Take Cover

As you see, statement gloves and tall boots are super hot this F/W09 season. Love, love these Rick Owens jackets and gloves.

Left: Roberto Cavalli gloves. Right: Phi leather gloves.

Left: Marni gloves, Antonio Berardi shearling boots. Right: Phi leather gloves, Giuseppe Design platform boots.
Left: Carolina Amato rabbitand cashmere mitten,Prada rubber waders. Right: Undercover red-black gloves, Hussein Chalayan leather waders.
I’d love to say thank you everyone for your support and kind comments. I’m happy to receive a Award from Janettaylor (Janetteria) And from Susan (NearlyStylish).I’m also very pleasant to receive the Tag from Brigadeiro (Brigadeirochoc).Thank you to you all for Awards and Tag.I would love to pass these Awards to The Little Fashion Treasury, Mode Junkie, Modediktat, Phi Style, Mom and Son, We wear Things, Ninistyle,Heights of Fashion, ThumbelinaFashionista , Marian KihigoAnd this is the Tag, 10 true things about me:
  1. I love to eat Durian, anything with durian.
  2. I love dark chocolate.
  3. My kids swim better than me :-(
  4. I attended 1st grade when I was 5 years and 4 months old 😉
  5. My parents have 11 kids and I’m the youngest one.
  6. Looking at cherry blossom makes me happy 😉
  7. I love cooking.
  8. I’m addicted to my kids and vice versa.
  9. I enjoy skiing with my family.
  10. I’m usually the last one go to bed.I hope you all have a fantastic day!!!xoxo…Hanh 😉
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38 thoughts on “Take Cover

  1. Hi Hanh!

    Congrats on the awards, you so deserve them!

    You're one brave lady to love durian! A lot of people cannot even stand to be 10 ft. near it! I do love it too actually. So much so that I tried a durian gelato before and my hubz was so grossed out! 😉

    Thanks for sharing your 10 things. =)

  2. Ooh! Loved reading your 10 true things!

    Durian! Did you eat it growing up? I find most people who like it ate it growing up. I've tried eating it, but just…can't, haha.

    LOVE dark choc too! Especially Lindt! And cherry blossoms seriously make my heart sore with its beauty, they make me so happy too! :)


  3. i LOVE the fencing picture. Beautiful styling in that one, esp. the outfit on the left.
    i think my grandmother on my mom's side had 10 kids, and my mom is the oldest, though she looks like the youngest 😉
    cherry blossoms are beautiful!

  4. i love this post! the rick owens pieces are fabulous, as usual. and i fully support delivering blog lovin' to Modediktat!

    you're wonderful. thank you for your lovely blog. it shows your sweet hearted nature so nicely.


  5. I loooooooove those boots on the last pic.

    Congrats on the awards!! And for some reason I think that all mommies, are always the last ones to go to bed.

    Hope you enjoyed your weekend, kisses.


  6. Hanh :) that's lovely.

    It's so great to hear about your '10 things' pls. do continue to share more abt yourself apart from Fashion and Travel.

    Would love to get to know you more personaly; your thouhts, oppinions, preferences, cooking etc..

    Your such a sweet person that'd it'd be fantastic to see you expand this blog onto other things also because it's always great to hear from you.

    Please consider my request!

    Love Kaya

  7. WOw, love every image of that editorial. I sure hope you going to purchase a pair of over-the-knee boots, I want to see how you would style them. And oh by the way I posted about the Margiela nail boots being on Yoox for fairly cheap…although they are not exactly kid-friendly…haha.

  8. Hey sweetie, thanks so much for passing me this lovely award! It means sooooo very much!!!
    I'm soooooooo happy that you're back again – it seemed months ago that you left for the gorgeous family holiday 😀
    Yep, I love the Cherry Blossom time and I'm always looking forward when the trees are going to bloom in every year. That's one of the best moments in year. I'm always amazaed by the fact that your lovely parents are having 11 children…. (Hey, soon you'll meet again!! 😀 )

    Aaaahhhhhh – I love all of your picked items!!! Rick Owens is always BEST – and in this year you can't go any wrong with long leather gloves, with or without studs or any other wonderful details. Overknee boots are soooo cool and another Must Have for Autumn.
    (Can't wait for Autumn right now!)

    Wishing you and your family a pleasant + wonderful week, darling! much love, sofie

  9. Happy monday morning, Hanh!
    That´s so sweet! THANK YOU HANH for your award, it means a lot to get it from you!
    I could add #11 about Hanh: Hanh loves Rick Owens 😉

    I´m so behind the times as I have no idea about Durian.. so I would confess… I´ve never eaten this before 😉
    Is there a better way to grow up in a huge big family? Woow, 10 sisters /brothers… I have only 2 siblings, brother and sister, and I cannot imagine to have them not in my life!

    Hanh, will email you for the boots! Tried already a few times but was always in a waiting loop!!

    Have a beautiful day!!!!
    Lots of hugs from..
    me 😉

  10. Thanks so much, Hanh!! It was really sweet of you to think of me. I can't believe you love durian…to be honest, I have never tried it, but everyone makes it out to be so scary that I'm terrified of it! (Andrew Zimmern from the Food Network is totally grossed out by it–and this guy eats bugs and live hearts!) So glad your summer trip was lovely.

  11. Actually I am always astonished by the way a pair of Gloves can (beyond any question of shape) instil a powerful twist on any silhouette . . .
    ps: Dear Hanh, just in case even if you're far to be concerned about the age, It Frankly would be a constructive Pleasure to have your opinion about my new stilettostetico-esque" post !!!
    Hope You're Well.

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  12. I think the smell of Durian just puts me off too much… even if I wanted to try it, I could never bring myself to go near it (my grandmother and aunts love it though… my mother can't eat it either). I got a pair of long gloves as a present from work last year and still haven't had a chance to wear it. Hopefully this winter! Fun tag and congrats on the award! I'm still so behind on all my tags. And I thought a seasoned traveler like you wouldn't get jet-lag anymore 😉

    Have a lovely week!

  13. great post on whats coming in for winter, love the elbow length gloves! Glad you had a great holiday was lovely seeing all your photos!
    much love from Ireland xx

  14. love the rick owens jacket and gloves too! they are beautiful, he never disappoints.darling welcome back from your holiday, hope you had a wonderful time.
    honey loved the tidbots about you, its amazing that you are from such a big family,be amazing to have so many siblings.
    thank you for passing the lovely award sweetie, im so pleased

  15. hi hanh!
    how are you?
    i'm so sorry for having not commenting.
    huh! i've been so busy lately then we went camping.
    anyway, thanks for tagging me.
    this is really good for getting to know each other.
    same here, i'm always the last one to go to bed too.

    hanh, these editorials are awesome!
    long gloves and high boots are must-have this fall/winter.
    have a good night, hanh!

  16. hi hanh!
    how are you?
    i'm so sorry for having not commenting.
    huh! i've been so busy lately then we went camping.
    anyway, thanks for tagging me.
    this is really good for getting to know each other.
    same here, i'm always the last one to go to bed too.

    hanh, these editorials are awesome!
    long gloves and high boots are must-have this fall/winter.
    have a good night, hanh!

  17. Hello i have been looking every place i still cant find it please help. i would like to buy Antonio Berardi – Antonio Berardi’s shearling-lined boots 2009 like it that picture on top

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