donated by Northwest Natural. The total cost was about $12.8 million.

The kids

Outfits in Portland

In this picture, I wore my old top (forgot its brand), old DvF shorts, Marni clutch.
In these pictures, I wore DvF top and shorts, Pierre Hardy shoes.
Wishing you all a fabulous weekend!!! hugs…Hanh 😉

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50 thoughts on “Portland Classic Chinese Garden

  1. great outfits ! i love the shape of your shorts !!
    this chinese garden is so beutiful and it seems to be such a great and quiet place !
    your kids are so cute !!

  2. gorgeous garden! asian gardens are so traditional and calm and peaceful.

    the kids are so cute! in the previous post, the outfits your daughters wore reminded me of my sister and i when we were young.. my mom used to buy us the exact same things in different colors, aha.

  3. your children are too cute! i don't think i've seen your son before- he's so adorable! that garden is soo pretty! the water area reminds me of this pond that was in the back of a hotel i once stayed at in china. and i love the dvf top and the clutch- love the pairing of the yellow and green, bold colors that work well together! have a fabulous weekend!

  4. hi hanh!
    this is awesome garden!
    i would love to visit Oregon someday!
    it's a beautiful place from what i've seen in the pictures.

    the green clutch is my fave!
    i love it since it's my fave color!

    the kiddos are so cute as always
    with matching pink cardigan.

  5. You wonderful sweetheart!
    Thanks for sharing once again pictures to let us dream and slip away with you for a moment… Thanks for giving me my daily dosis of mini-break 😉 It looks like you lovely family are spending a wonderful time and easy living days – that's so very important. Your sweet little girls are looking so happy – your nephew is a gorgeous smart little guy, too! And who is the addition to the family in the middle?? :)
    Looks so cute!
    Oh my…. the last picture of you is one of my alltime favourites, sweetie. You're looking so happy, so relaxed, so lovely, beautiful and like you're feeling so very, very well.
    I love that picture!
    Of course your outfit is PERFECTION and I'm not surprised at all how wonderful it fits into the environment of the green of the Chinese Garden…
    Wishing you and your entire family a wonderful, relaxing and most sunny weekend!
    Missing you!!!
    Much love always!

  6. Hi Hanh,

    The garden is so beautiful and those beautiful lotus flowers are making me think of our country :-) Both of the outfits look beautiful on you. I love the yellow blouse. I think the brand is Tucker from Barneys? anyway :-) enjoy the rest of your trip and call or text me whenever you have a chance.

  7. Your legs go on forever in those shorts!! lol very jealous you look amazing! have a great weekend :) im unfort still pretty poorly so spending the wkend in bed!
    much love from Ireland xx

  8. Hi Hanh!! Love the chinese garden, so serene looking.. thanks for sharing pics of your travels! I feel like I also experienced Portland with these posts..=)Love the color palette of your last outfit so fresh and those shoes are lovely! your girls are looking cute again with their matching outfits..=P

  9. What a beautiful place, that's great that you and your family are able to have such a wonderful time. Of course your choice of clothing is fantastic – you always look great!

  10. I always like the way Chinese Gardens sound as an invite to contemplation/meditation, with the pantheist idea of a divine Nature . . .
    ps: You perfectly illustrate the "Urban feline" 's definition from my last "stilettostetico-esque" post Dear Hanh !!!

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  11. lovely pics..make me wanna go there..hehe

    anw,I like ur photos when u were wearing glasses and sit..U looks so pretty in that pic :)

    and..I like ur shoes sooo much!! 😀

  12. Hello Hanh!
    What a beautiful Chinese Garden! You look always so tres chic whether you are in Dallas, in the zoo, on the montains, in the garden, at the beach … 😉
    Love the photos of your kids … even the teddybear of your daughter has such a cute smile and the dress matches the Marc Jacobs dress you wore yesterday;)

    Enjoy your family vacation!!!!!

  13. These pictures are stunning. Your outfit is so chic. I can't believe you can walk around in those shoes…I love them but I couldn't do it even at the store, LOL.

  14. Hey Hanh Looking gorgeous=what breathtaking pictures. When I saw them I was thinking you should do a fabric care post because some of your pieces are older yet look so fresh!

  15. I love your Pierre Hardy heels!! You have such an amazing wardrobe. Your family really needs to come visit Vancouver, our Dr. Sun Yat-Sen garden has a very similar beauty I think you'd enjoy.

  16. Your kids are so cute! great photography skills. i'm itching to buy a new camera so i can take awesome pictures as well. and of course you always look tres chic!

  17. not only you'e a great mom but a very beautiful mom too. With you it looks easy to have little kids, pretty kids btw and still look so gorgeous doing it.

    love the outfit. Just perfect!

  18. oh wow they really duplicated the whole thing! i've been visiting china since i was small. they all do look similar to me after a while… 😛 i like the cropped jacket and shorts.

  19. Great photos Hanh!

    I used to have those DVF shorts but unfortunately i gave them to my friend as i never wore them much! hmmmm, i am thinking maybe i should get them back! :)

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  20. Wow… Little DO-RE-MI (or shall i say DO-RE-MON :D) i love those kids they are so adorable.. Your eldest looks as if she'd swallowed a chilli 😀 or she's hot. Anyway, great post and you look gorgeous as usual.. Thanks for sharing with us all. We look at the would through your blog, interesting one! Very thoughtful of you…

  21. Wow, the Chinese Garden is so beautiful. What a great place to spend the day with family and to take pictures.

    I absolutely love love love both your outfits. What a great summer look. Beige shorts are so versatile. I love how you paired it with the yellow blouse. It looks very refreshing and chic.


  22. how beautiful!
    i love the fact that you dress your children, like children; especially your girls. I think it's nice that you let them develop their own style and wear simple outfits so that they can do what kids do best, play!

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